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BBNaija: Bitto Bryan suffers uncontrollable erection in the house

In the picture, the radio presenter attempted to pacify the lady fondly called “Gifty” by viewers, holding his arm around her shoulder while muttering something to her, but then, what would undoubtedly catch the eye was a visible bulge in his groin. This is the beginning of Double Wahala.

In the picture, the radio presenter attempted to pacify the lady fondly called “Gifty” by viewers, holding his arm around her shoulder while muttering something to her, but then, what would undoubtedly catch the eye was a visible bulge in his groin. This is the beginning of Double Wahala.

BBNaija: Toni my blood brother, Cee-C my sister- in-law, Leo

my father – Ebuka


The host of Big Brother Naija 2018, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu has reacted to claims that housemate, Cee-C is his sister-in law.

On Friday morning, there were reports online that Cee-C is Ebuka’s sister-in-law after a picture of the constant was paired with that of Ebuka’s wife.

This raised eyebrows and comments as Nigerians queried Ebuka for sponsoring family members to the show.

But in what appears like a sarcastic response to the report, Ebuka said even Leo was his father.

He wrote on his Twitter page thus, “Yes! Toni is my blood brother. Also, don’t forget that Cee-C is my sister inlaw too. And Leo is my father. Anything else?”

BBNaija: Khloe caught in bed with Kbrule [VIDEO]


The Big Brother Naija 3 seems to be taking a ride on love scenes and twist of events as housemates get familiar with each other.

One of the Big Brother housemates, Khloe was on Thursday night seen romancing Kbrule in bed.

Both of them almost shared a kiss as Kbrule kept touching her, leaning for one.

However, Khloe kept resisting, appearing cautious of the camera.

Recall that Khloe on Wednesday professed sexual attraction for Lolu.

Meanwhile, Khloe is trending as her nude images emerged online on Wednesday


BBNaija: Marriage pictures of Dee-One surfaces online [PHOTOS]


Images have emerged online showing that one of Big Brother housemates, Aderombi Adedayo Martin, AKA Dee -one is legally married.

The comedian seem to be applying ex-housemate, Tin Tall Tony, AKA, TTT’s strategy in the reality show.

TTT, while in the Big Brother house had claimed to be single, until his wife released photos of their family.

The marriage pictures revealed that Dee-one had a court wedding where both families were present.

Dee-one had on Wednesday rejected female housemate Ahneeka during a pairing game organised by Big brother.

See photos below… Dee-one-simmyideas

BBNaija: Timaya sings only “bum bum,” corrupting young minds – Housemate Leo


One of the housemates in the ongoing Big Brother Naija reality show, Leo, has lambasted Nigerian superstar, Timaya.

He said even though D’banj and Timaya started their music career at the same time in Nigeria, it would be difficult to compare both musicians because the former Mo’hit star has done better than the Port-Harcourt-based artiste.

He said this while talking about music with another housemate, Rio.

He said Timaya used to be his favourite artist because of his good contents. However, he has lost it because all he sings now is ‘Bum bum’.

Rico replied that he did not have much Favourite Nigerian artist because they don’t sing meaningful songs.

He said that Nigerians artists can’t sing a song without adding, ‘Bum-Bum or boobs’ which he finds irrelevant.

He said, “D’banj is a legend who has affected the lives of so many artists in the country and has taken the country internationally.

“Although Timaya and D’banj started at the same time, you cannot compare them in anyway.”

When Timaya started, he sang reasonable song such as “plantain boy,” he said.

They also talked about Wizkid and Davido, whom they described as leading figures in the music industry presently.

Leo wondered how artists that sing only about ‘bum-bum and boobs’ can be a mentor.

“I think our artists can do better than that. People should learn from songs and not corrupting the young ones at home,” he added.

BBNaija: What Nigerians are saying about Dee-one’s marriage controversy


Reactions have trailed the marriage pictures of Big brother Naija 2018 housemate, Dee-one.

