Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Review: An Action-Adventure Game Set


Gamers that love Star Wars have been holding out hope for a new single-player Jedi experience for years, and now we finally have one: from the Titanfall and Apex Legends developers at Respawn Entertainment comes Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, an action-adventure game set. But is it any good?Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Star Wars games often feel estranged from the franchise that spawned them. Video games have gotten very good at capturing the aesthetic of Star Wars–the cold metallic angles of Imperial architecture, the powerful hum of a lightsaber, the electric snap of a blaster bolt hitting home–but can struggle to get beneath the surface.

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we’re very pleased to report that Fallen Order is a highly enjoyable slice of Star Wars gaming, although it does take a bit of getting used to. The trailers have played it up as an action-heavy festival of lightsaber slashing, and even though the game does have some really likeable combat features, there’s a lot more focus here on exploring planets, platforming through areas and solving tricksy puzzles than you may have expected.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the latest game in the canon, is one of the better offerings specifically because it tries to look beyond the trappings of Star Wars. It’s not just another Jedi power fantasy, although wielding the Force with skill and resolve will certainly make you feel powerful. Like the best Star Wars games, it’s one that adds to the ideas of the films and other material, exploring new corners of the galaxy while focusing on the core themes of the franchise: knowing yourself, fighting your own darkness, and braving adversity with the help of friends.

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Full Specifications

Brand Electronic Arts
Model Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Release date 15th November 2019
Genre Action Adventure
Platform PC, PS4, Xbox One
Age Rating (PEGI) 16+
Always online No
Enhanced for PS4 Pro/ Xbox One X Yes
Publisher Electronic Arts
Developer Respawn Entertainment

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