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The Impact Technology has had on Photography


The history of cameras goes way back to when photographs were achieved from film development. Digital photography was a disruptive technology that took the industry by storm. Kodak, the film-based business, grappled with this new technology and as a result, lost its place in a technology for which they were pioneers.

The Kodak failure is a perfect illustration of what happens when a business resists change. In the beginning, Kodak moments were associated with special events. However, as personal photography advanced in the 19th and 20th centuries, people took to capturing moments even when no special event was being celebrated.

Unlike today where almost every mobile smart phone has a built-in camera, decades ago, photos had to be taken with film-based cameras. Photographers had to walk with a canister with extra film, in case the one is the camera ran out.

Taking photographs used to be quite expensive. Families could only afford to take pictures during birthdays, Christmas, weddings and other special occasions. People who owned cameras had to get people’s photos printed.


Changed the Role of Photography in Society

Thanks to digital photography, we can now instantly capture events. Technology has greatly impacted photography in the few decades it’s been around. Unlike in the past where photographs were for celebrating special occasions alone, today it impacts how people watch TV, listen to music and even how we talk on the phone.

Online streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music give you easy access to your favorite records thanks to the contribution of technology to photography and videography. People no longer have big box TVs because they’ve all been replaced by paper-thin television sets.


Not to forget the immense transition evident in the photo industry. SLR and DSLR cameras have replaced film shooting and this has greatly enhanced quality in photography.

Technology has changed the Vision of the World through Photography

Thanks to technology, we have access to images from different parts of the world. In the past, people only know about their surroundings. With technology, you can send images across the world in an instant. The mass distribution of images in the media sphere keeps you abreast of what is happening across the globe.

Technology has Made Photography more Accessible

Did you know that 200 years ago, portraits were a reserve for the wealthy? That’s right! Photography was so expensive that common fork could not afford to have their portraits taken.

As technology advanced, average citizens could also take pictures regularly because photography was more affordable. In the 20th century, almost anyone could be a photographer because Polaroid invented a camera that printed photos instantly. The instant camera was magical at the time because images developed before the photographer’s eyes.

In today’s digital-first era, everyone with a smartphone has access to a high-quality camera. There is no limit to when you can capture moments. Selfie cameras, allows you to take pictures of yourself without help from a third party. Each time history is being made, all you have to do is click on the camera app and snap away.

The Storage of Photography has changed

Decades ago, you had to print out your pictures and store them in a photo album. Today, there is a wide variety of storage options available to you. Aside from your phone’s photo gallery, you can take advantage of the cloud to ensure your photos are secured even when you misplace your phone.

You can also have digital files on your computer or an external drive. To enjoy the physical copy of your images, all you have to do is print them. Many are embracing the personalised calendar because it allows you to celebrate moments throughout the year.


Technology has greatly impacted photography over the years. From decades ago when families only took pictures during special events, today, there is no limit to how many photos you can take in a day.

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