The viral photos broke the internet earlier on Friday. Dee-one, though yet to disclose he is married told housemates he was in a serious relationship.

Reacting, some Nigerians have attributed his marriage to the reason he turned down Ahneeka during the pairing game on Wednesday.

Others have advised him to tell other housemates and likened his stay in the house to Thin Tall Tony’s strategy during Big brother Naija second edition.

Here are some comments…

@Mrodiah, “Here we go another Thin Tall Tony in the house… Dee one all your fans are waiting for you to jokingly diverge this information #BBNaija

@booconcept “Dee one is a married man. I notice this is the suit he wore on the opening. Lol #bbnaija

@Odia “Remember when dee-one said he was in a SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP…this was what he meant….i’m sure it doesn’t look like photoshop

@henrola “As the saying goes “Marriage is a beautiful thing” but to #bbnaija fans it’s a crime

1. Dee-one never deny his wife atleast not yet
2. He said he’s in a serious relationship 3. The bobo never even knack or kiss any1…don’t spoil his hustle..

@akukalia “If you are married, say so. What’s serious relationship? That’s plain nonsense.

@cocodeal “Asiri tu… You see the reason he rejected Ahneeka was because he is physically attracted to her and would rather away from impending temptation.

@kingpentecost “That doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t contest for #bbnaija Prize nah. At least he Hasn’t come out to to deny her beautiful wife or do anything bad. He has done d best thing by rejecting Anekah cuz he doesn’t wanna fcuk up.

@patmeh “Good for him, i just hope he doesn’t deny it.. I now understand why he rejected Aneeka, maybe he didn’t understand whatsup with the pair.”

Dee one had on Wednesday rejected female housemate Ahneeka during a pairing game organised by Big brother.

BBNaija: I am sexually attracted to Lolu – Khloe


One of the housemates, Khloe who is paired with fellow housemate Brule has revealed who she is sexually attracted to in the house.

Khloe on Wednesday night speaking with Anto said the only person she is sexually attracted to in the house is Lolu.

She said “Lolu is the only person I can be sexually attracted to in the house.

“There is something different about lolu. He is intelligent, small and he calculates his things.”

Recall that the housemates were on Wednesday paired into twos as their fight for the 45m continues.

If the person you are paired with is evicted, you are automatically evicted too.

BBNaija: Nude photos of housemate, Khloe surfaces


Nude images of Big brother female housemate, Abiri Oluwabusayo Khloe AKA Khloe has surfaced online.

The 24-year old fashion designer, who is always seen braless in the Big Brother Naija house, is gradually getting famous as her totally unclad images flooded the internet.

It could be recalled that, Khloe while speaking with Anto, a fellow female housemate, had confessed her sexual attraction to Lolu, a male contestant.

She has also had a couple of squabbles with some housemates already as they consider her too authoritative and confrontational. Cee-Cee and Dee One are top of the list of such housemates.

However, due to company/privacy policy, the nude images are not uploaded here.

BBNaija: Bitto gets embarrassing erection for Nina [VIDEO]



One of the Big brother Naija housemates, Bitto was on Wednesday criticised by Nigerians on social media.

This followed a scene on the reality show showing Bitto get an erection by just hugging fellow housemate Nina who was crying.

The ‘Double Wahala’ seems to have started as Bitto may have to fight for Nina’s heart tied to Miracle.

Recall that Miracle and Nina were on Monday caught sharing a romantic kiss in the shower.

Some days ago, Bitto was summoned by big brother to diary room for touching Princess.

BBNaija: Dee-one begs Ahneeka after rejecting her pairing proposalDee-one

One of Big Brother Naija 3 housemates, Dee-one has apologised to fellow housemate, Ahneeka for rejecting her proposal during a pairing game on Wednesday.

The housemates on Wednesday entered a pairing game in the house in which the female housemates were asked to pick numbers after which they were told to choose a male partner each.

The male housemates in return had the choice to either accept or reject the ladies as they approached.

Acceptance meant that the female housemate would receive a flower from the male housemate.

