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Today on The Simmyideas Show, We are glad to present to you the Founder of Kokovibes Media, Oladipupo Olutayo TÊýus The-don, a blogger, PR Manager and social media specialist. He has over 6 years experience in the entertainment niche. Oladipupo Olutayo TÊýus started his blogger career with his own personal brand, a Nigeria -based entertainment agency referred to as “Kokovibes Media”. Simmyideas Show With OlutayoHe completed his undergraduate programme in Electrical & Electronics Engineering at Lagos State Polytechnic. He has worked as Public Relations Manager (PR Manager) at Phoenix Ultrasound Recording Studio.

Blogs can do amazing things for personalities, professionals and brands of all sizes… especially when you are already established in the world of PR. This is exactly what Oladipupo Olutayo TÊýus The-don has done with his Kokovibes Media blog. Entertainment blogging is one of the most popular niches on the internet, however it isn’t one of the easiest to master or even make money in.Simmyideas Show

Some of his monthly numbers might even blow you away! His monthly earnings reports are now passing over $5,000 every month! Be sure to watch the “The Simmyideas Show” interview below to find out how He does it!

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