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Top 5 Features for a Dating Site to Offer


Even if you don’t believe that true love is a matter of destiny, you can at least rely on finding the right dating website to help speed things along. That’s mainly because there are so many options. Whether you’ve been searching for a casual date, or something that will last, there’s an online dating platform that can find what you want.Dating Sites

Think of it like you’re finding a place to live. Do you want a house, or is an apartment better? Are you just hoping for functioning light fixtures and a working stove top, or do you want a jacuzzi and picture windows? Knowing what you want is one thing, but putting in the work to make sure you get it is another. You wouldn’t just imagine your dream house, look at the listings on only one website, and then give up because they didn’t have what you wanted. Maybe you were actually looking at a realtor that specializes in commercial spaces – of course you wouldn’t find your dream house there.

Instead, you decide on the kind of house you want, and then you look into several options to see what they can offer. Fortunately, choosing a dating platform is much easier than finding a house, but the idea still applies. It’s all about knowing which option can give you the best result.

So, which features do dating sites offer that can help you finwed romance? It’s really not that complicated – just keep going to find out.

  1. A signup process that gathers relevant information

Here’s a general rule of thumb for the signup process of most dating platforms – the longer it takes, the more accurate your matches will be. Take eharmony, for instance. It’s common knowledge that new users will spend up to an hour taking a personality questionnaire; all that information goes straight to the algorithm, where it’s used to recommend matches.Dating Sites

If you want accurate matches, the time it takes to sign up is worth it. If not, then why would you spend that time answering questions when you could already be looking at profiles on another dating platform? Dating apps are generally fast and easy to sign up for – you could register with as little as your birthdate, name, and a single profile picture.

  1. Prominent photos in the profiles

People say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but if you’re on a dating platform, there’s not much else you can do. That being the case, pictures are important. They’re not just a way to see what you’re dealing with – they’re a way to prove that someone is real. Photos can be faked or stolen, of course; but any profile that has multiple photos, taken in various contexts, is a lot more trustworthy than a profile with a single picture, or none at all.  Pretty much all legitimate dating sites require at least one picture, so it’s probably best to avoid the ones where photos are optional.

One dating platform, Zoosk, goes a step further and issues “Photo Verified” badges to the members who request it. If anyone is interested in adding a layer of trust to their profile, they can send a selfie (photo or video) to the Zoosk team for verification.

  1. Search tools for the go-getters

If you know the type of person you’re searching for, why not find them with a direct search instead of hoping they get turned up by an algorithm? A personality questionnaire won’t necessarily tell the algorithm that you want someone who’s a little taller than average, has dark eyes, and works in healthcare – but you can tell that to a search tool yourself.

A search tool isn’t exactly a given for dating sites, so you might end up choosing between that and a really good algorithm. Just be aware that there are all different kinds of search tools. One of them might only let you search by proximity and gender, while another will let you search for people who mention the Beatles in their profile. There’s quite a range to choose from, so make sure the one that’s being offered makes you happy.

  1. A messaging feature that promotes easy communication

Just like with any other feature of a dating site, messaging features can be all over the board. Some platforms charge per message, or put limits on the word count; others allow members to send unlimited messages for free. So what’s the best choice?Dating Sites

In this case, it’s recommended to find a sensible balance. Unlimited messaging often results in too many spurious messages being sent. For example, someone could send the same pickup line to 35 people who were vaguely interesting, instead of finding a few people they actually liked to chat with. As for the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s not nearly as fun to talk with someone when you know the meter is running.

Hinge and Tinder don’t charge for their messages or apply word limits, and they also don’t allow indiscriminate messaging from any and all users. Instead, members have to be mutually matched before they can open up a chat.

  1. Enough members to make it worth your while

Given the choice, would you do your grocery shopping at a convenience store or at a supermarket? Most people would choose a supermarket, because there are more options. A few people would go to a convenience store, though, because they already know that they’ll find everything they need there.

This is how you could look at dating platforms when considering the size. More users means more choices, and that’s what most people want. Popular cam chat sites like Fruzo have a steady stream of traffic and users. However, there are a few people who would rather go to niche dating sites instead, where they can find a date who appreciates their unique hobby or passion.

What’s the takeaway here?

There’s a dating platform out there for everyone, even if they don’t know it yet. Before you find the right date, you’ll have to find the best dating site to get the job done – and it really isn’t as hard as it sounds.

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