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An Expert Interview with Ejiro Idolor – A WordPress Expert


At Simmyideas, our team is glad to introduce one of the best WordPress Expert ― Ejiro Idolor. He is top-notch WordPress expert, a marketplace that help businesses to take it to the next level by getting them right marketing professionals. Besides, He has written innumerable articles on Web developing, WordPress and other technical topics.WordPress Expert

Ejiro Idolor is a web developer in Nigeria, and I must thank Taiwo Olalekan for the recommendation to talk to him. He mostly does client site-builds, like many other WordPress pros around the nation. What sets Ejiro apart is that he had a very interesting bit of insight about how to convince client to care about security. (This is an issue that I have heard from many different people in client services about security.

If you too strive for bringing some change in your business, you can have a peek-a-boo into the conversation with one of the team member. Here is the brief WordPress conversation between Pecious (Simmyideas Tech Hub) and Ejiro

Thank you Ejiro for taking the time to answer my questions and sharing some great insights with us.

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There are so many different facets of WordPress security, it can take some time to wrap your head around it. Security encompasses choices as simple as who you get your web hosting from to who you share your passwords with and what those passwords are.

It’s a big topic, and we have just scratched the surface of the material that Ejiro covered. I think that they’re a great way to learn to think harder about WordPress security, whether you’re simply a user of WordPress, or if you’re writing PHP and JavaScript for it.

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