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Guide: How To Install Windows 7 In Your Computer


When you purchase a new computer or you just want to reinstall a new OS, a certain point does come in the life of any operating system in which you need to know how to install Windows. This is a necessary thing to know nowadays and such a skill can help us in countless situations, so in this article we are going to focus on teaching you how to install Windows 7 on your computer without any issues.


Before you start installing the OS, you need to make sure that the computer will boot from the USB drive or the CD ROM. Each BIOS nowadays tends to be a little different than the one portrayed in our picture but the results will be roughly the same all the time, so you don’t have to worry about doing the wrong thing.

1. Boot from CD/DVD or USB

You will need to press F2 or DEL, depending on your BIOS, right after you restart the computer in order for you to enter the BIOS setup utility. In order to make sure that the computer will boot from the CD or DVD, all that needs to be done in this regard is to enter the Boot section and then select the 1st boot device as being your optical drive. Once you do that, all you have to do is to press F10 in order to save and exit, then your computer will restart. In the case of an USB drive, steps are roughly the same, although you need to make sure that the removable media is the first Boot device.

How To Install Windows 7 In You Computer

2. Loading and installation

After restarting, you will be asked to press any key in order to boot from the removable media or USB stick that you are currently using. Once that is done, Windows 7 installation will automatically commence by loading the necessary files.

How To Install Windows 7 In You Computer1

After that brief introduction to the loading screen, you will enter the Windows Installation. Here you need to select the language that you want to install, the time and currency format as well as the keyboard or input method that you desire, and once that is done just press Next.

How To Install Windows 7 In You Computer2

3. The Install Now Screen and Windows Repair

Completing the aforementioned steps will provide you with an Install Now Windows from which you can choose to Install Windows 7. Before you continue, there are a few things that you should try to look at in this particular Window. You will get the opportunity to read a few things that you need to know before installing Windows, basically some useful tips that will help you quite a lot during the installation process, since you will be able to better understand everything that is currently happening on the screen.

Alongside that, at this particular time you will also be able to choose to repair your computer. If this is not the first time you are installing the operating system on your computer and you have a previous installation that might be corrupt, Windows can help you in this regard. By choosing to repair the computer, the Windows 7 installer will try to restore all the broken Windows functions that might be corrupt at this particular time. It’s important to use this function before you attempt to reinstall the OS, mainly because this way you will have the opportunity to keep all your files intact without having to create backups and waste more time.

4. Terms

You will need to read and accept the terms that come with the Windows 7 installation if you want to finish the installation properly. It might take a little time to read everything but it’s essential to do so because this is the only way to figure out under what terms you agree to install Windows. So do try and read everything, then accept the license terms and then press Next

How To Install Windows 7 In You Computer3

5. Installation type

In this particular window you will need to choose the desired Windows 7 installation type. You have two options to choose from, which are either Upgrade or Custom, depending on your needs.
Upgrade can be used by those that have an older version of Windows, either Windows XP or Vista, and which want to keep all the settings, files and programs intact. This is a good option if you want to maintain access to the older files, although it might be better to choose a custom installation anyway since you get to experience a much faster system speed, as upgrades usually slow the computer down.

Custom installations basically allow you to install a new Windows copy on your computer. If you already had Windows installed, you should use this in those cases when you want to remove all the programs or start with a fresh installation. Of course, this is the best option to choose if you have a new computer. You will be able to create new partitions or make changes to the disks this way, so custom installations are recommended only if you know what you are doing!

How To Install Windows 7 In You Computer4

6. Where to install

After choosing the Custom installation, you will need to select the drive on which you want to install Windows 7. Here you will need to create partitions, format them, resize the other partitions and so on, things that you can easily access by clicking the Advanced Drive Options button. If there are any issues while in this particular window, you can choose to refresh or load the driver, options that come in handy in this regard.

As a side note, it’s important to have a hard drive with at least 40-50 GB of space available, because alongside the Windows installation which will require around 20 GB in the end, you will also be installing applications as well, so you need to make sure that your drive has enough space. In this particular case, you do need to try and use the partition options the right way.

