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7 years of Tech Support – Techy hard, work even harder

Hello. Hope you all are well. August 1 is a remarkable day for us, we have turned 7 years old.Simmyideas6


Already 7 years gone since the Tech savvy guy called Simmyideas began this blog! Time seems to go by “just like this”, when you feel safe and strong. Happy Birthday, Simmyideas Tech Hub! The Tech Savvy celebrates its 7th anniversary.

For a brand it may look like a short period but for us, these 7 years were long…. very long. We have come from Zero to one of the top positions when it comes to Tech Portals in Nigeria and trust me, it was not an easy journey, really not.

For over 6 years, Simmy as the has scaled through so many challenges just to make sure his ideas succeed, on the ladder to success on his blog. He had to move slow and steady due to the challenges.

At Simmyideas Tech Hub, we have always focused on you guys and our motto is clear – Where Information Live, the possibilities is infinite! Whenever we write an article, we ask ourselves, how can we make it informative for your possibilities?

We are proud to say, all our opinions and advices from day one have been genuine and we have been true to ourselves and our readers always.

We know it is not easy for you guys to trust the advices and opinions available online but still, our readers have shown tremendous trust on us. That gives an immense feeling of satisfaction that our work has been on the right track and it feels on top of the world that we have actually helped people and made their lives slightly easier.

We believe, we have only reached halfway towards our goal and it is still a long way to become inseparable part of your lives. We are working hard towards it. And in these efforts, the next 3 months are going to be very important for us, we have planned an expansion, have some very important features in the pipeline and have also planned to give back the love to you guys. Fingers crossed, hope you guys will love it.

This is the company’s special way of saying “Thank-you” to all those 40 thousand people who clicked “Like” on the Simmyideas Tech Hub Facebook page.

At the end, would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for being part of this beautiful journey and most importantly trusting us so much. It’s our promise your trust won’t be broken ever.

We also thank our present and former team members and business partners. This journey would not have been possible without you all.

Wishing everyone a great happy time with their family & loved ones 🙂

Thanks a ton!

Moyosore Ogunbuyide (Founder, Simmyideas Tech Hub)

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