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Q&A: How To Find the Model Name and Serial Number of Your Computer


Question from Yeahme Ezzykelly.: Simmy, I have a four year old Dell laptop computer that I’m planning to sell on OLX.
The problem is I have no idea what the model number of the computer is. The label on the bottom is faded so badly that I can’t read it. I also can’t remember how much memory is in it or how big the hard drive is.
I do know that this PC has Windows 7 on it. How can I find out what the model number is, how much memory it has, and how big the hard drive is?

Simmy’s answer: Yeahme, you can easily find that information with a quick bit of detective work. Here’s how:
1 – Right-click on your desktop’s Computer icon, then click Properties. If the Computer icon is missing from the desktop, simply click the Start orb, right-click on Computer, then click Properties.
The “System Information” screen should now be displayed. Look in the “System” section for the computer’s model number and the amount of installed RAM.
2 – Click the X in the upper right-hand corner to close the System Information window.
3 – Press the Windows+E key combination to open Windows Explorer.
4 – Right-click on the C: drive, then click Properties. Look at the line labeled “Capacity” to determine the size of the hard drive.
I hope this helps Yeahme. Good luck!

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