It’s important to note that there is no timer or anything else that keeps you from customizing, instead you are free to play with partitions and make them the way you want to. You can create as many partitions as you want, delete them and then format in order for the Windows 7 installation to occur properly. Customizing the partitions and formatting is very easy, and can easily be done with the help of just a few clicks, which is neat!

7. Windows installation

After you press Next from the previous step you will enter the actual installation experience of your Windows 7. The installation process is comprised out of multiple steps, as it requires to first copy the Windows files to the drive you want to install to, and then expand these files in order to get the whole Windows installation working properly. This step is the one taking most of the time when you install Windows 7, so be prepared to wait up to 20-30 minutes, although if you use a SSD unit things will work much faster.

After the process of Expanding Windows files is done, the process will continue with installing features and updates. Updates will only be installed if you are connected to the web, otherwise they will just be skipped altogether at this particular time. After that, you will enter the Completing installation phase, in which Windows will add the finishing touches. This last process usually involves 1-2 restarts, so don’t be afraid is the computer restarts out of nowhere, it’s just Windows 7 installing a few drivers and this is a completely normal course of events.

8. Service starting and setup

After the restarts are complete and the installation is done, there are a few things that need to be done before the actual Windows 7 installation will run properly. First of all, the setup process will initiate the services, an essential thing to do in order for the OS to run properly. This doesn’t last for a long time, usually within 10-20 seconds you will be away from this screen.

The next window will require you to select a name for your account, and here you will also be able to select a name that will distinguish you from the others that are located on the same network. You can type in just about any name that you might want, and the computer will be named automatically to Name-PC, with Name being the title you have given to your PC. The installation requires such information in order to create the admin account for the computer, so you can have your own user right when you install Windows. This also helps you distinguish your computer from other similar ones on the network.

How To Install Windows 7 In You Computer5

After you selected the name, it’s time to choose a password for your account. We recommend you to choose a strong password because if anyone knows your password, he will be able to access all the files in your Windows installation, and as such, a good password is definitely recommended. Sure, you can leave the password fields blank if you don’t want a password, but if you do need one, then you will have to type in a password hint for it, which is basically a phrase or word that will lead you towards remembering the password in case you forget it. Be aware that this is the only way to recover your password, so do try to make the password hint as specific as possible, otherwise you might lose a lot of time trying to remember what was the password all about.

At this particular moment you will also need to add your product key. If you purchased the Windows DVD then you should have the key printed inside the case, so write it down. However, if you got it from an online retailer, you need to write it down on a piece of paper and then entering it in this window. Of course, you do have the option to just skip this altogether and just wait until you enter Windows to activate, it’s up to you.

The setup process of your Windows installation continues with the selection of security settings. In this particular window you will have the opportunity to select between various options, as you can install only the important updates, use the recommended settings or choose Windows to ask you later. If you are a normal home user, then it’s important to use the recommended settings as these will keep you away and as far as possible from any security threats. Turning off these is not recommended, but if you have adjacent security options you might feel inclined to do that, even though Microsoft constantly patches Windows 7 on its own.

How To Install Windows 7 In You Computer7

Then, you’ll also have to review the time and date settings. You will just need to select the current date and enter the timezone. An interesting option here allows you to automatically adjust the clock for daylight saving mode, an interesting thing that you will definitely appreciate since it will always adjust the time automatically.

If your computer detects a web connection and a network, then it will automatically ask you to apply the correct network settings based on its locations. You will need to choose between the home, work or public networks, depending on your current situation. If unsure, we recommend you to select home, as this will keep your computer safe from any attacks as it will configure it automatically with this in mind.

How To Install Windows 7 In You Computer8

And this is it! After you configure the network, if that is available, the Windows 7 installation will continue towards personalizing your settings and in less than a minute you will be able to access your newly prepared Windows 7 installation!

How To Install Windows 7 In You Computer9


Windows 7 is very easy to install and configure as long as you follow the aforementioned steps. This is one skill that will help you a lot in a multitude of situations, especially when your computer malfunctions and you want to reinstall the OS or when you purchase a new computer and need to install Windows 7 on it. No matter the situation, learning how to install Windows 7 is very important, so try to follow the guide carefully and you will definitely acquire this wonderful skill immediately!

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