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How To Change Your CashApp PIN On An Android or iPhone


Cash App is a financial mobile app that allows its users to be able to carry out finance transactions right there on their mobile. You are reading this article because you want to know how to change your CashApp PIN account right? Lots of people now use Cash App all over the world. And it was estimated that in 2018, a total of up to 7 million users were actively using the app in 2018 when a survey was carried out. This fact alone tells you that Cash App is a very popular option among people already.

CashApp PIN

You are reading this article because you want to know how to change the PIN of your Cash App account right? Whether you are using an Android phone or an iPhone for your Cash App financial transactions, it is very easy to change your PIN in order to increase the level of security of your Cash App account. Your Cash App account itself is already very secure itself because Cash App is a very secure platform. But for added security, users often have unique PINs; CashApp PIN that are unique to their individual Cash App accounts.

So, if you have forgotten your CashApp PIN and you need to change it, or you think your PIN has been compromised, you can easily change the PIN in just simple steps. The following are instructions you should follow to change your Cash App PIN; CashApp PIN right there on your Android phone or iPhone.


How To Change Your CashApp PIN


  • Open up your Cash App on your mobile device whether on your Android or Apple phone.
  • On the top left corner of the Cash App screen that you have opened, you will see the person icon enclosed in a small circle. Now, click on the icon.
  • When you have clicked on it, the next thing is to tap on the “Privacy & Security” option that you see. The “Privacy & Security” option will be second option you will see on the menu of the person’s account.
  • Now, under the “Security” option, tap the “Change CashApp PIN’ option.
  • You might be asked to verify your identity before you can continue. So, scan your finger or your face to verify your identity.
  • Now, a prompt will be displayed to you to enter your new PIN. Click and enter your new PIN and confirm the PIN.
  • Once you have confirmed your new PIN, a text will be sent to your phone number or your email address notifying you that the PIN has been changed successfully.

So, if you follow the steps we outlined above carefully and apply them into changing your PIN on Cash App, you should encounter no issues whatsoever.

It is important to note that if you ever receive a text on your email address or phone number notifying you that your phone number has been changed and you never did such, you should contact the Cash App customer service immediately. This is because it might be an hack. Also, you should protect your PIN to avoid issues.

CashApp PIN

All in all, Cash App is a very useful finance app that you will enjoy using. Cash App is a peer-to-peer money sending application that is very fast and convenient for users. Cash App was developed by Square Incorporations and it allows users to be able to exchange money between their friends and family. The advantage of Cash App is that, it allows cashless transactions. You don’t necessarily have to have cash in your hands. Also, if you are out at a restaurant with friends and you have to split bills, then Cash App is very handy for those kind of situations.

The popularity of Cash App keeps increasing as the years go by. Now, some people might join the app with malicious intentions like hacking into other people’s accounts etc. Changing your Cash App PIN; CashApp PIN on a regular basis is actually a good security measure that you can imbibe. This is to ensure that, even if your PIN leaks, changing it regularly means the previous PINs become useless.

Like we explained above, Cash App has made it a very simple process for you to change your PIN; CashApp PIN. Just make sure you follow the steps we outlined and you are good to go! Once you have changed your PIN, you can now go back to using your Cash App for your transactions. The new PIN of course, takes effect immediately.


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