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What Is a Smart Bed and Do You Need One? – Why You Need A Smart Mattress


As we all know, technology is constantly advancing and becoming smarter to make our lives easier. So, it’s only natural that our bedrooms should also be feeling the benefit. After all, we spend around one third of our lives asleep – and the quality of our sleep impacts important aspects of our lives such as our health, performance and happiness.  Essentially a smart bed uses cleverly-designed technology to help you sleep better.Smart Bed

A smart bed is a bed that uses sensors and other technologies to gather data about how you’re sleeping. It uses this information to self-adjust and improve your sleep.

While we haven’t yet reached the age of jetpacks or flying cars, it’s undeniable that we live in an era of advanced technology. From cars to refrigerators to coffee makers, more and more smart devices are available that offer convenience and other benefits.

Smart technology encompasses almost every aspect of our lives, from the workplace, to the living room, kitchen, dining room, and even the bedroom. If you love hanging out in your bed and just never want to leave, then you need to check out a smart bed.

Some also deliver your sleep information to your smartphone, where it can report how well you’re sleeping and offer tips on how to sleep better.

Other smart beds don’t necessarily focus on improving your sleep, but instead on creating a more enjoyable experience while in bed. For example, one might come with a built-in TV or alarm. Another might offer smart bedsheets to adjust to temperature changes in the night, or feature built-in network connectivity to merge with your home automation devices

As promising as a smart bed sounds, the industry is still in its infancy, which means there’s no clear-cut narrative as to what a smart bed should or shouldn’t do. Whether a smart bed works for you is simply a matter of doing research to see which frame, sheet set, pillow, etc., suits you the best.

Choose your position

A smart bed gives you greater flexibility and control over your sleep position, which improves how your body is supported. And, with dual control, you and your partner can choose different sleep positions – so you can both experience maximum comfort.

A smart bed allows you to listen to what your body needs so that you can get the optimum type of support to improve your sleep quality. As a result, you can even improve your health. Being able to adjust your bed position lets you improve your sleep posture. This can help to ease back and neck pain, but it’s also a good way to address other issues that could be preventing you getting a good night’s’ sleep. If you suffer from heartburn, acid reflux or snoring, you could benefit from an elevated head and chest position to ease your symptoms. On the other hand, circulation issues and sports recovery can benefit from elevating the legs and feet.

Integrating technology

Smart beds incorporate technology that’s designed to make your life easier, including USB chargers, massage and under-bed lighting.

USB charging means you can benefit from using your bed as a hassle-free charging station, keeping all your favourite bedroom technology close by.

Adding massage to your bed has a number of benefits – not only does it help you relax and soothe away the stresses of the day, it also helps improve circulation, and reduces inflammation in joints.

Under-bed lighting is perfect for anyone who gets up during the night – you can slip out safely, without waking your partner or blinding yourself in the glare of a lamp. Or worse, stumbling around with a phone screen as a torch. The lights often come with a handy timer function, too.

App controlled

One of the most important aspects of a true smart bed is being able to control it using an app. With Mode Beds, for example, our app gives you full control of both sides of your bed, both independently and together. The best part? You have the power to control your partner’s side of the bed too even while they’re sleeping – a great anti-snore bonus for those of us living with a snorer! App control also allows you to store your preferred bed positions. So, if you have a particular sleep setting that you know gives you the best night’s sleep, you can find that position at the press of a button every night. No fuss.


Sleep monitoring

Using sleep monitoring alongside a smart bed can help you gain an even greater understanding of how well, or badly, you’re sleeping. There are different methods of monitoring, from phones and wearables to devices that fix to your pillow or under your sheets. Sleep monitoring can help you see how well you’ve slept, including information about your movements, sleep cycles, heart and respiratory rate. It’s a great addition to a smart bed, especially with the USB charging options included.

It’s all about you

Sleep personalisation is the future of sleep and a great way to improve the overall quality of your nights. The idea that there’s one sleep position or bed shape that suits everyone is outdated. We’re all individuals with different lifestyle and sleep requirements. Having more control over your bed, at the touch of a button, can only improve your sleep quality. That’s what smart beds are designed to do.

Smart Bed Technology

A smart bed is one that uses various technologies such as sensors to gather data about your sleep and self-adjusts using this information to improve your sleep.

It can be described as the ultimate lazy life compared to the boring existing “dumb” bed you have that requires much physical activity, because of its stylish and customizable design.

Some smart beds come with mobile apps that deliver information about your sleep straight to your smartphone, so you can see how well you sleep, plus get suggestions on how you can sleep even better.

However, not all smart beds focus on sleep improvement. Some are just designed to deliver a more enjoyable experience while you’re in bed. For instance, some smart beds have built-in screens or TVs, alarms, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, smart bed sheets that adjust to temperature changes, and much more.

How Smart Bed Technology WorksSmart Bed

Unlike previous generations of beds, smart beds have technology that can revolutionize our sleep styles and patterns.

