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LG 55-Inch 55LF55 1080p LED TV; Snappy 55-Inch HD TV

55 inch televisions are impressive, they’re a sight to behold, 55 inch TVs are also top sellers. The LG 55-Inch 55LF55 1080p LED TV equipped with a native UHD resolution, an ultra-bright panel and HDR playback support. It’s the first LCD – rather than OLED – TV we’ve seen that supports Dolby Vision HDR alongside the HDR10 standard.LG 55-Inch 55LF55 1080p LED TV

The best 55 inch smart TV we are writing about today is the LG 55-Inch 55LF55 1080p LED TV. Its picture quality is exceptional, thanks to an OLED display. OLEDs can control the brightness of individual pixels and shut them off completely, so their contrast in a dark room cannot be matched.

The LG 55-Inch 55LF55 1080p LED TV also produces no motion blur, so fast content such as video games and sports broadcast look exceptionally fluid. With its relatively low input lag, games not only look good but also feel good. It covers HDR very well.

Obviously, no TV is perfect, and the LG 55-Inch 55LF55 1080p LED TV is no exception. When using it with content that has a lot of static elements, those will be retained on the screen for a few minutes. Unless you’re using it as a PC monitor, this is fairly minor.

Where to Buy LG 55-Inch 55LF55

Jumia Nigeria – BUY NOW

Jumia Kenya- BUY NOW 

Jumia Ghana – BUY NOW

LG 55-Inch 55LF55 1080p LED TV Key Specs & Features

  • 55-inch Panel
  • Flat Edge-Lit LED Panel with Local Dimming
  • 3840 x 2160, 4K Ultra HD with HDR support
  • Smart TV with WebOS 3.0
  • Quad-Core Processor
  • Magic Remote with Voice Control
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 ac
  • 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports

Design and Display

LG 55-Inch 55LF55 sports a clean, ultra slim design with adjustable stand. If aesthetics is a criterion, it has it covered. This will accent a modern home theme nicely.

Amazing Brightness, Clarity And Color Detail, LED with FULL HD 1080P Resolution, LED uses tiny, light-emitting diodes to illuminate the picture. The new standard in HDTVs, LED is superior to older CCFL technology, making slimmer televisions possible, with amazing brightness, clarity and color detail. Full HD 1080p meets the highest standards for high definition, displaying 1,080 (progressive) lines of resolution on screen for a clearer, more detailed image that is simply breathtaking.

The LG 55-Inch 55LF55 overall picture performance was respectable, with very good color accuracy in our benchmarks. The LG 55-Inch 55LF55 has several preset video modes — including Sports, Gaming and Cinema — and settings for high-resolution image display. I found that Cinema mode was the best preset for movies and video.

TruMotion reflects the benefits of our detailed backlight scanning and enhanced frame rates to reduce blur and yields crisper details. It’s a boon to all fast-action video, but most especially sports, so you won’t miss a thing. LG TruMotion 120Hz is available on select-model LCD TVs.

ENERGY STAR Qualified; Earning the ENERGY STAR means a product meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. ENERGY STAR certified televisions are on average, over 25 percent more energy efficient than conventional models, saving energy in all usage modes: sleep, idle and on.

Audio and Other Features

For a budget 1080p HD TV, the LG 55-Inch 55LF55 1080p LED TV offers a lot. It’s a good size, at 55 inches; delivers a colorful yet accurate picture; and has a reasonably intelligent smart-TV interface. I wish it had one more HDMI port, but if you’re looking for a mainstream model and aren’t ready for 4K ultra HD, this LCD TV won’t disappoint.

The 55LF55 connections are decent enough in the context of its price. Its three HDMIs are all enabled for HDR 4K playback, and it also includes three USBs for multimedia playback or recording to HDD from the TV’s Freeview HD tuner.

It supports Wi-Fi and wired network connectivity, letting you stream from DLNA-enabled networked devices or to access LG’s online content.

Price of LG 55-Inch 55LF55

LG 55LF55 LED TVs are  available in Nigeria, Kenya, or Ghana. When available, you can buy these TVs at reputable online stores, leading retail chains, as well as LG Electronics stores in the countries.

LG 55LF55 LED TVs price in Nigeria is starts at  range of 270,000 Naira to 700,000 Naira depending on the screen-size and your location.

Where to Buy LG 55-Inch 55LF55

Jumia Nigeria – BUY NOW

Jumia Kenya- BUY NOW 

Jumia Ghana – BUY NOW

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