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Download Mozilla Firefox, Latest Version Browser for Windows


Have you ever tried using an alternative free web browser when you are prompted to do multiple tasks on the internet but failed to do so? If such the conditions then no need to feel unsuccessful download Mozilla Firefox latest version. It’s the most familiar Web browser program from Mozilla Corporation designed to work and optimize your Windows Computer very well especially in terms of surfing the internet, building new relations on social media sites and watching HD viral videos on various video sharing sites with less buffering.Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox latest version web browser for Windows meets 100% a perfect browser as well web developer requirements including a huge collection of browser plugins, extensions, and tools providing unbreakable Privacy security against hacker’s software, cyber attacks, malicious virus threats and much more browser data hacking tools.


  1. Allows you to set default search engine Firefox uses it in the location bar, search bar and start page as well provides search suggestions
  2. Customize Firefox browser fonts and colors and supports your mother language for displaying webpages
  3. Easily blocks pop-up Windows
  4. Supports Adobe Flash Player latest version plugin updates for Firefox browser extension
  5. Mozilla Firefox latest version free download supports different applications like VLC Web plugin to playback MP3, 3gp video and for video Podcast
  6. Downloading Firefox free web browser your private browsing is more secure, because it doesn’t remember any browsing history or doesn’t let web browser session history to any third-party
  7. Reports about suspicious logins and phishing site alerts by easily blocking.

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Another best feature in Mozilla Firefox latest version is Synchronization that you can easily access your tabs, bookmarks, passwords and more wherever you use Firefox browser. If you are not sure about browser speed as it was then you can restore to default Firefox browser

Free Download for Mozilla Firefox New Edition 2015/2016 for Windows-

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