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How to send multiple emails as an attachment in Gmail


Forwarding emails is an easy way to keep multiple parties in the loop on important conversations, but you used to be able to only forward one message at a time in Gmail. But Google recently took a step to solve the problem. The search giant announced a new Gmail feature that will allgmail

Emailing emails as email attachments might sound confusing (or even superfluous), but it’s incredibly easy to do:

  1. Log into Gmail on desktop and start a new message.
  2. Click and drag the emails you wish to attach from your inbox list into the email draft window, like in Google’s animated GIF above. Alternatively, you can also click to highlight a message in your inbox, then click the three-stacked dots icon at the top of the inbox and select “Send as Attachment.”
  3. All messages in a thread will be converted to .eml files and clipped to your draft as attachments. If you scroll down to the bottom of the draft, you’ll see them all listed as separate files, and you can rename and delete them like any other Gmail attachments. You can import these files into almost any email client; the recipient doesn’t need to use Gmail in order to read them.

Here’s an alternative method you could try.

  • Open the email you want to send as an attachment.
  • Click on the small Printer icon above the Reply button.
  • In the Print pop up box, select Change under Destination and choose Save to Drive from the Google Cloud Print section.
  • Press Save – this will save your email as a PDF under My Drive. You can repeat these steps to save as many emails as you need to.
  • Now open a new Compose window and select the Insert Files using Drive icon by hovering over the Paperclip and clicking the small Drive icon.
  • Choose My Drive from the left menu and find your new PDF – it should be the first in the list.
  • Your email will appear as a link in the body of your email and is automatically shared with the recipient (you can change these rights in a pop up window before sending the email).

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In case you want to add an email in a reply mail, click on the small ‘Pop out reply’ box placed at the top right corner in the reply section. It will then open a new box where you can drag and drop emails as you did in the aforementioned method. It is worth adding that this feature is limited to desktop version only.

Hot Tip – to send your email as a true attachment, use the Save as PDF option from the Print pop up box to save the email as a PDF to your hard drive then attach as normal.

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