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Speaker Boost is a super simple and convenient app that lets you improve the sound on your device and turn up the volume with just a tap of the screen. This app makes your music sound much better and makes it possible to hear all the little sounds that aren’t usually loud enough to be heard.

Hey DJ! Turn the music up

Speaker Booster from Omega Centauri Software is an intriguing app that’s well-designed in terms of aesthetics. While you may want this program to make your device’s audio output louder, there won’t be any noticeable change.

Speaker Boost: Volume Booster  is a simple, small, free app to boost your speaker sound volume. Useful as an extra high volume booster for louder movies, louder games, and as a voice call audio and music booster. Also works just as great as an extreme volume booster for headphones.

With this speaker booster, you can increase speaker and headphone loudness and the music volume of your mobile phone. It is a simple sound amplifier and music player booster that makes your phone extra loud. You can also use it during a voice call to increase the audio level so you can hear better. Consider it a super addition to your music player equalizer.

The interface in Speaker Boost is super simple. All it has is a sound bar that you can adjust however you want. This handy app makes it possible to turn up the volume for your music, games, phone calls, WhatsApp messages, or anything else you want to listen to. The great thing about Speaker Boost is that you can hear the difference with or without headphones, with obvious improvement.

Speaker Boost: Volume Booster Features:

  • The ultimate music booster and music amplifier
  • Boost your music vol with just one tap
  • Boost music vol through your headphone or speakers
  • Increase your voice call audio
  • No root required
  • Simple to increase the music high volume and boost level
  • Feel the bass!
  • Gain full control of your music player equalizer
  • Turn your simple boom into a super massive woofer
  • Take your speaker to the extreme

Your mobile, headphone, and speaker equalizer is not built to take the device’s sound to its max. It’s true, too much bass for a long period of time can damage your device, but at some specific times you just really need it to be extra loud, don’t you?

One of the best things about this app is that you don’t need to open it just to adjust the sound. Instead, it gives you a shortcut on your notification bar. From there you can slide the bar to one side or the other as needed. This equalizer also offers a series of extra features that you can adjust from the settings menu. You can adjust them according to the audio you want to listen to and forget about having problems hearing any sounds on your device ever again.

Falling short of expectations

Speaker Booster is a user-friendly app that’s meant to make your phone louder but it doesn’t pass muster.

This software is easy to install and doesn’t take up much of your phone memory. There are no special permissions required for running the program.

When you open the software program, you’ll notice that the default maximum is 60 percent. You can change this if you navigate to the app’s settings. The options start with a 40 percent increase and reach up to 100 percent according to your choosing.

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While the interface is clean, attractive and easy to navigate, the results are disappointing. Even with a set boost of 100 percent, there’s no remarkable increase in volume. You won’t notice a change from your speaker or headphones plugged in.

Where can you run this program?

You can run this program on any Android device.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, Boom 3D is a better alternative that creates a 3D effect on your headphones. You can fine-tune and sculpt the audio with a range of features.

Our take

While the app is well designed and easy to set-up, it doesn’t serve its intended purpose of raising speaker volume.

Should you download it?

No. While it’s easy to handle, it doesn’t work to make your phone any louder.

What’s New

  • Fixed serious bug that could affect boosting in certain scenarios
  • Enhancement: boost controls now can be kept visible on screen (prevent auto-hiding)
  • Enhancement: now it’s possible to specify a desired boost level used at startup

Minimum System Requirements

  • Processor (CPU): 1.0 GHz and above
  • Memory (RAM): 256 MB
  • Free disk space (HDD): 10 MB
  • Operating System: Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP, 32 & 64 bit
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