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Top 100 Free Proxy Sites – Free Proxy Servers List 2020 [Updated]


A Free proxy sites is an easy way to hide your true IP address, but does not always do it anonymously! Have you ever faced any website blocked problem while accessing internet in your college, school, and office or while connecting to a public Wi-Fi? Sometime your ISP blocks some website in your region, state or country due to government rule or order.


Top 100 Free Proxy Sites


This might feel OK if you don’t visit those blocked sites, but what if you have some work on those sites but you are unable to view them ? ? In this case the top proxy sites can help you. Proxy server generally creates a new IP and hide your existing IP which enables you to access any site that are blocked in your country or blocked by your ISP.

Public Free proxy server can be used by any application that supports the proxy server. A Free proxy server is an easy way to hide your true IP address, but does not always do it anonymously!

There is no argument over the usability of the free proxy sites. However, depending on your location, some of such servers may work for you while others won’t. This is what makes it a hassle to find the one that works for you.

Taking this into consideration, we have mentioned a list of top 100 free proxy sites which are going to make the search convenient for you. But before you begin looking for one, it is of importance for you to know what a proxy is in the first place.

What Are Free Proxy Sites?

A proxy server is a dedicated computer or a software system running on a computer that acts as an intermediary between an endpoint device, such as a computer, and another server from which a user or client is requesting a service. The proxy server may exist in the same machine as a firewall server or it may be on a separate server, which forwards requests through the firewall.


An advantage of a proxy server is that its cache can serve all users. If one or more Internet sites are frequently requested, these are likely to be in the proxy’s cache, which will improve user response time. A proxy can also log its interactions, which can be helpful for troubleshooting.

proxy sites are for bypassing the normal route. there are two types of proxies.
1)web based proxy
2)browser based proxy

web based proxy is just like other websites. This sites have a URL box and u need to put the domain name on that box. and that site makes you anonymous on the web, changes your IP. And also encrypts your traffic.

Browser based proxy is what u incorporated in your browser . It can be done by changing your browser’s LAN setting or by third pirty plugins.
This browser based proxies also change or Hide your original IP address , helps you to remain anonymous on web .
Proxies are also helpful when some sites are blocked . U can enter into that site easily with proxies

U can use some VPN software to hide your IP or to encrypt the data over internet. THere are many VPN s. Like — > 1)Tor browser
2)Hotspot shield

web based proxy sites are – -> VPN – Secure Private Virtual Network Service – Hide My Ass!
U can also use third party plugins in chrome — >

1) ZenMate
2)Proxy Switchy

in firefox — > one click proxy addon

Depending on where you are located on the globe, there may be a number of websites which are not accessible in your region. This may end up being an issue since a few of the times, very useful websites like Youtube may as well be blocked in your region. However, if you would like to be in charge of defining what content you would like to see on the internet and wish to access the websites which are blocked in your region, then the free proxy sites are going to come in handy.

Take Caution: It is indispensable to mention here that the free proxy servers are not always secure. This is why it is imperative to take caution while making use of them with the websites or pages which requires your personal details such as your credit card number or perhaps the address. Since the free proxy sites get blocked very often, it is unlikely that you’d be able to rely on a single one. Taking this into consideration, we have mentioned a free proxy server list of 2016 including the proxy sites which are highly secure and reliable. Take a look for yourself:

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purpose only. Simmyideas Tech Hub and its authors are not responsible for any legal issues that may arise due to using VPNs/proxies.

So, for your protection, today I am sharing Top 100 Free Proxy Sites which are trusted, safe and fast. Most of these proxy websites provides HTTPS support, many of them are providing you to change your IP address yourself. Using these proxy websites, you can unblock videos that are not available for your region, browse Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, anonymously explore adult sites and more. This list is a mix of many good web proxies, ssl proxy, proxy server list and reverse proxy.

  1. HideMyAss –
  2. Proxify –
  3. Ninja Clock –
  4. AnonyMouse –
  5. AnonyMizer –
  6. kProxy –
  7. BlewPass –
  8. Zfreez –
  9. Vobas –
  10. Don’t Filter –
  11. Vtunnel –
  12. –
  13. New Ip Now –
  14. –
  15. 4everproxy –
  16. Unblock My Web –
  17. YouTube Unblock Proxy –
  18. Working Proxy –
  19. Free Open Proxy –
  20. Proxy 2014 –
  21. Unblock YouTube Free –
  22. Free YouTube –
  23. HideOnline Proxy –
  24. Rapid Proxy –
  25. Unblock YouTube Beat School –
  26. Hiding Your Info –
  27. Unblocker –
  28. Fast USA Proxy –
  29. YouTube Free Proxy –
  30. Proxyo –
  31. Quickproxy –
  32. Defilter –
  33. Free Proxy Server –
  34. Free YouProxyTube –
  35. The Best Proxy –
  36. EXCS –
  37. Just Proxy –
  38. Proxy-2014 –
  39. VPN Browse –
  40. ProxyOne –
  41. Web Proxy Free –
  42. Can’t Block This –
  43. Hide The Internet –
  44. Greatest Free Proxy –
  45. Proxay –
  46. ViewTube –
  47. PRO Unblock –
  48. HideMyTraxProxy –
  49. Working Proxy –
  50. Star Doll Proxy –
  51. HideMyAss UK –
  52. F4FP –
  53. TiaFun-
  54. Proxy 4 Freedom –
  55. WebSurf Proxy –
  56. Fish Proxy –
  57. DZ Hot –
  58. 1FreeProxy –
  59. Sporium –
  60. Saoudi Proxy –
  61. Proxy Browse –
  62. Proxy Internet –
  63. Jezus Loves This Proxy –
  64. German Proxy –
  65. CA Proxies –
  66. Proxy 2015 –
  67. FB Proxies –
  68. America Proxy –
  69. PK Proxy –
  70. Suede Proxy –
  71. To Proxy –
  72. PHProxy –
  73. London Proxy –
  74. Kr Proxy –
  75. Brazil Proxy –
  76. Canada Proxy –
  77. US Proxy –
  78. Spedo –
  79. US Proxy –
  80. You Liaoren –
  81. Zacebook PK –
  82. Proxys –
  83. Justun Block IT –
  84. Network ByPass –
  85. Go Proxy –
  86. Proxy This –
  87. Me Hide –
  88. Zalmos –
  89. kProxy Site –
  90. Xite Now –
  91. Hidden Digital –
  92. Surf For Free –
  93. Intern Cloud –
  94. Singapore Proxy –
  95. PRO Intern –
  96. Fast Time –
  97. Work Host –
  98. Travel VPN –
  99. Proxy Call MeNames –
  100. Host App –
  101. Fun Proxy –


All the above listed proxy websites are safe to browse. However a much safer solution is to use Virtual Private Network (VPN). Most of the VPNs are paid but we have few very good VPN in our sack which are free.

If you know any other proxy sites which are free and safe to use, share with us in comments below.

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