However, there was slight drama as Ahneeka was turned down by Dee one as he refused to give her the flower.

This generated an uproar in the house after the game as Ahneeka felt embarrassed sitting alone on her bed.

Dee one, on the other hand felt bad about the situation and apologised to Ahneeka.

He said he didn’t reject her intentionally as he had no idea it was the permanent pairing section but thought it was just a game.

“I am sorry I feel bad, I just thought the flower thing was like a game.

“What can I do to help you feel better, I thought it was a game that was going to end had no idea it was permanent. I felt the pairing game was not normal as the guys were holding roses,” Dee one said

Recall that Big Brother on Sunday announced that eviction of one partner will affect the other.

BBNaija: Aneeka turned down by Dee-one in pairing game


One of Big brother housemate, Ahneeka was on Wednesday rejected by fellow housemate , Dee one during a pairing game organised by Big Brother.

The Pairing game had male housemates of Big Brother third edition tagged ‘Double Wahala’ sit on a bench and pick a flower while female housemates were blindfolded with a dark shade, and asked to pick numbers after which they were told to choose a male partner each.

The male housemates in turn had the choice to either accept or reject the ladies as they approached.

Acceptance meant that the female housemate would receive a flower from the male housemate.

However, Dee one caused a stir as he rejected Ahneeka’s offer and opted for Vandora.

Ahneeka, later picked Rico as her pair who agreed.

After the game, Ahneeka told fellow housemate that she felt embarrassed and was mad at Dee one’s rejection but will get over it with time.

“I feel bad but I don’t need his s‎ympathy. It was an embarrassing situation; I was rejected I did not see it coming. I’m so mad at him but I’ll get over It.

“I dint make the wrong choice I thought it was a particular task, I wanted to ask you before then.”

BBNaija: Khloe is my girlfriend, we are getting married soon – Unlimited LAUntitledl-12-1200x762_c

Video director, Unlimited LA has revealed that Big Brother Naija (BBN) housemate, Khloe is his girlfriend and they are getting married soon.

Unlimited LA made a post on Instagram on Monday, stating that Khloe is his girlfriend and that they are set to get married once the Big Brother Naija show is over.

He wrote: “Y’all remember that very fine girl I said isn’t my girlfriend? Well I lied, she’s my girl friend, we getting married immediately she comes back from BBN, cos I knw she’ll win! @kokobykhloe”.

The ‎#BigBrotherNaija 2018 tagged ‘Double Wahala’ kicked off yesterday with twenty housemates battling for the winning prize of N45 million as announced earlier by the organiser, M-Net West Africa.

BBNaija: Drama as housemates choose their partners[See details of pairing]Big-Brother-Naija

Nigerian TV reality show, Big Brother Naija entered its pairing stage on Wednesday.

The female housemates were asked to pick numbers after which they were told to choose a male partner each.

The male housemates also had the choice to either accept or reject the ladies as they approach.

Acceptance means that the female housemate would receive a flower from the male housemate.

It should be recalled that a change in eviction process was also announced at the launch of the Double Wahala edition.

Meanwhile, there was drama during the pairing as some rejected their partners.

This is how the 20 housemates were paired:

1. Tobi and Cee- c

2.Lolu and Anto

3. Angel and Ifu Ennada

4. Alex and leo

5. Dee one and Vandora

6. princess and Bitto

7. Bambam and Teddy A

8. Nina and Miracle

9. Khloe and K- Brule

10. Ahneeka and Rico

BBNaija 2018 Housemate: Ahneeka Profile, Biography & Photos

Who is Ahneeka in BBNaija? Ahneeka is a Housemate in 2018 Big Brother Naija “Double Wahala” Reality TV Show.23279477_1316126715158833_2449259891441795072_n

Growing up as the middle child of five siblings, Ahneeka has developed a love for unrest: she promised to eliminate “all things dull” by disturbing everyone in the House whilst having bucket loads of fun.

Ahneeka’s biggest feat is of landing a media job despite her engineering background. She says her family is freaked out about her participation yet are fully supportive of her.

