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TECH Q&A: How To Recover Infected Recycler Files


Question from Okiemute O: Hi Simmy. Here’s a question i think you have probably discussed with me before personally when we hung out some years ago, now my device fell victim of it and I hope you can answer it for me.

My Removable USB flash drive as been infected by a virus called Recycle.bin, all my files on the flash has disappeared but the flash storage is till intact. Please what can I do to recover all my files. I cant avoid to loss them all. Can you tell me how to find them? Thanks for your help!



Simmyideas’s answer:  Recycler Virus will not let you open your files located in the folder. When you tried to open the folder, the message will appear telling you that the windows cannot find the folder you have clicked like the image shown above. It is irritating especially at times you needed the data so badly.



However, there is a way to recover your files in the folder through the following steps:

  • Open the Flash Drive
  • On the Search Dialog Box
  • Press SHIFT KEY + 8 which will result to *
  • All the Files will Roll Out
  • Copy the Files from the Flash to Your Desktop in a save Folder, Be careful on what you copy, so as not to copy infected file.
  • After, Format the Flash Drive and Copy your Files from the Folder back into the Flash Drive

Its that Simple

Update From Okiemute: Boss the boss, You are master genius, Your Solution worked perfectly.

Screenshot_2015-08-28-07-11-09 Screenshot_2015-08-28-07-11-32

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