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Seagate Backup Plus Hub 6TB External Desktop Hard Drive Storage

The Seagate Backup Plus Hub is fast, has tons of storage and since it comes with two additional USB 3.0 ports it won’t hog your desktop’s expansion options. The drive has software that lets it work with Mac and Windows interchangeably. An external hard drive is a great way to store huge amounts of data, far more than can be saved to most laptops or tablets. Sometimes you need the extra space that only a serious hard drive with terabytes of data will allow. Seagate Backup Plus Hub

Most laptops come with limited amounts of hard drive space, around 500GB or less, as they have solid state drives (SSD) inside. External hard drives are a great way to store or back up extra files, especially photos and videos. They can also be useful if you plan to do a lot of moving about and travelling while keeping your key files at the ready.

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  • Two integrated high-speed USB 3.0 ports on the front
  • Over 1,200 reviews on Amazon with 4.1/5 rating
  • Allow you to connect and recharge your other USB devices
  • Formatted for Windows computers out of the box
  • Install the provided NTFS driver for Mac and use it on both Mac and PC
  • Free Seagate Mobile Backup app on an iOS or Android mobile device

If you need to pick up some cheap and speedy mass storage, the Seagate Backup Plus Hub (available in 4TB, 6TB, 8TB and 10TB) capacities is worth considering—especially if your computer setup could benefit from a pair of easy access USB 3.0 ports, Though it has some issues with USB 2.0, the Seagate Backup Plus Hub is an excellent external storage drive for any USB 3.0 desktop computer.

The Backup Plus Hub is compact for a desktop external drive. It measures just 4.6 by 1.6 by 7.8 inches (118 by 41 by 198 mm) with a weight of 2.3 pounds (1.1 kg). And like all desktop drives, it requires its own power adapter (included) to function. Out of the box, the drive is formatted in NTFS and should work right away when connected to a Windows computer.

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