A smart bed is capable of analyzing your sleep patterns and offering tips on how to optimize your sleep. It goes further to actively carry out functions that are useful to improving your sleep and even communicates with smart devices around the home like smart lights, to switch them on or off.

There are a wide range of “smart” beds, but there’s no comprehensive list of corresponding smart bed features to accommodate all of them. Similarly, technology has evolved with the prevalence of Wi-Fi connectivity and IoT, such that it’s easier to perform simple tasks like adjusting the bed’s position or switching on the heating and cooling system in your home.

Smart beds can track your sleep activity and deliver a report of the same, but it goes further to give you sleep optimization tips so you can make improvements and rest better at night.

With a wide variety of beds considered “smart,” there isn’t a full list of smart bed features that encompass all the products on the market. However, below are some examples of the features that can be included in a smart bed.

  • Sleep Tracking: Monitoring how you’re moving while sleeping is one of the most distinguishing aspects of a smart bed’s mattress as opposed to a regular one. Using a single sheet of “smart fabric” or several sensors spread throughout the bed, the mattress tracks a variety of information such as respiration, heartbeat, sleep restfulness, and pressure to determine how to give you the most comfortable night’s rest.
  • Temperature Control: Smart beds sometimes come integrated with a built-in thermostat that lets you (or the bed, if it can automatically) regulate the temperature of the mattress while you’re sleeping.
  • Air Chambers: Inflated air tubes inside the mattress come packed with pressure sensors that allow it to adjust to your body posture while you sleep. These air tubes can also be controlled remotely via an app paired to the bed.
  • App Integration: Some smart beds connect seamlessly to the Internet of Things to control your other smart home items, including virtual assistants, thermostats, smart lights, coffee makers, and TVs, letting you control all these different devices without ever getting up.
  • Position Control: A smart bed with position control includes two entirely separate zones that can be adjusted independently of the other. This means one person could use the app or remote to physically move the mattress, like the head or leg area, while the other side remains flat.
  • Audio Playback: Some people feel more rested with meditation guides, nature sounds, or some other comforting audio. Some smart beds include Bluetooth connectivity so you can hook up your phone directly with the bed’s speaker system to calmly fall asleep, or wake up to your favorite radio station.
  • Self-Making: Although less common than these other functions, a self-making bed is able to (…can you guess?) arrange the bedding automatically! At least one iteration of this technology makes it work by using metal rails connected to sheets to stretch and smooth them over the mattress.
  • Extra Furniture: “Smart” can also mean the bed is cleverly designed. A smaller room might benefit from a smart bed that integrates a makeup mirror or a chair attached to the side.

Smart Beds to Choose From

Here are some examples of smart beds:

  • Sleep Number 360°: This one lets you pick how firm each side of the bed should be and can pre-warm the bed before you get in. While you’re sleeping, it senses how you’re shifting around and automatically adjusts to keep you comfortable. Your SleepIQ score is sent to your phone every morning so you can see how well you slept, and it includes personalized suggestions on how to sleep better.
  • ReST Smart Bed: Supports manual, targeted configurations for five areas of your body: head, shoulders, lumbar, hips, and legs. The bed keeps a memory of how you want to be comfortable and will adjust while you’re sleeping to always ensure that your pre-chosen comfort level is met.
  • Eight Smart Bed: This smart bed from Eight Sleep tracks over 15 factors related to your sleep and shows them on your phone. It also features split temperature control and can wake you up when you’re in light sleep. If you have a smart home, it can even trigger other things to happen when you sleep or wake up, such as turn off the lights or start the coffee. The same company offers The Pod.
  • HiCan: Unlike other smart beds, which are really just smart mattresses, HiCan’s offering redefines the entire bedroom experience with a full-featured sleeping pod. It includes a 4K projector with HDMI ports, dimmable reading lights, a sound system, ambient lights, and privacy blinds. It’s like walking into the future of urban homes.
  • Ohea: A bed that makes itself? That’s exactly what you get with the Ohea smart bed.
  • Ultimate Smart Bed: This one claims to be the “best multifunctional bed ever.” They have interesting options like one with a mini fridge and another that’s round, with LED lighting, a bookcase, a hidden safe, and reading lamps.

Do You Need a Smart Bed?

The answer to this depends on your needs and budget. For most people, a normal bed is probably enough as long as the mattress is durable, comfortable, user-friendly, lightweight and affordable.

A normal mattress, or a semi-smart one that can adjust with a remote, is probably enough for most people. However, you might have the money and a specific reason to get one.

Plus, you can still get some features that smart beds come with like sleep apps, a heated blanket for temperature control, wake-up lights, an affordable projector to beam your movies to the foot of your bed, and more.

If you’re willing to spend some extra bucks and have specific reasons for getting a smart bed, though, go for it. Keep in mind that some smart beds need consistent Internet connection for them to work properly.

Technology doesn’t necessarily make every single product truly useful or better. The same goes for beds, which haven’t required any smart technology or buttons for ages.

Whether it works for you or not is a matter of researching to find out which smart bed and smart bedding work best for you.

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