What irritates you most about people: ‘Bougie’. Generally fake people.
What will you bring into the BB House: No dull moments, I’ll be disturbing people a lot.
What will you do with the prize money: I don’t know yet.

Ahneeka’s Instagram Profile: @ahneeka_
Ahneeka’s Facebook Profile: Iwuchukwu Marianne


The drama in Big Brother Naija  2018 (Double Wahala), has already begun. Away from the wedding band spotted on Miracle’s finger,a rumour the housemate’s brother debunked and Tobi becoming the ‘head of house’, the Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates are already coming out of their shell as Khloe, one of the ‘entrepreneur housemates’ is already going braless.

Recall that we reported that Khloe aka KokobyKhloe is 24 years old, a fashion designer and single. She loves horror movies and would be a cat, if she were an animal. She reportedly said she wants people to see the real her whilst she is in the House, because she is sometimes misunderstood. She also disclosed that she detests people who lie.

Khloe also had a dance with Tobi, in her braless session as housemates sang Tuface’s hit single.


BBNaija: Nina, Miracle caught kissing [VIDEO]

The Big Brother Naija is back with its drama and love scenes as housemates seem to be getting attracted to each other

Housemates Nina and Miracle were caught kissing in the shower on Tuesday morning.

Recall that Miracle was involved in a marriage controversy on Monday after pictures emerged of him with a wedding ring.

This is just the second day of the reality Tv show.


The #BigBrotherNaija 2018 tagged Double Wahala kicked off yesterday with twenty housemates battling for the winning prize of N45 million as announced earlier by the organiser, M-Net West Africa.

BBNaija: Bitto summoned by Big brother for touching Princess

The Big Brother Naija 2018 season tagged ‘Double Wahala, is already living up to its name.

It kicked off from housemate Miracle’s marriage controversy to his ‘romantic’ kiss with Nina during shower.

Also, recent development in a post by Big Brother 2018 social media page had Bitto summoned to diary room by Biggie after cameras showed him touching Princess on her bed, even as she appeared not to like it.

The housemate may have just earned himself a punishment for his action, though not yet announced by Big brother.

With 20 housemates in the house battling for the ultimate prize of N45 million, the reality show may be double trouble for housemates who break the rules.

Recall, a similar incidence happened in BBNaija 2017 edition when Kemen was condemned for allegedly touching Tboss without her consent

See pictures below:


#BBNaija 2018: What You Should Know About IFU ENNADA, The Nollywood Actress In The House


It is no longer news that the third edition of the long awaited biggest TV reality show in Africa, Big Brother Naija, has hit our screens yet again.

This year’s edition themed Double Wahala promises to be action, drama and surprise-filled. Among the interesting 20 housemates or contestants is Nollywood actress, Ifu Ennada.

When questioned by the show host, Ebuka, about what she intends to bring into the house, she promised to bring “raw, unfiltered honesty and a lot of fun”. And for her intentions if she eventually wins the ultimate prize, she said, “I want to make some films, I also want to build a Fitness brand, my hair business and charity.”
As we wish her luck in the house, here’s what you should know about Ifu.

She is a talented actress, content creator, TV compere, writer, producer, fashion designer.


BBNaija: Miracle Igbokwe’s family speaks on housemate’s marriage controversy


The Big Brother Naija is back with its dramas as fans of the Biggest TV reality show have started digging into the lives of housemates.bbnaija-housemate-miracle

Traditional marriage pictures of one of the housemates of the 2018 Big Brother Naija, Miracle Igbokwe Ikwechukwu, went viral immediately after their unveiling yesterday.

The 21-year-old pilot was seen wearing a ring which they believed to be a ‘wedding ring’ and also a picture of him in a traditional marriage attire with a lady.

The rumour has been flying that he is married after had claiming be single during the live broadcast of the TV reality show.

However, his brother, elder brother, Samuel Igbokwe, has come out to speak on behalf of the family on the real marriage status of the housemate.

