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How to Extract Text from Images Online and Using OneNote

There are many tools that support Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which allow you to convert texts from images easily. These tools are exceptional created to copy text from images and convert it to a text which can either be in pdf or doc format.How to Extract Text from Images

These Optical Character Recognition (OCR) programs make it extremely easy to right click on an image and choose an option to copy text on it. However, there are online and offline tools that make copying text on pictures very easy and they are software for PC to simply copy and paste text from images.

If you have an image with texts you wanted to convert to an eBook this post will be useful to you. No rocket scientist knowledge is required. If you can follow simple instruction with little or no supervision you will be able to copy text from graphics after reading this post.

How to Extract Text from Images Online

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) website allowed you to upload images with text and convert it with a single click. That is great enough right?

Here is how to remove text from pictures and save it as pdf without any side effect on the picture you extracted your text from.

  1. Fire up your browser [I prefer to use Google Chrome browser] and visit http://www.to-text.net/

Note: In this post, we’ll extract to-text caption and turn it to text.How to Extract Text from Images

  1. Choose your preferred language from the drop menu and click on choose file to select your image with the text you would love to extract and click on convert button.How to Extract Text from Images
  2. The image will be converted to text. However, they are two ways to view this converted text. Click on view text to view the text and click on download to download the converted image to your drive.How to Extract Text from Images
  3. You can now view the downloaded file on your device. The file is in .txt format [Notepad]. Click on it and view the converted text from the picture you uploaded.Note: You may further need to check whether it contains some special characters.

    How to Extract Text from Images Using OneNote

    Here is another method to convert images to document format. Copying text from the picture using OneNote is very easy and there is no special requirement for that. All you need to do is follow the step by step procedure highlighted below.

    1. Right-click on the picture you wanted to extract text from and click on copy text from pictureHow to Extract Text from Images
    2. Select where you will like to paste the copied text from the image following the step above and right-click to select paste option or press Ctrl + V simultaneously to paste into your desired text editor.How to Extract Text from Images
    3. Finally over your mouse pointer to the upper right and save your text. This is the best way ever used to save text from images I have ever used. You can as well Screen Presso to copy text from an image but you will need a premium access.

Final Words:

Some situations may arise for you to write text captioned on images which will incur much stress. However, you can use these two techniques to extract the text from the image for free without paying a dime. In case you have any issue converting images to text using the approaches shared in this post please do let us know via the comment section so that we can take a look at it together.

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