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iPhone 2019 will feature all-in on OLED, three lenses Camera & More

May 28, 2018: Apple reportedly all-in on OLED for iPhone (2019)

While iPhone (2018) is widely expected to use OLED for the two flagship models but stick with LCD for the less-expensive model, iPhone (2019) is again rumored to be going all-in on OLED for all three models.

Electronic Times via Reuters:

Apple Inc has decided to use OLED screens in all three new iPhone models planned for next year, according to South Korea’s Electronic Times – a report that sent shares in Japan Display tumbling 10 percent.

For 2018, the three new iPhone models are rumored to be the new big and bigger iPhone X successors, and a replacement for the spot traditionally held by the current model with a $100 discount. In other words, just like iPhone 5 was replaced at the lower price point by iPhone 5c when iPhone 5s launched, iPhone X will be replaced at the lower price point when iPhone XI (or whatever Apple calls it) launches.

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If Apple is planning three phones again next year, and all three with OLED, does that mean the two iPhone XI models won’t be sticking around for more than a year either? Or that three sizes is the new normal and the entire line will drop down to make room at the top?

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