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Can You Use PayPal on Amazon?


Can You Use PayPal on Amazon?, Learn how to use PayPal when you orderUse PayPal on Amazon

With a seemingly endless catalog of items and quick and convenient delivery options, Amazon has become the name most synonymous with online shopping. The Amazon ordering system allows you to choose from a number of different payment methods including credit cards, bank accounts, and even reward points.; PayPal on Amazon

Although most people associate PayPal with shopping on eBay or making a peer-to-peer money transfer, the online payment service can also be used during Amazon’s checkout process in lieu of one of the payment methods mentioned above.

Unlike many other vendors, Amazon is not integrated with PayPal and therefore does not accept direct payments from your PayPal account. There are workarounds, however, which do allow you to make purchases on the web’s most popular shopping site with your PayPal funds.

Use a PayPal Cash Card on Amazon; PayPal on AmazonUse PayPal on Amazon

The easiest way to use PayPal to make purchases on Amazon is through the PayPal Cash Mastercard, a debit card that is linked directly to your balance. As long as you have sufficient funds in your PayPal account, this card can be used as a payment method during the Amazon checkout process.

Accessible to the majority of PayPal users free of charge, the Cash Card does not require a credit check and can be reloaded in a number of ways including direct deposit and bank transfer.

Use a PayPal Business Debit Card on Amazon; PayPal on AmazonUse PayPal on Amazon

PayPal business account holders can follow a similar path when shopping on Amazon by utilizing the PayPal Business Debit Mastercard as their payment method, which also draws funds directly from your PayPal balance. The key difference here is that this debit card is associated with a business account as opposed to a personal one.

While the PayPal Cash Mastercard does offer some member benefits, this business card features additional perks including an unlimited cashback program on eligible purchases.

Purchase Amazon Gift Cards With PayPal; PayPal on Amazon

If you’re not interested in taking the debit card route there is another way to buy items on Amazon via PayPal, albeit one that involves a middle man of sorts. Amazon gift cards are available on eBay, sometimes for slightly less than their actual cash value. You can also get them on Dundle.

Since eBay is fully integrated with PayPal, many shoppers opt to buy these gift cards and then utilize them as their payment method when checking out on Amazon. Gift card amounts range from $5 all the way up to $500, and there is no limit on how many you can use when making a purchase on Amazon.

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