In a video he posted online, Samuel said, “Hello I’m Samuel Igbokwe, I’m the elder brother of Miracle Igbokwe, one of the housemates of Big Brother Nigeria.

“I’m here to dismiss the allegation that he is married. Miracle is not married. He doesn’t even have a fiancé.

“Anyways, the ring you saw on his finger is mine.

“He actually took it to rock it because he likes the ring, and unfortunately for him, it couldn’t fit in any other finger apart from the finger you see online.

“So the fact is, Miracle is not married, he’s never been married.”

BBNaija: Tobi becomes first Head of House


Tobi Bakre, has been crowned the first Head of House in the on-going Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2018 reality show.

The housemate emerged winner of the tasks given to all the contestants by ‘Big Brother’, popularly addressed as ‘Biggie’ on Monday.

The head of house challenge was split into two parts with the first part carried out on Sunday after the launch and the second part carried out on Monday.

After the fake eviction of the six housemates who could not get bed spaces, ‘Biggie’ announced the first task which involved padlocks.

The “ninjas” entered the house with locks and keys and each housemate was told to pick a key.

The two housemates who could open the locks won Sunday’s task to qualify for the next round of the Head of House tasks.

Ifu-Ennada, who opened the first padlock and Cee-C, who got the second one were asked to keep the keys and the padlocks for the next round of the task.

On Monday, Big Brother brought together the winners of the first Head of House game with the lucky six who had been part of the ‘fake eviction’. The coordination skills of the housemates were put to test in the second task, with the mission of building a balloon tower in just 15 minutes, which appeared to be fairly simple.

Tobi emerged as the winner, having built the tallest balloon tower of all. Joining in the congratulations, Biggie granted him the privilege of picking his title and Tobi chose to be addressed as ‘Kabiyesi’ (which means ‘ruler’ in Yoruba language). This is different from last season where Heads of House were referred to by the other housemates as ‘Igwe’ (which means ‘King’ in Igbo language).

As part of the treats for the title, ‘Biggie’ also invited Kayibesi Tobi to choose a housemate to share the lottery bedroom with. Cee-C volunteered to share in Tobi’s luxury.

It would be recalled that Efe Ejeba was the first Head of House for last season ‘See Gobe’ and he eventually won the show, taking home the 25 million naira cash prize a brand new SUV. This season tagged ‘Double Wahala’, housemates are competing for prizes worth 45 million naira. (NAN)

BBNaija: Six housemates asked to vacate

Six housemates of Big Brother Naija 3 have been asked to vacate the house.

While housemates were eating, Big brother announced that the housemates who picked numbers without a bed space should pack their bags.

It seems the first eviction in the Big Brother Naija 3 ‘Double Wahala’ has began.

The development has already set the house in disarray.

However, the six housemates were taken to a different room, away from the other housemates and asked to wait for further instructions.

The #BigBrotherNaija 2018 tagged Double Wahala kicked off Sunday night with twenty housemates battling for the winning prize of N45 million

BBNaija 2018: Check Out Rules Guiding House Mates In The Big Brother HouseBig-Brother-Naija

The season three of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show tagged ‘Double Wahala, hit the airwaves on Sunday, 28th January.

20 contestants are jostling for the top prize of N45 million naira and a SUV which goes to the eventual winner.

The show is being hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu who was also the host of last year’s edition tagged ‘See Gobe’.

But contestants must survive every eviction  and also obey all house rules in order to have a shot at the winning prize.

Take a look at rules contestants must obey throughout their stay in the house:

Rule 1: Housemates must respect the House and their fellow contestants at all times.

Rule 2: The Housemates will have no contact with the outside world and they are kept busy by the various tasks and challenges set by Biggie. Being in such close proximity with a house full of strangers can be tough going and Biggie has set rules that need to be followed.

Rule 3: Big Brother has complete control over everything going on in the house and Biggie never discusses anything that goes on outside of the house with anyone inside.

