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CashApp iOS – Send, spend, save, and invest. No bank necessary.


CashApp iOS: CashApp is a mobile app that makes carrying out financial transactions very easy. The CashApp was developed by Square Incorporations and it was formerly known as Square Cash before the app’s name was changed. CashApp is available for use by mobile Android users as well as iOS users as well. In this article, we will be looking mainly at CashApp iOS for iOS users. But before we dive in, let us take you through a brief introduction to CashApp and the many financial functionalities it gives a user.

CashApp iOS

CashApp is a an application that offers financial services to its users. Through, the user’s mobile device, the user can carry out payments, money transfer and other transactions right there from the Cash App. As of when a survey was carried out in 2018, CashApp iOS had a total of 7 million users at the time. And this figure has definitely risen higher over the years. The developers of CashApp are called Square Inc. and they released the formerly Square Cash app in March, 2015. Since then, the name of the app has changed to CashApp and in 2018, CashApp iOS started supporting Bitcoin trading.

Users can transfer money to another user’s Cash account using the Cash App. Users can also use the Cash Card to which is a debit visa card to withdraw money out of the Cash App at ATMs. CashApp is an American company service and their services are limited to only a certain number of countries.


How To Install The CashApp iOS

In order to install CashApp on your iOS mobile device successfully, please follow the following instructions.

CashApp iOS

Closeup hands holding mobile phone with application for send and receive money. Man and woman holding smartphone and making payment transaction. Smart phone screen displaying payment sent and money received message after transaction.

– Firstly, you can visit the CashApp official website at where you will see two buttons at the bottom of the screen. One button says, “Google Play Store” and the other button says, “Apple Store”. Click on Apple Store and if you are using an Apple mobile phone to browse their website, you will be taken straight to the Apple store.

CashApp iOS

– Once the CashApp page has been opened for you on Apple Store, click on the “Download” button to start the app installation process.


– Once the app is done installing, you can then go on to open it and sign up for a Cash account if you did not have one before. If you already have a CashApp account, all you have to do is log in into your account.


– Once you have successfully signed in or signed up, you can start using the free CashApp financial services.

How well rated is CashApp iOS for mobile users?CashApp iOS

CashApp for iOS users is rated a whooping 4.5 stars out of 5 stars by up to 393,000 Apple mobile users who have tasted the CashApp service.


  •  In order to make sure the current version of CashApp for mobile iOS will be compatible with your Apple mobile device, check to make sure that your phone runs on iOS 12.0 or later versions. The CashApp is also very compatible with iPads, and iPod touch.


Do you have to pay any fee to use CashApp?

No. The answer is ‘No’. CashApp is entirely free to download from Apple Store and use. CashApp is the number one (#1) rated App in the Finance category on Apple Store and the good news is, you can be a part and also a beneficiary of their amazing services for free.

Benefits of using CashApp finance services on your iOS.

  • The platform is very safe.

You can protect your CashApp account and payments with a passcode, a FaceID or a TouchID if you want. Also, because the app is built on a secure connection, all of your private details and information remain private and are stored very safely. Also, if you happen to misplace your Cash Card, which is the visa debit card for CashApp, you can block the card and stop all spending from the card with just one tap in your CashApp.

  • You can buy, sell or even withdraw Bitcoin.

This particular service feature was launched in 2018, like we mentioned earlier in this article’s introduction. CashApp allows its users that deal in the Bitcoin currency to carry out BTC transactions on the CashApp. As a BTC user, you can track the prices of Bitcoin real-time right from your CashApp. You can also buy Bitcoin that is as little as $1 and all your BTC arrive instantly into your CashApp account and then you can choose to withdraw it or keep it in your CashApp.

  • You can also buy and sell stocks, get amazing discounts with Cash boost, send and receive money, just on CashApp.

In conclusion, you can see that installing CashApp on your iOS mobile device is not a bad idea at all. Your financial transactions will get so much easier to carry ou

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