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Facebook Profile Guard: How to Lock Your Facebook Photos

Facebook has a lot of features you do not know. Features you think technology can never bring into existence such as the Facebook profile guard to protect and secure your Facebook profile picture.Facebook Profile Guard

The new Facebook picture guard helps to protect your Facebook photos from being used by another person when you activate the new photo guard on your Facebook account.

A lot of people impersonate on social media using celebrity pictures to defraud other users with fake Facebook accounts.

Since there is no way to identify a fake Facebook account.  Then with the Facebook profile picture guard, you can secure and restrict third-party from using your picture on Facebook.

Meanwhile, it is not only profile picture you can secure on Facebook you can secure virtually all your uploaded photos on Facebook just that it will be time-consuming. As at now, there is no way to activate Facebook profile guard for all pictures automatically but you can do them manually.Facebook Profile Guard

Also, when you activate the new Facebook profile photo guard you will be able to automatically block the new Facebook face recognition to avoid Facebook photos and videos auto-tag.

This feature is not hidden and it’s accessible on all device. However, here today, we’ll take a look at how to activate Facebook profile picture guard in order to secure and protect Facebook profile picture from impersonators.

Why Facebook Profile Guard?

On the March, 31st, 2018, Facebook recorded total active users of 1.45billion. You can check here for details. In the year 2012, Forbes claimed that there are over 83 million fake Facebook accounts that are very active. For more information on this, check Forbes’ fake Facebook account information.

While Facebook users increase exponentially, fake Facebook accounts also increase. However, the Facebook photo guard helps to disable right-click on the Facebook profile picture and lock users out when they screenshot Facebook profile pictures they don’t have right over and upload it as a profile picture or added it to their Facebook album.

Therefore, the need to implement a feature to secure pictures uploaded on Facebook from unauthorized access, the Facebook profile guard feature was added. The feature is available on both mobile and on the Facebook web. However, if you are facing an issue on “Unfortunately Facebook has stopped working” on your Facebook messenger app here is a complete guide on how to fix unfortunately Facebook app has stopped working.

How to Activate Facebook Profile Guard

Here is the step by step procedure to enable Facebook profile guard on your Facebook account

  1. Log into your Facebook account and click on your profile to access your Facebook timeline
  2. Navigate to the bottom left of the Facebook profile click on the options gear iconHow to Lock Your Facebook Photos
  3. The aim is to enable Facebook profile lock. From the pop up click on Turn On Profile Picture Guard. Facebook will ask you to upload a new picture or use an existing picture to confirm it’s you.How to Lock Your Facebook Photos
  4. To confirm that the picture guard has been successfully enabled navigate to your profile picture and you will see a badge indicating that the profile picture is locked and it cannot be saved by your Facebook friends, family, siblings, and other related friends on Facebook except a screenshot is taken.How to Lock Your Facebook Photos

It worth to tell you that even the screenshot will be discarded by Facebook if uploaded to a different Facebook account. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Now go ahead to enable a Facebook picture lock to have full protection over your Facebook profile picture.

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