Rule 4: The Housemates are filmed 24/7 and they must have their microphones on at all times. The viewers must be able to hear all conversations at all times and are not allowed to whisper or cover their mouths while speaking to fellow Housemates. They are also not allowed to reveal the location of the cameras and microphones.

Rule 5: Diary Sessions are one of the most important aspects of the show’s success and are compulsory. Once a Housemate is called to the Diary Room, they must drop everything they are doing and proceed to the Diary Room. Failure to do so will result in a fine, “a strike” or worse. Housemates can request to enter the Diary Room at any time of the day or night. Sunglasses and hats are not permitted in the Diary Room. The door for the Diary Room will be locked when not in use and no one is allowed into the room if it is occupied.

Important to note:

Diary Sessions and Nominations are compulsory and Housemates need to give valid reasons for nominating a fellow Housemate. Biggie reserves the right to take his time to answer any questions, but will always return with an answer. Biggie will not entertain any personal questions. What happens in the Diary Room stays in the Diary Room and Housemates cannot discuss anything that happens in the Diary Room. Exceptions to this rule are events such as Head of House Tasks.

Rule 6: Nominations are important and Housemates are not allowed to discuss the reasons for their nominations with anyone other than Big Brother. If a Housemate does so it will be interpreted as a deliberate attempt to influence others. They are not allowed to communicate via hints, signs, symbols or written notes. Housemates are not allowed to enter into any alliance or scheme to plot the downfall of fellow Housemates. Communication in the house in Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and any other local language other than English is not permitted.

Rule 7: Housemates are not allowed to strike, intimidate, threaten or act in any way that can be construed as violent towards any fellow Housemates. This could result in immediate disqualification.

Rule 8: Housemates are not allowed to bring the following into the house:

– CDs, CD players, radios, iPod, iPad
– Walkmans, DVD/Blu-Ray players, televisions
– Mobile phones, Smart phones
– Computers, Laptops, Notepads
– Video game consoles, Computer games
– Calendars
– Diaries
– Pen and paper or any writing materials
– Eyeliner (Or any other make-up that could be used for writing.)
– Alarm clocks
– Watches
– Any electronic equipment requiring batteries
– Weapons, drugs and narcotics
– Medication (except for agreed personal medication in consultation with Big Brother)
– Clothes with prominent logos, clothes with fine stripes or dots, silk clothes, solid white clothes.)
– Your pet cat and your children (although, you can bring pictures of your children and your cat)

Rule 10: Housemates can bring the following into the House:

– Cigarettes / cigars / tobacco
– Reading material, either a book or magazine.
– Moisturising cream
– Shaving foam, deodorant, shower lotion, pack of razor blades
– Day cream, night cream and eye cream
– One cleansing lotion. Cleansing tonic.
– Perfume or after shave
– Hairspray/ gel hair conditioner and wax
– Lip balm
– Musical Instrument (provided it doesn’t need batteries)

Rule 11: Biggies’ word is law and all Housemates must comply with his requests at all times without fail.

Rule 12: Only Biggie can open up the storage room where the Housemates will find everything that they need for Tasks, Challenges etc. Biggie will inform the Housemates that the Storage Room is open and the Head of House will proceed there to retrieve what Biggie has put there for the Housemates daily and weekly needs


LIVE STREAM and Updates: Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Streaming – #BBNaija

Popular Nigerian television reality show, Big Brother Naija #BBNaija premieres on Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 7p.m.#BBNaija


As an excited 2018 big brother kicks off today Sunday 28, we hope to see our ever blazing presenter- Ebuka obi-uchendu and some new entertaining New housemates coming in on a race to win a whopping sum of 45 million naira in this third Season.

ALSO READ MORE:  #BBNaija Season 3 theme is “Double Wahala” — Here are the rules for the new housemates

This year’s edition is tagged: “Double Wahala”
The aim of the show is to have fun; however for the duration of the show, the Housemates are subject to Biggie’s rules.

ALSO READ MORE:  Meet the Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates #BBNaija

Watch Below here

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