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The Fastest Way to Open Links in a New Window


The entire internet is a maze of links — you don’t have a clue about how they may open until you actually start clicking on them. More often than not, one set of links open in the same tab in Chrome or any other browser, while the rest may launch in separate tabs. And needless to say, this makes for a mixed browsing experience. To do this, you may not want your visitors to leave your website but just open a new window with the new linkNew Windows

If you’re like me you probably want many of the links you click to open in a new window. Most people do this in one of two ways:

1 – Hold down the Ctrl key while clicking the link.

2 – Right-click on the link, then click on Open in new window.

Both of those methods work great, but there’s an even faster way to get a link to open in a new window: 

Do you know that little wheel on your mouse that makes the page scroll up and down? “Click” it by pressing straight down on it. That’s right, you can “click” the wheel on your mouse and the link will automatically open in a new window – and you don’t even have to touch the keyboard!

This is called “Middle Clicking” and it works quite well. It’s fast too because your finger will already be on the wheel when you get to the link. Just press down on it and a new window containing your desired content will pop right up.

Well, that’s how you can go about opening links in new tabs in Chrome. Having control over how links open always makes any browsing session better. Also, it helps get rid of any disconcerting thoughts about ‘missing out’ on the rest of a page whenever you click on a link.

So, are there any other awesome extensions or suggestions that you might know of? The comments section is right below.

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