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Math is a challenging subject for most students. Students should not have any negative attitude towards math because there are apps that make work easier for them. The different app will help them understand how to solve mathematics problems and also master the concepts. Students should not fear doing calculation assignments alone because the app will assist them in each step they want.Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

They can either watch videos or even deal with graphs. Students do not have to disturb their parents anymore because of a math assignment. They take the question, type it, and the working will appear instantly. Here is a list from experts to consider;

  1. Socratic

If you want to finish your assignment faster, Socratic is the option. You will not have to spend hours trying to get any concept right because it will make work easier for you. You only need to take a picture of the work that you want assistance with, and you will get your answers together with the work immediately. You will not regret it in any way if you start using this app. No waste of money because it is free. You only need to download it, and you enjoy the best services.Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

2. Mathway

Since math is a complex subject that can be challenging, Mathway is an app that should not miss on your phone. You will be able to get answers to questions you never knew you could solve. It will also make it easier for you to understand each step without skipping any.

3. Photomath

In this case, you will not waste your time typing the questions. You will have to use your camera and let the app do the rest. Imagine not having to think and getting all that you need. It is more fun when you have to put less energy into doing something and still getting the best results.

4. yHomework

It is an app that is simple to use. You do not need any training for you to use the app. You only need to type the work that is giving you a headache, and the app will take care of it faster than you can imagine. You will get all the steps that you need, and understanding will not be a problem.Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

5. Cymath

It also deals with tough math questions. You will type the equation and get the answers instantly. It is an app that will also improve your math skills because of the work they give. You will not stress yourself to understand any point because working is simple.

6. Khan Academy

It is an app that will help you all around. You not only have to use it when you have a math problem alone but also on any other subject that gives you problems. It will help you spend less time on your assignment because it does everything for you. Khan Academy is convenient and fast. It should be your number one problem solver.

7. Math Homework

It is an app that was made by parents of children in the elementary classes. It is a perfect app that helps children improve their skills. Children can start at a lower level, and with time, they will be much better. They will be improving daily because the app is not complicated in any way.


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