One of the innovative new features planned for MacOS Mojave is ‘Dynamic Desktop’ which will automatically transition your desktop from light to dark, depending on the time of day. WinDynamicDesktop developer seems to be aware of this since they have kept an eye on what MacOS Mojave has been recently announced to bring about, and they have ported one goodie to Windows. To be more specific, we are referring to the so-called Dynamic Desktop feature, which is in charge of changing your wallpaper according to the time of day.WinDynamicDesktop

OS X and Windows 10 both offer a Light and Dark mode. You’re either one or the other and need to manually move between the two depending on how you feel. We often keep dark mode on permanently, simply as it’s easier on the eyes and it’s too much hassle switching during the day.

The new ‘Dynamic Desktop’ Mojave feature will seamlessly transition between 16 different wallpapers during the day, enabling you to gradually migrate from a light to dark operating system, depending on the time of day.

WInDynamicDesktop brings exactly the same mechanism (and wallpapers) to your Windows 10 PC. Simply download from the official Microsoft store and you’ll be required to input your location – this is required so the application can transition between wallpapers depending on the time of day. The first wallpaper is rather bright, by the latter stages of an evening, the wallpaper is almost a dark blue, which is much easier on your eyes.

WInDynamicDesktop simply sits in your system tray, running in the background. It also enables you to toggle manually between light and dark mode, too.

What’s new in 2.0.2?

– Fixed bug where theme dialog would not reopen until app was restarted
– Fixed bug where app could crash when wallpaper changed

All WInDynamicDesktop does is transition the Mojave wallpaper from light to dark, automatically, during the day. It does this well, so if you love the Mojave mountain wallpaper, download WInDynamicDesktop.

Provides Windows users with a new macOS Mojave feature

First off, it should be said that WinDynamicDesktop is in its early stages of development, and for the time being, bugs could still be experienced, while the app’s functionality is yet to receive some enhancements here and there.

Nevertheless, you should know that the program is pretty easy to figure out, and there are not major inconveniences that we have stumbled upon during our tests.

You simply need to start by indicating your location so that the application can calculate the time of sunrise and sunset in your area. In other words, once the latitude and longitude of your location are identified, the program knows how to calibrate the wallpaper cycle.

Alternates wallpapers based on the time of day

Needless to say, your wallpaper is automatically replaced with one of the 16 images of the desert you would see if you ran macOS Mojave. It should be pointed out that these pictures are shifted automatically, but unlike Windows’ built-in feature that covers a similar purpose, WinDynamicDesktop can take into account the time of day, which is reflected in the wallpaper itself.

In terms of performance, it should be mentioned that the program was pretty responsive, and the fact that it hides in the systray is an added bonus. Nevertheless, we have noticed the app prompted us with an error when testing different locations, but that was to be expected.

Another aspect that you may want to be aware of is the fact that the app does not include a feature that allows it to start with Windows, but you can compensate for this manually.

All things considered, WinDynamicDesktop is a lightweight tool that brings to Windows 10 a nice feature from macOS Mojave. The app is in charge of alternating your wallpapers automatically, which it does by taking into account the time of day.