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Tech Q&A: What is DDRAM?


Short for Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory,DDR SDRAM is a SDRAM that allows for data transfers on both edges of the clock cycle, effectively doubling its speed. Although DDRAM is in desktop computers, its increased power efficiency makes it an ideal solution for laptops. It comes in different shapes and sizes, depending on the type of computer.DDRAM









Q: What does DDRAM stand for?

A: DDRAM stands for “Double Data Random Access Memory”

Q:  How to abbreviate “Double Data Random Access Memory”?

A: “Double Data Random Access Memory” can be abbreviated as DDRAM.

Q:  What is the meaning of DDRAM abbreviation?

A: The meaning of DDRAM abbreviation is “Double Data Random Access Memory”.

Q: What is DDRAM abbreviation?

A: One of the definitions of DDRAM is “Double Data Random Access Memory”.

Q:  What does DDRAM mean?

A: DDRAM as abbreviation means “Double Data Random Access Memory”.

Q:  What is shorthand of Double Data Random Access Memory?

A: The most common shorthand of “Double Data Random Access Memory” is DDRAM.

What are the advantages of DDRAM?

It’s faster. DDRAM stands for Double Data Rate Ram. The only one that is faster than DDRAM is RDRAM (Rambus Dram), but it is way more expensive and appears to be going off the scene.

Can ddram and sdram be used together on one computer?

Sorry.. its either / or syndrome. If the motherboard, has DDR then it would be best to utilise this. As it is probably twice as fast as normal SDRam.

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