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Top Logo Design Trends & Templates 2023


Logo design happens to be a niche in graphic design. Even though there may be trends in graphic design, a logo is something that does not change year on year and can sometimes last up to a decade, maybe more. That said, designers are always asked to make a new logo to look modern, chic, and contemporary. Logo Design

This write-up seeks to explore the most relevant trends in logo design this year. This would give businesses ideas on what to incorporate in their new logo design. Now, let’s look at the list and explore each one by one: 

  • Monogram Logos: Many companies like YSL, HP, and WB have created distinct logo designs with only the initials of their founder. Today these initials have become part of pop culture and are instantly recognizable. The effort here was not to create abstract imagery; rather, the designer had the insight of combining initials of a name to chalk out a bold brand identity that became a cultural icon in the years to come. Interestingly, it was the same approach that transformed the Minnesota Mining Company, which could have been a mouthful into 3M, recognized by all.
  • Symbol Logos: You could go to any part of the world and show the logo of Nike to someone, and they would describe it as a ‘tick.’ Such is the power of symbols. Certain brands have been extremely fortunate at creating brands identity out of universal symbols that are recognized the world over. By only using the symbol, the brand is able, to sum up, what it is all about without any words to support it. It does take a creative bent of mind to come up with something as basic as ‘tick’ and turn into a universally recognized brand identity.
  • Vintage Logos: These logos come with a dose of nostalgia; it will take you back to yesteryears. Designers are clearly inspired by the past to come with something that offers a stand-out look. There are craft beer brands that are launching their logo designs based on 1930s comic books, coffee shops that are opting for retro typography, and small businesses taking inspiration from past logos to convey a sense of authenticity. There is clearly a strong urge in some brands to go retro with their design and style. 
  • Minimal Logos: Brands are doing whatever it takes to stand out, and minimalism is becoming a viable way to do so. Instead of decorative extravagance and indulgent detail, brands are going in for the ‘less is more’ motto. Even established brands are seen redesigning their logos for a sparser and simpler version. The approach here is about not stuffing everything about the business into the logo; rather, designers are opting for a monogram to depict – it is only the name that matters.  
  • Animated Logos: There are plenty of advantages with animated logos. The best thing about them is that there are multiple moving parts that grab attention. The impact of the logo remains long in mind, and it also provides storytelling opportunities for a brand to leverage. This year many designers have opted for an increasingly playful approach through animation, which is elaborate and artistic. 
  • Flat Design Logos: Brands are no longer going for intricate drawings and flamboyant animations; simplified aesthetics is making a comeback this year. Shadows, textures, gradients, and 3D realism aren’t relevant anymore. Designers are going to their roots and creating two dimensional flat logos. One of the brands that have embraced this design strategy is Durex. Its redesigned logo is in the shape of a lozenge that has left out the earlier design with light flare and reflective style. 
  • Gradient Logos: This kind of logo is allowing designers to transform a simple logo into complex visual interpretations. The smooth transition from one color to another or different shades of the same color makes the logo dynamic and spellbinding. One of the most popular uses of the gradient in logo design is about incorporating bright and vivid colors to create attractive palettes. Depending on the logo, the palettes could depict natural phenomena like the sunset colors or could be used to create original art that is contemporary by nature. 
  • Hand Drawn Logos: There are many examples of this type of logo. Starting from the NFL shield to Disney’s Palace to the LG emblem, they all have been handcrafted designs. These logos are known to incorporate clean lines, smooth style, and modern typography, enabling the logo to speak for itself. Old school designers have a particular affection for this kind of logo, and it is one of the trending logo designs in 2020. The only downside here is that it can take longer to create, and many brands do not come with that luxury. 
  • Multi-layered Logos: Designers are known for their love for this kind of layered logo making. Here there is the use of a lot of overlapping elements. You should go for pastel colors here, as when they are layered, it looks magnificent and unique. Shading, shadows, vibrant colors, semi-transparent treatments, and highlights can play a substantial part in creating this logo. This kind of logo designing is considered quite contemporary and cool and is known to communicate transparency as one of the guiding principles of the brand. 
  • Stacked Text Logos: This kind of logo is getting more traction with old-school brands that are looking to overhaul their logo design. US department store brand – Lord & Taylor (established in 1826) went for a stacked text logo for their redesign. Another brand that used the same logo design was McKinsey & Company. It’s a clean and compact approach best suited for brands with long names. Logo Design

Sites for logo templates

  1. Template Monster
  2. Free Logo Services
  3. FreeLogoDesign
  4. Canva
  5. Wix.comLogo Design


If you happen to be a newly launched brand, you must be having enough ideas for your logo design. Also, if you are looking to redesign, this write-up would serve you well. That said, creating and designing the logo is only the start – you have to set the stage for revealing the logo in the most appropriate manner. The right way of doing this is through logo reveal templates available online like these here; it would make the whole process a breeze. Overall, your brand identity is what makes you recognized in the market. Hence, spend enough time with the designer in getting a decent logo done that can last for some time to come.

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