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8 Methods To Make An Interesting Wedding Invitation In 2020


Like any element of your wedding, even your invitation is a once in a lifetime feature. It could be hard to pick just one design, one aspect, or one color. When the options are endless, and all you want is to be unique, there is little room for compromise. When you see yourself on such a crossroad, think outside the box.

Your wedding invite does not just serve a purpose; it is the first step towards a series of celebrations. If you are looking only to share vital information, you can use a blank piece of paper or an email. But a wedding invitation is more than just that. It is the first souvenir your friends and family collect about your special day.


The beauty of wedding cards is the full range of expressions you can make with it. You can choose to be straightforward with your design, or go all-out with the colors. It is one such event that does not hold any preconceived notions of what the product should look like. If you already have a simple design in mind, you can even use a free invitation maker app to get to the end faster.

What Is Your Type?

Before you jump into the ideas you want to play with for your card, you need to make up your mind as to what kind of card design you are looking at. This will depend on the medium of distribution, the quality, and the budget.

The first option is the conventional form of a card. The ones that you print on paper and place into classy looking envelopes. They are the longest-running traditions, and some of us still like to do things the old-fashioned way. To make such a card, you will have many options and avenues of tried and tested approaches. The disadvantage is that it will cost you a lot of money, and the additional burden of postage.

The second option is an online invitation. These are more feasible, faster, and easy to circulate. Since we are all living a life in the online world, these types of invitations or invites have become the new norm. They can be sent over emails, messaging applications, or social media platforms. You can also easily make one using wedding invitation templates online.

Once you have picked what direction you want to take your card, the next step is to think outside the box. These ideas below will help spark some creativity in your thinking.

1. Caricature

If you want to place your photos on the wedding invitation, do it with a twist. Hire an artist to make amusing caricatures of you and your partner. These are sure to grab attention and add a fun element to your invitation. Cartoons are full of colors and happiness, which are the same emotion you want to trigger with a wedding card. Once you have your caricatures, they can be used both on print and for an animated online video.

2. Props

If both the online and the paper medium seem boring to you, you might want to go two steps further! Place your wedding invitation on props. These could be any trinkets that are significant to the wedding ceremony or your life together. For example, some couples choose to place their wedding invites on a wine bottle. You can also pick small propers, that could often cost the same price as printed cards.

3. Add Elements Of The Destination

The destination of the wedding often places a considerable significance to the ceremony. Use the elements of the destination like food, locations, landmarks, etc. to enforce the place of the event. The destination of the wedding is the backdrop of the big day, so make the most out of it. These also make the card memorable and stand out from the clutter.

4. Video Animations

Since they are being sent online anyway, you leverage the technological advancements and add some motion to your invitation. Video invitations offer more versatility and room for expression. These do not need to be long-form videos – keep them short and concise. Share the same information you will on a paper-card, but in style. You can also make these into a GIF or a looped video.

5. Try Minimalism

A wedding card can be a simple one-sheet card with minimal design and a link for information. Everyone today is trying to be loud and aggressive, and in such a space, the minimal design is the one that stands out the most. Use just a single font type, two-three colors, and subtle elements. Chase a classy design that stamps a lasting impression.

6. Play With Paper

If you are looking to send out printed cards, then add some more beauty to it by using some quiet papers to print them on. Using rustics and designer paper will add more elegance to your card than you can imagine. You can also use recycled or hand-made paper to spread the sense of an eco-friendly wedding. Some people also consider using wood, bamboo, or cloth invites.

7. Think Outside The Rectangle

Explore shapes that are not the first thought you get when you think of invitations. While the square and rectangular designs are the most practical and cost-effective, they are also dull and monotonous. Try to explore more shapes and sizes for your card. For example, a circular card, or a card shaped like a church-bell are all acceptable designs.

8. Tell A Story

The wedding is a big day for you and the person you love. While you ask your friends and family to gather for this great day, tell them the story behind it. Using video cards or an infographic style of storytelling, add the story of how you met your partner on the card. This adds a personal touch to the card like none-other.

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In Conclusion

In today’s world of technology, you need not find a store that makes your cards. You can use simple online tools to make them faster and easier. There is no boundary to your imagination, and there are no dead-ends to designs for a wedding card.

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