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How to Remove Computer Virus Completely From Your Computer


Every day you hear numbers of cases of virus attack that cause to loss of precious data. In this modern age where technology is advancing with a very fast pace, you need computer daily. Thereby, it is essential for you to understand the process of computer virus removal so as to avoid such terrible unexpected intruders. Let’s have some basic knowledge of virus removal. This process can be conducted without human intervention or manually.


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Before going to carry out step of virus removal, you should confirm that whether your PC is infected or not.

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Common signs of virus attack are:

  • Computer running too slow
  • Unknown errors
  • Pop-ups and strange ads
  • Random PC boots
  • Blue screen error

If you find these signs then it is certain that your computer is infected with virus and you need to do computer virus removal without making much delay. Experts are available round the clock to help your regarding these issues. Going to professionals for virus removal is one way but you can also adopt some steps by yourself to get rid of such situations.


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Remove computer virus manually

Sometimes computer virus removal can be done manually. Try the following steps:

  1. Most of the viruses attack your PC through spyware programs and thus, you need to remove those suspicious programs. For this, start your PC in Safe Mode by pressing F8 while your PC restarts. Then click “Start” and go to “Control Panel.” Choose “Add or Remove programs.” Now, you can see all the programs installed on your computer. Find those that are linked with virus or spyware and delete them. Also, you can search online for the list of programs matching to a particular virus.
  2. By seeing the list of files related with any virus through Internet, you can check that whether any of those files are available on your computer. If you find any such file then delete them permanently.
  3. When viruses attack your PC, they add some registry entries into your system registry. You can search online for those entries and flush out those viruses that have added those entries.

Remove virus automatically

The most common way to remove virus is the use of antivirus software. For this, you need good virus removal tool.

  1. Begin the process by closing all the applications that is running. Most of the antivirus software requires a reboot thus, it is necessary to close all the running programs.
  2. Run a scan on your computer.
  3. Detect the threats and remove them.
  4. Update your antivirus software for catching up latest threats.
  5. After updating, run the antivirus software to detect the viruses and then remove the detected items.

It is significant to note that while removing virus manually, you should be careful regarding your needed files and entries. Make sure you are not deleting them along with doubtful files. Computer virus removal is the method that should be taken place with massive care without damaging important contents of computer. If you are not tech savvy or do not want to do it your own then you can take help by calling any Company that provides Tech Supports

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