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What Is Samsung Pay?


How Samung’s mobile payment system works; What Is Samsung Pay?Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is Samsung’s mobile payment app and digital wallet service, letting users leave their cash and credit cards at home and still have access to a variety of payment methods as well as store rewards cards.

Samsung Pay is similar to services like Apple Pay and Google Pay but was designed specifically to work with Samsung phones.

Here’s a look at how Samsung Pay works.

Samsung Pay works in-store, from within the Samsung Pay app, and online. Load your cards onto your devices and checkout with just a tap.

Why Pay With Your Phone?Samsung Pay

If you’re already carrying your credit, debit, and reward cards, why have a mobile payment app? Simplicity and security are the two main reasons.

With a mobile payment app like Samsung Pay, you don’t have to worry about losing your wallet. Because the system requires at least one security method, such as a PIN or biometric scan, no one else can access your payment methods, even if you lose your device or leave it unattended.

As an added layer of security, if you enable Find My Mobile on your device and the device is lost or stolen, you can remotely wipe all the data from the Samsung Pay app.

Getting Started With Samsung PaySamsung Pay

Samsung Pay comes preloaded on available mobile devices, including most Galaxy, Galaxy Edge, and Galaxy Note devices. If there’s a problem with Samsung Pay, you can always reinstall it from the Google Play store.

Before you use Samsung Pay, you’ll need to create a Samsung account. To get started using Samsung Pay, open the app on your mobile device, and tap Get started. Enter a new PIN for Samsung Pay, and then enter it again to confirm. If you’re using Samsung Pay for the first time, add payment cards to use with the service.

To add more security to your Samsung Pay account, turn on biometric security, such as fingerprint or iris verification.

Anytime you want to add a credit or debit card to Samsung pay, open the app and tap ADD in the upper right corner. Tap Add credit or debit card, scan the card with your phone’s camera, or manually enter the information. Add a gift card or reward card the same way.

Samsung Pay Cash is another feature of the Samsung Pay system. Users create a digital debit card within Samsung pay, adding funds either from a bank account or another credit or debit card in the app.

How to Make a Purchase With Samsung PaySamsung Pay

Once you’re set up and have added payment methods, using Samsung Pay is easy. When you’re ready to make an in-store purchase, open Samsung Pay on your phone, tap Pay, and then select the card you want to use. Depending on the security you set up, place your finger on the phone’s fingerprint scanner, enter a PIN, or use iris-scanning technology.

Set up Favorite Cards so you can easily access a payment method even from the Lock or Home screens.

Hold the back of the phone up to the store’s contactless reader and complete your purchase.


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