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Selling your smart phone? Erase everything

You probably know how important it is to wipe all of your personal information from your computer’s hard drive before selling it or giving it away, but it’s just as important to wipe away every trace of your digital life from your smart phone before selling it as well. Here’s how:

1 – Back up your contacts and photos. You’ll find any number of backup apps to choose from in your phone’s app store.

2 – If your phone has a SIM card, remove it and keep it. The new owner can procure one of his/her own.

3 – Either remove and keep the SD card or wipe it clean by formatting it. You’ll find the format utility in the Storage section of your phone’s settings screen.

4 – Reset your phone back to its factory settings.

Now that you have removed all of your personal information and photos, you can hand off your phone to its new owner with no worries.

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