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FlutterWave: The Online Payment Technology Solutions In Africa!


I can remember years back when processing payments on the internet was an herculean task. We tried all means to get this done with little or no success – it was indeed frustrating if you are from this part of the continent – Africa especially Nigeria. FlutterWave ( is an Online Payment Technology Solutions Company foundeFounded in 2016 by a team of ex-bankers, entrepreneurs and engineers who are focused on pioneering an award-winning technology core needed to provide powerful, reliable and intelligent payments gateway to business all around the world.


Paypal ( actually dealt with us, funds were lost, means of livelihood severed when the Paypal ban hammer swings due to IP address change. We devised various means of solving this payment problem but all were temporal as sooner or later the restriction will surface. Our local banks’ cards did not pass this litmus test, we had to resort to domiciliary account opening which was also a daunting task. We go out of our ways asking favours from friends in Paypal accepting countries. So many people were duped or ripped of their hard earned money. At a point we resorted to other e-currency payments platforms like Liberty Reserve, etc. available back then.

It gladdens ones heart that decades later, we have solutions at hand. I will like to introduce you to one of the companies that has worked assiduously and dedicatedly built payments infrastructure to connect Africa to the global economy. Their Payment Technologies had made it easier for Africans to build global businesses that can make and accept payment, anywhere from across Africa to the global economy.

Welcome to the World of FlutterWave!!!FlutterWave

FlutterWave ( is an Online Payment Technology Solutions Company Founded in 2016 by a team of ex-bankers, entrepreneurs and engineers who are focused on pioneering an award-winning technology core needed to provide powerful, reliable and intelligent payments gateway to business all around the world.

With the Headquarters in San Francisco, Olugbenga Agboola  who is  also Co-Founder is the Chief Executive Officer. With offices in Lagos – 8 Providence Street Lekki Phase 1 Lagos, Nairobi, Accra, and Johannesburg the company is hell-bent on improving every features they offer.

Flutterwave has two (2) products at the moments which are Rave ( and Barter (

With RAVE – is the seamless way to accept and make payments from clients and customers anywhere in the world. It is secure and reliable. It can manage payouts for hundreds of people, it is a completely integrated global payments platform that is secure and reliable. Excellent  24/7 Customer Service, reasonable fees and the technology to achieve zero failed transactions. Setting up your business with speed, ease, and functionality, in order to provide your customer with the best possible checkout experience.FlutterWave

Card Payments: You can accept Debit/Credit payments from customers in 154+ countries. Visa, Mastercard, Verve and more are all supported.

Bank Account Payments: Your customers in the US, South Africa, and Nigeria can pay you safely directly from their bank accounts or mobile wallet.

Mobile Wallet Payments: Customers using M-Cash, M-Pesa, TIGO, MTN, and VODAFONE can all pay you directly from their mobile wallets.

The second product is BARTER: This is your finance planner. In other words, you can manage your finances on the Barter App. It is designed to  help you focus more on enjoying life and less on how to spend, send and borrow money.

It has a Peer To Peer Payments Feature whereby you can send money to friends near you easily & quickly pay them back or ask for lunch money.  It’s Smart Reminders features enables you to have full control over how much you’re spending and get alerts or notified of where your money is moving next. If you want to save for your next project or managing your small business – barter expressly comes to mind as your reliable partner you can count on.

With Barter, you can add your bank account to your app dashboard and manage funds in your local currency. Get detailed reports that show your spending patterns and insights And if you need a boost to get you to the next step, you can apply for easily repayable short-term loans, right in the app.

Various companies have partnered with Flutterwave for payment solutions for example, “Uber has built a successful and strong relationship with Flutterwave over the years. From relying on their rapidly enhancing platform, their nimbleness in helping us build settings unique to Uber, to their industry expertise. There is a culture of innovation at Flutterwave that has allowed them to scale alongside our growth in Africa.”

Here a testimonial from Aaron Harris – Partner at Y-Combinator, he said  “Flutterwave’s payment technology is changing how money moves for an entire continent.

With over 150+ supported currencies, you can  Go global which will translate into increase in sales as Client’s  preferred currency will be available  and also improving their overall Customer experience. With Rave, you avoid high conversion fees and can receive funds in your local currency and at the moment it support payment in Naira, US Dollar, Euro, British Pound and many more.

In conclusion, the future of digital payment solutions lies with flutterwave as the company is not resting on its oars soon. Their arrival is a blessing to the African Continent. Indeed, it is Africa’s Best Online Payment Technology Solutions Company for now and the future.

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