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Snappy Driver Installer is a driver updater geared toward geeks and techs alike. Snappy Driver Installer is a Driver software by BadPointer. It provides an intuitive system for installing new drivers for desktop computers.

Snappy Driver Installer

The app has driver ranking algorithm where it prioritizes installing compatible drivers while preventing installing sub-optimal drivers. It has Archives with Drivers that suggests the latest downloading indexes and driverpacks. Users can either download all driverpacks for 12GB or only the indexes for 10MB depending what their computer needs. Its internal torrent client download drivers quickly.

This software also updates whenever a new software or driverpack are available. Users can also acquire the expert more to access advanced features. Any driver information is provided in details with its floating tooltips. Expert mode also allows choosing of alternative drivers other than the recommended drivers. Other advanced features include creating a driver backup with ‘Extract to…’ button and remote driver troubleshoot through sending snapshots.

It is not as friendly and easy to use as some of the competition, but I don’t think that was their goal. With this program, you can download drivers for your computer and large (over 8 GB) driver packs to update drivers on almost any computer.

As anyone who has reinstalled or recovered a computer knows, the first thing you might need is the network driver to get on the internet. It is a portable program to save the “driver packs” you download, which can then be updated as needed. Unattended installation and snapshots are also available.

We’re not sure we’d put this on a novice’s computer, but for those who need to get geeky with it or take drivers with us, this could be the best way to have drivers on hand and ready to go


  • Find and install missing drivers and update outdated drivers

  • An aid for technicians and home users

  • Discover driver errors

  • Get manufacturer specific drivers


  • Modern OS already update drivers

  • No need to manually install updates

  • More features hidden in expert mode

  • Some driver updates may not be compatible to the driver

After installing a new operating system onto your PC, the next step is a rather difficult one. You must locate drivers to download and install onto your system.

Most computer manufacturers supply you with a driver disc along with your OS disc. However, if you want updated drivers, then you need to search the internet or the manufacturer’s website.

Now there is a simpler method for finding and downloading the drivers that your computer system needs. Just download a third-party application called the Snappy Driver Installer Full onto your computer. You don’t need to install this application, so your Windows registries won’t be modified, and extra folders won’t be created.

This version is ideal if you want to be able to use the tool on the go without any Internet connection. You need to use a torrent client to download the whole package for offline use.

User Interface is Easy to Use

The interface design is simple and minimalistic. Once the tool detects which driver packs are not found on your computer system, it’ll give you a list of these packs right on the window. There is no configuration window to deal with, but there is an Expert Mode that you can activate. This causes visibility settings to turn on.

For example, the application can be modified to show old, new, not installed, or current drivers. You can also have it display invalid entries, duplicate entries, or drivers which are the best for resolving an issue.

Restoration Point Feature

A new system restore point can be created with SDI Full. This comes in handy if you install a new driver which unexpectedly limits the performance of your system and then you want to revert to the functionality you had before the driver installation occurred.

On the list of installed driver packs, point the mouse cursor to any of the drivers, and you’ll receive detailed information about them. This information includes any newer drivers that are currently available to download. You’ll see the provider’s name, driver version, signature, ID, and release date.

Log Generator

You can generate log files filled with detailed information whenever an action is performed. These could be actions like installing drivers, downloading files, and saving files to a computer. On the interface, choose the necessary button to access them.

Overall, the program is a great tool for finding out which drivers are missing on your computer and downloading them easily from the internet.

Download Latest Version

Choose one of the following download options:

Snappy Driver Installer Origin Version 1.10.1
Application Only Download the application zip file. There is no installer, simply extract the zip file to any convenient location that has plenty of free space. The driver packs are not included. When you run the application for the first time, you will be presented with the Welcome screen. Follow the instructions to complete the installation and download the driver packs.
Application and Driver Packs via Torrent Download the application and driver packs via a torrent client.
Additional Downloads
Change Log Version history.
Theme Pack Additional themes.
Driver Packs by SamLab Download the latest driver packs via a torrent client.
Source Code The source code can be downloaded from the Source Forge project.
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