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The Pros and Cons of S3x Dolls; The S3X ROBOT Reviews

Could sex dolls solve the intimacy inequality gap? Many people fear the Sex dolls could lead to a rise in sexual violence against womenSex Doll

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, your grandparents, or society in general, you have likely been privy to the technology debate. On the one hand, early tech adopters expound on the benefits of progress, of efficiency, of swiping right (or, left?). On the other hand, For those who have given up on the opposite sex, or just fancy something a bit novel, why not try a sex doll?


Technology has immensely helped with the realization of these feats and today we are faced with one that has sparked debates supporting and opposing it. We are talking about the sex dolls; real life-sized voluptuous synthetic creations that are here for one major reason: to satisfy the sexual urges of men. These silicone beauties are high-tech (some can simulate orgasms, flirt with you, and even be made to feel warm like real skin), very expensive (easily more than $2,000), and totally customizable down to the eye color (and other things).

Sex Doll

Pros of getting robot sex doll

  1. Readily available

Having sex with a robot is efficient as you will always have sex anytime you want. This is unlike humans who give excuses as to why they can’t have sex. If a guy also has a higher sex drive than his partner, the sex doll can help in fulfilling the difference, instead of leaving him starved and unsatisfied.  The sex robot dolls have come to bridge that gap as they will always be there for you the moment you need them and they never disappoint.

  1. Lowers the rate of unwanted pregnancies

Many are times when people find themselves engaging in sex that leads to unplanned pregnancies. Every day is a safe day, and that makes them ideal as they can always satisfy you sexually without the worry of pregnancies.

  1. Improves performance

Many people perceive as being capable of using sex robots as virility training tools. This enables them to boost their sex performance and extend the time they take making love to their partners. From the right way to thrust, pace, and breathe the doll gives you the opportunity to find a solution to sexual deficiencies you may have.

  1. No strings attached

If you’re not interested in a relationship, a sex doll won’t fall in love with you. If you’re in a relationship and you just need to ejaculate, the sex doll won’t damage your relationship with your partner (especially if you both agree to it). In essence, these devices free you from all emotional attachments or any type of commitment, whilst you enjoy life.

  1. No complaining

Dolls do not complain, nag, provoke or judge you. They do not want to ‘talk’ before, during or after the sex. They do not ask you ‘what are we now’, or ‘where is this headed’, after some rounds of hanging leg. The size of your dick doesn’t matter. Big or small, they’re fine with it. You’re not there to kill yourself while trying to satisfy them. You can come immediately or knack till their battery runs out. All they’re there for is your complete satisfaction. Simple, short.

  1. For the socially awkward

Not every man is man enough to woo ladies. Not every man who can woo ladies is attractive enough to get them to open their legs. Not every man has the time to woo a woman, or convince one he deserves to enter the place. The sex doll is convenient for this class of people. They exist, whether you believe it or not. Better a sex doll than assaulting people, if you ask me.

  1. Hit it raw

A lot of people do not understand the joys of having sex without a condom, and nutting inside warm puna. The sex doll can afford you that opportunity. You can go raw, cum with reckless abandon, without any STD, STI or pregnancy scare. This enjoyment cannot kill you.

  1. Saves you money

No dates, no club nights, no valentine, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Ramadan, Sallah, Anniversary, her birthday and your birthday gifts. No compulsory movies, candlelit dinners, etc. No ‘request an Uber’ or ‘come and pick me’. No breakfast in bed, pizza or ice cream or periodic shopping. No monthly allowance, Brazilian hair stipend or Fenty by Rihanna funds. After the initial cost of acquiring a doll, no more recurring expense. Just enjoy yourself dey go.

Cons of getting robot sex doll

  1. Requires a lot of pampering

You need to give your sex robot regular bathing, less you risk getting infected with diseases. It’s a tedious activity where you have to take a bath and also bath your doll. This is unlike in human where its everyone’s responsibility to maintain their body hygiene without necessary engaging other people

  1. Sex-bots could increase social isolation

Having sex robots means you have isolated yourself from relating with your partners as the robot will give you the sexual satisfaction that you require. Majority of people who own these sex dolls are people who separated with their partners, or either the partners died, and it also happens to people with disabilities as they are usually neglected.  Now, with the introduction of sex dolls, even that might reduce. Intimacy with sex robots might lead to more social isolation, making more people recluses. Spending much time on sex dolls may make it difficult to nurture human relations.

  1. Ruins human relationships

According to experts, spending too much time on robot relationships can make it difficult to forge human friendships. We miss out on the intimacy and empathy that’s the foundation of human interaction, so when we finally go back to the human route, we can become overwhelmed with a real sexual relationship because of the ease we’ve experienced with robots.

  1. No communication

Robots don’t talk, ask you how your day went, give you a shoulder rub, kiss you on your forehead, or tell you everything will be okay when those are the words you need. Sex dolls won’t fix you breakfast in bed, pack you lunch or have dinner waiting for you in the evening. They won’t be there to support your dreams and ambitions with ideas, recommendations, words of affirmation, etc. They won’t give you lap dances, strip tease for you, Netflix x chill with you, or drop heart emojis on your fire pictures. They don’t love or care for you the way a special person will. You will talk to yourself till you run mad.

  1. No support

Financial, moral, emotional, or mental support … sex dolls won’t give you any of these. You are on your own fam. Simple. Short. End. I almost feel sorry for you. But at least you get to knack anytime you want.

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