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How to Reset Password on Lenovo Laptop without Disk if Forgot


“How to reset my Lenovo laptop password?” Take easy, forgetting your Lenovo laptop password isn’t a strange scenario. It shouldn’t be something to worry about you so much since it is possible to reset the password in a few simple steps. Also, it has been a common practice to reset Windows password using a previously created password reset disk, but what happens when you don’t have this reset disk? Does it imply you’ll never get to access your important software apps and files? Of course, NO! This article covers how to reset password on Lenovo laptop without disk, read carefully.

Method 1:  Reset Password on Lenovo Laptop without Disk Using Windows Password Reset

Using a 3rd party software app remains the best way to fix or unlock Lenovo laptop password on any Windows computer. For Lenovo laptops, specifically, the Windows Password Reset software seems the best option. Nevertheless, this software can work on other computers and not just Lenovo computers.

The Windows Password Reset is an all-in-one Windows password reset software. It flaunts a clean interface that is easy to understand and navigate. You can easily unlock Lenovo laptop without password using this utility software app.

Some impressive features of the Windows Password Reset software are listed below.


  • Support for virtually all PC brands and RAID Server
  • Helps to retrieve/reset the local admin password, user accounts password, domain admin password, and Microsoft account password
  • Helps you to create or delete accounts on a computer locked with a password
  • Supports creating a password reset disk using discs or USB drives
  • Works on old and new Windows OS versions
  • Fast and reliable

How to use

First things first, you have to download this software and install in on another PC that you have access to use. This is because you can’t install apps on the locked Lenovo laptop, and you need to create a password reset disk. So, install Windows Password Reset on another PC, then follow the steps below.

First step:

Alt text: choose USB or CD/DVD in windows password reset

Launch Windows Password Reset on the other computer and create a password reset disk using CD/DVD or even a USB drive. There’re two buttons on the main software window – click on CD/DVD is you have a disc to act as your reset disc. In contrast, click “USB device” if you’ve got a USB device to act as the reset disc.

Second step:

Alt text: click begin burning to burn a disc for unlocking Lenovo laptop password

Burn the disc or USB device following the on-screen instructions displayed by Windows Password Reset software. The burning process doesn’t take time; once completed, remove the USB device or disc from the computer, then click Yes in the pop up. Now insert the disk (USB or disc) to the locked Lenovo computer.

Alt text: click Yes to unlock Lenovo laptop password

Third step:

Now you’ll have to reboot the locked computer from the password reset disk. To boot a computer from a USB password disk, here’s how to do it.

Reboot the laptop, once the first screen appears with Lenovo icon, press F12 to load the boot menu. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, select the USB password drive and hit the Enter key.

When you boot the locked computer from your reset disk, wait for Windows Password Reset app to launch automatically, then move to the last step below.

Fourth step:

Alt text: follow instructions to reset password on Lenovo laptop without disk

You’ll find all the accounts available on the Lenovo computer when Windows Password Reset appears on the screen. Also, you will see the active Windows running on the computer. All you need to do is select “Windows 7,” Then click on the locked user account.

Once you select the account, click the “Reset” button below. This will remove the password for that account chosen; thus, you can be able to log in with that account without entering a password.

Finally, click on “Reboot.” You’ll get a pop-up message once you click the “Reboot” button, remove your password disk before clicking “Yes.”

That’s it! This is how to reset password on Lenovo laptop.

Note: the previously locked account is now password-free. You can set up a new password for the account when you log back into the computer.

Method 2: Using Ophcrack

Ophcrack is a freeware that lets you unlock Lenovo laptop password without using a password reset disk. There’s a portable version of Ophcrack that doesn’t require installation before it can be used on a computer. But you’ll need the Ophcrack LiveCD version for this purpose. Be careful to download the right Ophcrack software version as there are quite many of them.

How to reset Lenovo laptop password in Windows 7/8 with ophcrack:

First step:

Alt-text: download ophcrack to reset Lenovo laptop password

On another computer, download Ophcrack LiveCD for Vista/Windows 7 from ophcrack’s official website and burn the ISO file to a USB device or disc. This will turn the disc or USB drive to a bootable media disk, from which you can boot the locked computer via the disk.

Second step:

Alt text: select ophcrack graphic mode to unlock Lenovo laptop without password

Insert the disk (where you burned the Ophcrack LiveCD) to the locked Lenovo computer and reboot from the disk. Wait for Ophcrack to launch, then select “Ophcrack Graphic mode – automatic” using the arrow keys on your keyboard, then hit the “Enter” key.

Third step:

Wait for Ophcrack to process quite a series of command-line codes in an attempt to retrieve the passwords for all accounts that are active on the Lenovo compute. Wait for the process to complete; a little window will pop up and disappear immediately when Ophcrack successfully recover the passwords.

Alt text: ophcrack interface

Now, the software will launch its GUI interface with all the features – here, you can see all the accounts on the Lenovo computer alongside their passwords. Any account that is not locked with a password will show the word “empty” at the password column.

So, simply copy down the password(s), remove the bootable disk, and reboot your Lenovo laptop properly. When you get to the Windows login screen, select the account you have the password, enter the hacked password, and log in. You can change the password later on.


These two methods are simply the best ways to reset password on Lenovo laptops without disk. However, using the Windows Password Reset software is the most recommendable method because it is easier and clearer.


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