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How to Fix Car Fuel Consumption using Toilet Cleaner


It will cost you some hundred of naira or thousand dollars to go to the repair shop. In this article, We will teach you how to fix car fuel consumption using toilet cleaner without spending money at the mechanic workshop.Read through this article to find out how to Fix Car Fuel Consumption using Toilet Cleaner.

Serious carbon deposits in the spark plugs cause your car to vibrate badly, When you visit your mechanic workshop, the technician will definitely tell you to change your spark plugs, I will tell you that don’t rush to replace the spark Plug. Read through this article to find out how to Fix Car Fuel Consumption using Toilet Cleaner.

High fuel consumption is one of the major issues most car owners face presently and with the increase in fuel pump price, reduction in fuel consumption should be your top priority. This can be a challenge, especially when you need to curb the amount of fuel you purchase daily/weekly. But how can you control the fuel consumption rate of your car without having to pay a mechanic for the job and still not get it fixed?

A mechanic will ask you to change the oil, clean the throttle valve, replace the air filter element, or clean the oil circuit of the car. Still, the problem is not solved after doing this. Now, how do you solve this fuel consumption issue?

10 ways to reduce fuel consumptionRead through this article to find out how to Fix Car Fuel Consumption using Toilet Cleaner.

  • Keep tires pumped up
  • Lose the weight in your boot
  • Drive with AC
  • Don’t go too fast or too slow
  • Remain steady when accelerating
  • Avoid braking aggressively
  • Cruise in top gear
  • Practice predictive driving
  • Plan your rush hour route
  • Don’t stay idle for long

There’s a simple and reliable way to do this, and here are all the things you should do to solve the high consumption level of your vehicle.

How to Fix Car Fuel Consumption Using Toilet CleanerFuel Consumption using toilet cleaner

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a sedan or SUV, it doesn’t matter if you have a displacement of 1.0 or 3.0. Instead of going to a mechanic shop, here’s what causes an increase in a Car Fuel Consumption using toilet cleaner and what you should do.

These are what you will need for your toilet cleaner e.g. Hypo Toilet Cleaner. Note that some can be bought at a local store and not necessarily a big supermarket:

  • 1 Bottle of Hypo Toilet Cleaner
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Squeeze bottle

Step by Step Guide to Fix Car Fuel Consumption using Toilet Cleaner

  1. Pour the Toilet Cleaner (Hypo Toilet Cleaner) into a Cup
  2. Put the Spark plug in and soak for a few minutes, The carbon deposits on it will be cleaned
  3. The Spark plugs have been washed and Installed
  4. Start the car and see if that fixes the problem

For Sure, the problem will be solved. 100% Guaranteed

The increased car fuel consumption is caused by increased carbon deposits in the oxygen sensor. Instead of replacing it and wasting money, the best approach is to clean the oxygen sensor.


Simply lose the oxygen sensor and soak it inside a toilet cleaner to remove the carbon deposits. Install it back, and it’s functioning appropriately, and the problem of high fuel consumption in the vehicle is solved.

More ways to use less fuel

Here are more easy ways you can reduce your fuel consumption and costs:

Avoid idling your vehicle

Turn off your engine when you’re stopped for more than 60 seconds, except when in traffic. The average vehicle with a 3-litre engine wastes 300 millilitres (over 1 cup) of fuel for every 10 minutes it idles.

Measure your tire pressure every month

Driving a vehicle with tires under-inflated by 56 kilopascals (8 pounds per square inch) can increase fuel consumption by up to 4%. It can also reduce the life of your tires by more than 10,000 kilometres. Find the right tire pressure for your vehicle on the tire information placard. It’s usually on the edge of the driver’s door or doorpost. Learn more about tire maintenance.

Use a manual transmission properly

Pay attention to the tachometer, which shows engine speed. Use it to know when to shift a manual transmission for the best fuel efficiency. The higher the rpm, the more fuel the engine is burning. So shift through the lower gears smoothly and quickly, and build up speed in the higher gears.

Don’t carry unnecessary weight

Remove items such as salt, sand and sports equipment from your vehicle. The less it weighs, the less fuel your vehicle will use. The fuel consumption of a mid-size car increases by about 1% for every 25 kilograms of weight it carries.

Remove roof or bicycle racks

Streamline your vehicle by taking off the racks when you’re not using them. Aerodynamic drag can increase fuel consumption by as much as 20% on the highway.

Use air conditioning sparingly

Air conditioning can increase a vehicle’s fuel consumption by as much as 20%. Open the windows when you’re driving in the city, and use the flow-through ventilation system with the windows up on the highway. If you do use air conditioning, use the re-circulate option. It will minimize the impact.

Use a fuel consumption display

See the impact of the 5 fuel-efficient driving techniques firsthand with the help of a fuel consumption display, a feature now standard on many vehicles. (Some newer vehicles come equipped with even more sophisticated displays that analyze speed variations, shift points for manual transmissions, and driving behaviours such as acceleration and braking times.)

Many drivers consume 15% less fuel by acting on the feedback that fuel consumption displays provide.

Track your fuel consumption

How long can you go without filling your tank? Two weeks? A month?

Challenge yourself to refill as seldom as possible and your monthly costs will come down.

Plan ahead

  • Map out your route, especially if it’s long
  • Listen to traffic reports and avoid accidents, road construction and other trouble spots
  • Avoid roads that cut through major cities and are dotted with stoplights, intersections and pedestrians
  • Use four-lane highways when you can

Combine trips

Longer excursions let your vehicle’s engine warm up to its most fuel-efficient temperature.

  • Run your errands one after the other
  • Plan your route to avoid backtracking and rush-hour traffic

Drive less

The best way reduce fuel consumption is to drive less.

  • Walk or bike to your destination. You’ll use no fuel and have a healthier lifestyle
  • Use public transit
  • Join a car or van pool. You and your group will save fuel and avoid emitting tonnes of air pollutants a year
  • Work from home when you can. Every day you telecommute reduces the amount of fuel you use by 20%

Challenge yourself

Committed to saving money and shrinking your environmental footprint? Use this personal action plan to achieve your goals.

Your Personal Action Plan

Your fuel-savings target: ………%

Ways to reach your goal

  1. Drive for maximum fuel efficiency
    • Accelerate gently
    • Maintain a steady speed
    • Anticipate traffic
    • Avoid high speeds
    • Coast to decelerate
  2. Adopt other tips and tricks
    • Avoid unnecessary idling
    • Measure tire pressure monthly
    • Use a manual transmission properly
    • Avoid carrying unnecessary weight
    • Remove roof or bicycle racks not in use
    • Use air conditioning sparingly
    • Use a fuel consumption display
    • Track fuel consumption
    • Plan ahead
    • Combine trips
    • Drive less often


High fuel consumption in vehicles is a major challenge for car owners driving gas-powered vehicles. However, this issue to fix Car Fuel Consumption using toilet cleaner, I Strongly recommend using Hypo Toilet Cleaner.


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