4 Real Reasons Why The Outdated iPhone SE 2020 Is Released?


iPhone SE, a new low-cost iPhone, was released by Apple last April which is a follow-up to the 2016’s iPhone SE with the same name. The iPhone SE 2020 is Apple’s most affordable iPhone that is priced starting at $399 which is cheap as its 2016 predecessor, the iPhone SE is identical to the iPhone 8 when it comes to design, unlike the original iPhone SE. It features a 4.7-inch Retina HD LCD display with True Tone that acts as an ambient lightning matcher, Wide color, Dolby Vision, and HDR10.iPhone SE 2020

But isn’t it a strange time for Apple to release the new iPhone? The hard truth is that, as the pandemic happened people’s habits changed and it shows that new phones, new laptops, or any sort of gadgets are irrelevant to most of us. People’s priorities had shifted and now focusing on more relevant buying choices that could get them through this pandemic and a new phone is not part of that, obviously. But in case you want to know more about the iPhone SE 2020 you can check this article about the Apple iPhone SE price, Pre-order, and Release date.

Reasons why Apple released iPhone SE 2020

Pandemic Issue

As the pandemic goes on, most Americans spend less on non-essential goods which of course includes phones. Apple may already have the iPhone SE ready for release before the pandemic and decided to release it despite the ongoing pandemic, why? Apple’s iPhone SE is one of the cheapest iPhones on the market and the specs it carries are worth the bucks and other people would surely consider buying this phone despite the pandemic and it’s not like the iPhone SE 2020 cost more than a powerful laptop.

Wow to shrug shift

Wow to shrug shift is the phenomenon where people would prefer the latest models with the look of old ones, it happened to computers, cars, and televisions. Apple sees this shift as an opportunity to release the iPhone SE, a cheap phone with a power of iPhone 11 and a design of SE series would probably still hit the market despite the pandemic.

iPhone has a separate market buyers

Apple knows that there are people who prefer to buy a phone with bezels and so-called outdated fingerprint scanners in the Apple ecosystem. These people prefer these “outdated” models and the reason is that they may get used to it or find it easier to use

Some people consider iPhone essential

While phones or iPhones are not essential for the majority of people, there are people that consider phones especially iPhones essential, and would never think twice about buying. These people are so loyal to Apple products and they would welcome the latest iPhone SE in their hands that acts as a status symbol too.

Is the iPhone SE worth buying?

At $399, it’s one of the best-value smartphone purchases on the market.

You get Apple’s latest silicon. That means:

  • Performance: The A13 processor is dramatically faster than anything you can get in any Android phone, and it’s the exact same processor you would get in the 11 Pro Max.
  • Long-term security and support: it’s not outdated, which means you’re maximizing the time you’ll be able to keep the phone up to date with the latest apps and OS. Apple is already better than most of the smartphone market here, even the iPhone 6s (nearly five years old) still runs the latest version of iOS.

You get a modern camera and camera software.

  • It’s not Apple’s very best camera, for that you need the 11 Pro but it’s very good and very fast.
  • It supports many of the latest camera features like 4k60 video, optical image stabilization, portrait mode

Plus several other high points:

  • It has a high-quality HDR IPS display
  • It uses a metal case design, not cheap plastic
  • It has Bluetooth 5 and Wifi 6
  • It supports Qi wireless charging
  • It is IP67 water- and dust-resistant
  • You can get up to 256GB internal storage

Usually, when you’re buying a low-cost phone, you’re compromising significantly on some or all of the things above. With the SE, much like its 2016 progenitor, the compromises you make are very small:

  • Its screen is smaller than most modern phones. (This can be a good thing!)
  • Its case design dates back to 2014’s iPhone 6, so you won’t be turning heads or setting any style trends.
  • It has the older Touch ID fingerprint sensor, not the newer, easier, and more secure Face ID.
  • It lacks the bezel-less design of more modern phones.

Plus, you get all of the benefits you get with any iPhone like Apple’s promise of safety, security, and privacy. The ability to get in-person, first-party service, and support almost anywhere in the world by visiting an Apple Store (COVID-19 notwithstanding). A huge market of compatible accessories. And so on!

You can certainly spend less on an Android phone, or on a used iPhone. But you’ll be giving up something. It’s up to you whether the tradeoff is worthwhile to you.


Overall, the main reason why Apple still released the so-called outdated iPhone is that they are confident about this product, and to be fair the iPhone SE may have an outdated design and features but still the phone is packed with powerful processing power that outputs latest models of other counterparts with a cheap price. 

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