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Social Media Tools That Help Optimize Your Time


We use Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks regularly. Actually, some of us start the day by looking at them in the early morning and get deeply involved with them. You may be subscribed to many websites and your email address may be used for spamming. That is the reason why, you may receive many unwanted mails in your inbox. There might be many Facebook Page Likes which you have made in the past and your news feed will be a dump of those feeds, missing the important shares and news from your friends. We need to make use of social media tools, which can handle such things properly.

Best Social Media Tools

We may need to get rid of some unwanted Likes of Facebook Pages and may want to securely share our email address with some. We can do these things using some social media tools – and in this article I will list some of the best social media tools that help optimize your time on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites, and secure your privacy.

1. Facebook Page Unliker

Facebook Page Unliker allows you to unlike all those unwanted Facebook pages. Just head over to the website and log in using Facebook. It lists down all Facebook Pages which you have liked till date and you can unlike them one by one. This is the best way to get rid of those liked Facebook page in an easy way. At first it shows the total count of your Facebook pages and start clicking “Unlike” on every Facebook page you do not want to follow any more. On the whole, this helps to clean all your Facebook pages.

2. Messenger for Desktop

Facebook Messenger is very popular as IM in smart mobiles. But, now you can chat with your Facebook friends using messenger for desktop. You can download the unofficial Facebook Messenger for desktop which works well with Windows, Mac and Linux. As we have WhatsApp for Web, we also have Facebook Messenger for web. Just, head over to the Messenger website and sign in with Facebook. This does not require you to download Facebook Messenger and you can chat with your friends directly from the desktop.

3. Scrim: Protects Your Email Address From Being Spam

As I already told, your shared email address can be used for spamming. But by using Scrim, you can avoid such situations. Visit Scrim and enter your email address. It generates a link to your email address and when someone clicks on that link, they need to enter the CAPTCHA shown to prove that they are human. This may not solve the entire problem, but it will definitely solve the problem to some extent.

4. NameCHK: Helps to Find Unique and Decent Domain Name

Finding a unique and decent name is very difficult name. We look for help for such things. NameCHK solves this problem by allowing you to search top level domains and social networks in a single shot. It provides you nearly 30 top level domains and 60 social networks which can be searched easily. It is suggested to visit this to choose the unique domain name.

This text makes us think a while before tweeting anything in a hurry. That text says a lot and I do not need to say anything more about this extension.

These are some of the useful social media tools to make best use of social media networks. What is your favorite social media tool? Please, do share with us through comments.

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