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Vanced Tube – Download For Free YouTube Vanced APK


Vanced Tube is an incredibly useful app that gives you the possibility to download your favorite YouTube videos quickly, easily, and conveniently.Vanced Tube

One of the best things about Vanced is that its interface is very similar to the official YouTube app. This makes it a breeze to simply search for your favorite videos and then download them easily.

Therefore, once you’ve found the video from the Vanced platform, you just have to tap on the arrow found below the video to start the download. After that, you get to pick the resolution and other settings to suit your needs according to the device you’re going to use to watch the video.

Vanced is an interesting app that lets you download as many YouTube videos as you want in a matter of seconds.

What is Vanced?

Vanced is a better version of the stock Android YouTube app! Includes adblocking, background playback, and lot more. Use the Vanced Manager app to install YouTube Vanced easily.

Vanced Music

YouTube Vanced, but for Music! Relatively less feature-rich but fullfills your needs. With adblocking and background playback enabled, experience the YouTube Music anywhere without any hassle.


List of all the exclusive features of YouTube Vanced App.

Main Features:

  • Features the true AMOLED dark mode to reduce battery and eye strain.
  • With adblocking enabled blocks all ads in videos and play videos in the background or PiP (Picture in Picture) mode – supports android 8.0 and up
  • Controls brightness and volume with Swipe Control like the other video players such as MX Player (with configurable padding).
  • The auto-repeat feature allows you to enjoy your favorite songs and videos keep playing in a loop.
  • Not much interest in the new comments section or mini player? Simply toggle them to the tablet version which is similar to the old version (slightly buggy though).


  • Allows to override Codec options like forcing H.264 or VP9 for old devices.
  • If you need a cinematic experience, it allows you to force turn off 60fps or HDR playback. (Access to the custom device configs are on our Discord or XDA)
  • Allows you to set the default video resolution as high or low if you want to, and also override screen resolution for the sharp 4K playback on any device.
  • You can change the default playback speed between 0.25x to 2x (assuming your device is good enough)
  • Ability to toggle home ads, merchandise ads, UI ads, community posts, movie upselling, compact movie, movie shelf removal, compact banners (like covid info), remove comments, and much more!

Sponsor Block:

  • New feature to skip annoying sponsor advertisements (where the YouTuber puts a service or product ads in the middle of a video)
  • It also allows you to skip other unwanted things like intros, outros, and reminders to like & subscribe.
  • Using this API found here. You can follow the link to find more information on how this API works.
  • Also features the ability to submit your segments to the API and contribute to the community.
  • Full control over whether to automatically skip a sponsored segment or showing a button for the skip, or just not skipping it at all.
  • Highlights the segments in the specific colors based on their category in the seek bar/timeline.

Return YouTube™ Dislike

  • Reverses the dislike counter removal, so you can see the number of dislikes in videos again
  • Using the Return YouTube™ Dislike API found here. Click for more information on how it works
  • It uses extension and vanced userbase dislike submissions to estimate total dislikes on new videos and archived dislike data for old videos.

How to install YouTube Vanced Non-root variant

Using Vanced Manager

The YouTube Vanced team had created a new, easier method for getting Vanced up and running. Users could simply install the Vanced Manager app and it would have facilitated the process of installing MicroG and YouTube Vanced. Support for Vanced Music, i.e., a similarly modded version of YouTube Music has also been there since version 1.3.0. The app makes it easy to choose which theme you want and to install future updates.


  1. Download the latest Vanced Manager from here on your Android device. Note that since Vanced is discontinued, you may not be able to find the latest Vanced Manager app. Please be careful of what you download and install on your device.
  2. Install the app and open it.
  3. Make sure to select “nonroot” during the initial configuration wizard.
  4. Tap “Install” next to MicroG.
  5. Follow the instructions to allow installing from unknown apps.
  6. MicroG will download and then you’ll tap “Install” when it’s ready.
  7. Next, tap “Install” next to Vanced.
  8. Select your preferred theme and tap “NEXT”.
  9. Select your preferred language and tap “FINISH”.
  10. Vanced will download and you’ll tap “Install” when it’s ready.
  11. Success!

Manual Installation

While Vanced Manager remained the recommended method for installing and managing the modded YouTube instance, power users may like to have more control over the installation process. In case you wanted to install YouTube Vanced without using Vanced Manager, you needed to follow the steps mentioned below:


  1. Install the latest Vanced MicroG APK if you want to log in with your YouTube/Google account.
  2. Find the suitable YouTube Vanced APK components for the target device and download them.
  3. Install the set of APKs using Split APKs Installer (SAI). You can download SAI from its GitHub repoF-Droid, or Google Play Store.


Frequent questions

How do I install Vanced Tube?

You can download Vanced Tube from Uptodown. After that, you have to grant permissions to install APK files, after which you can install Vanced Tube.

What replaced YouTube Vanced?

Various apps replaced YouTube Vanced, such as Vanced Tube.

How safe is YouTube Vanced?

Vanced Tube is completely safe. Google won’t ban you, nor does it access personal data from your Gmail account.

What is Vanced?

Vanced is a modified version of YouTube that includes various improvements, such as no ads, automatically skipping intros and mid-video ads, background playback, volume and brightness adjustment, and more.

What is Microg for YouTube Vanced?

Microg for YouTube Vanced is an installer that modifies the YouTube app to transform it into Vanced.

How do I install YouTube Vanced with root?

You can install YouTube Vanced on Android devices with or without root in the same way. All you have to do is install the APK and follow the instructions.

What is Microg for OGYT?

Microg for OGYT is an installer for the OGYouTube APK— an alternative to YouTube Vanced.

How do I download videos from YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced doesn’t let you download videos from YouTube. To do that, you’ll need to use another application, such as TubeMate.

How do I install YouTube Vanced?

To install YouTube Vanced, you have to download the APK from Uptodown. After that, the installer guides you through the necessary steps for modifying the YouTube app.


Package Name com.biomes.vanced
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Video and Audio Downloaders
Language English
21 more
Author Vanced Official
Downloads 18,171,138
Date Jun 27th, 2022
Content Rating +12


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