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How to Register an Echo Dot


Fix an Echo Dot that says it’s not registeredEcho Dot

This article explains how to register an Echo Dot, including instructions for what to do if you’re having trouble with a used Echo Dot still registered to another account.

What to Know

  • You can have Amazon register your Echo Dot at the time of purchase.
  • If an Echo Dot isn’t registered, set it up with the Alexa app, and it will automatically become registered.
  • If you have a used Echo Dot, it needs to be deregistered by the previous owner or factory reset before you can register it.

How Do I Register My Echo Device?

When you buy an Echo device, like an Echo Dot, you have the option to have it registered to your account or not registered at all. When a device has not yet been registered is set up by its owner, it is automatically registered to the corresponding Amazon account as part of the setup process. There aren’t any extra steps required under normal circumstances.

Here’s how to set up an Echo Dot:

  1. Locate the Echo Dot you want to purchase on the Amazon website.

  2. Beneath the Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons, look for Link my device to my Amazon account to simplify setup, and click the check box if it isn’t checked yet.

  3. The Echo Dot will be automatically registered to your account.

  4. When the Echo Dot arrives, plug it in and follow the instructions in your Alexa app.

Why Is My Echo Dot Saying It’s Not Registered?

If Amazon didn’t register your Echo Dot at the time of purchase, or you’ve bought a used Echo Dot, you might run into an issue where it says it isn’t registered. It’s a problem with used devices, as you may end up with an Echo Dot still linked to the original owner’s account. As long as it’s registered to their account, you won’t be able to connect it to your own Amazon account and start using it.

If you’re in contact with the original owner of the Echo Dot, you can ask them to deregister it. After they remove the device from their account, you’ll be able to register the Echo Dot with your account.

If you have a second-hand Echo Dot you can’t register, ask the previous owner to perform these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Amazon device management site.

  2. Click Echo.

  3. Click the Echo Dot that needs to be deregistered.

  4. Click Deregister.

  5. Click Deregister again.

  6. The Echo Dot can now be registered on a new account.

  7. Set up your Echo Dot to register it.

Factory Reset Your Echo Dot to Allow Registration

If you have an Echo Dot, you can’t register, especially if you have a used Echo Dot and can’t contact the previous owner, then you will need to perform a factory reset. In most cases, performing a factory reset will allow you to register the Echo Dot to your Amazon account and set it up without any other errors.

Here’s how to factory reset Echo Dot devices:

  • First-generation: Look for a small hole in the base of the device, and insert a paperclip. Hold down the internal button with the paperclip until the ring light changes colors.
  • Second generation: Press and hold the microphone off and volume down buttons until the light ring turns orange.
  • Third and fourth generation: Press and hold the action button until the light ring turns orange.
  • Echo Show: Say, “Alexa, go to settings.” Then tap Device Options > Reset to Factory Defaults.

In each case, you will be able to set up and register your Echo Dot after resetting it. Just open the Alexa app on your phone when you see the ring light on your Echo turn orange, and follow the on-screen instructions.

What to Do If You Still Can’t Register an Echo Dot

If you still aren’t able to register your Echo Dot after factory resetting it, you’ll need to contact Amazon customer service. You can contact them through the Amazon website or directly through the Alexa app for faster assistance.

Here’s what to do if you still can’t register your Dot:

  1. Launch the Alexa app on your phone.

  2. Tap More.

  3. Tap Help & Feedback.

  4. Tap Chat with us for text-based support or Speak with a representative to talk to a support agent.

  5. Tell the Amazon support agent you have an Echo Dot you can’t register. They should be able to deregister it and possibly even register it to your account for you.

  6. When you’re done with the Amazon support agent, set up your Echo Dot using the Alexa app.

  • How do I register my Echo Dot to a different Amazon account?

    To transfer registration to one of your other Amazon accounts, deregister it first from your device management settings. You can also use the Alexa app to deregister it. Go to Settings > Device settings > select your Echo Dot > Deregister. Log out of the Alexa app with the old account and log in with the other Amazon account to begin the setup/registration process.

  • How do I register an Echo Dot given to me as a gift?

    If the buyer chose This is a gift when purchasing the Echo Dot, it should arrive unregistered. Plug the device in and use the Alexa app to set it up and register it to your Amazon account. If you run into issues with setup, the purchaser likely holds registration for the device. Ask them to deregister the Echo Dot from their account.

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