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The 6 Best Yoga Apps of 2023 – Level Up Your Yoga Studio Home


Looking for a way to improve your yoga practice at home or on the go? With the Best Yoga Apps, you can access classes, poses, educational content, and motivation all from your smartphone, tablet, or another electronic device. Find your center from the comfort of home.Best Yoga Apps

You don’t need to attend a yoga studio in person to take a class if you’ve got a smartphone or a tablet. These Best Yoga Apps offer both free and premium yoga videos that you can follow along with at home, as if you were taking a real class.

The Most Extensive Library for Yoga, Pilates and Meditation: Glo

What We Like
  • Offers pilates and meditation in addition to yoga.
  • Offers more than 5,000 classes and 16 styles of yoga
  • Beginner-friendly content
  • Programs available for long-term practices.
  • Subscription offers educational classes and lectures
What We Don’t Like
  • Premium subscription is a must in order to use.
  • Performance issues on Android platform.
  • Requires upgrade to a premium plan to access most features

Formerly YogaGlo, Glo which is one of the Best Yoga Apps offers a wide variety of classes in varying lengths, such as 10, 15, and 20 minutes, making it the perfect app for busy people.

With a huge team of qualified, experienced instructors and a wide variety of classes, Glo is a great choice for yogis who can rarely make it to a studio class. You can use the app’s search filters to find the exact type of class you need, whether it’s beginner or advanced, short or long, or for a specific need, such as back pain.

The app has 10-, 15-, and 20-minute classes, so it’s easy to find one when you only have a short block of time for yoga. It’s very beginner-friendly but also offers many challenging classes for when you want to take your yoga to the next level. Plus, you can access classes and lectures to build your yoga knowledge.

Glo is the ultimate “Netflix for yoga” platform. You pay a small monthly fee and can take as many as classes as you want led by some of the world’s best yoga teachers. Glo’s library is very extensive, so there’s something for everybody—from 10-minute restorative yoga sessions, to 90-minute advanced practices.

Pricing: $23.99 per month.

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Best Yoga Apps: Daily Yoga

What We Like
  • Access to 500+ asanas for beginners.
  • Smart coach to help you pick your classes.
  • Community support.
What We Don’t Like
  • Free version has lots of ads.
  • UI and navigation aren’t the most intuitive.

Daily yoga is one of the best yoga apps out there for beginners looking to learn the basics of proper form and alignment before moving on to more intermediate and advanced practices.

As a Daily Yoga user, you’ll have access to one of the best online global communities of yoga practitioners.

If you love studio yoga for the community support and motivation it offers, Daily Yoga is an app for you to consider. You can engage and interact with its active global community of users, reaching out to share ideas, be inspired, and get advice. Daily Yoga even has weekly activities you can join with others to motivate each other. The monthly pro subscription plan includes more than 100 yoga and meditation classes with options for all levels from beginners to advanced.

Daily Yoga also has numerous multi-week programs, such as Beginner to Intermediate, Full Body Pilates Fat Burn, and 7-Day Easy Yoga Flow, which focus on various goals. New programs and videos are always being added. The free version has some annoying pop-up ads and access to fewer videos, but is worth trying to give the app a test drive.

It also has one of the biggest and best online communities, with yoga practitioners from all over the world involved in discussions about yoga philosophy.

Pricing: Free with premium subscriptions starting at $9.99 per month.

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High-Intensity Yoga Workouts: Asana Rebel

What We Like
  • Combines yoga with high-intensity training for a stronger workout.
  • Resources on how to train, eat and sleep better.
  • Access to moving meditations.
What We Don’t Like
  • Free offering appears to become more limited over time.
  • Limited use with casting workouts onto large screen devices.

Asana Rebel is the Best Yoga Apps for yogis who want less of a traditional yoga practice and more of a workout. If getting a workout, turning up the heat, and losing weight is what you’re looking for in a yoga practice, Asana Rebel is a stellar pick.

If you’re looking for a chill practice that is primarily centered around meditation and mindfulness, then this isn’t necessarily the app for you. Yes, there are slow, easy flows to choose from, but the bulk of the Asana Rebel app is meant to turn up the heat and help you with strengthening and weight loss.  Best Yoga Apps

Asana is the physical practice of yoga poses or simply the physical aspect. Though the program is centered on yoga, it also includes high-intensity moves like planks, push-ups, and squats. And, depending on how much time you have, class lengths range from 5 to 30 minutes. Along with customized workouts, the app offers nutritional guidance, recipes, and sleep sounds, all meant to help promote well-rounded health.

If you’re looking to break a sweat, sharpen your mind and body, and really amp up and diversify your yoga practice, this is a great option. You have to sign up to be quoted a price, which is about $6 per month.

This app’s workouts are designed to pump up the energy and intensity so you can sweat, burn fat, and build muscle.

Pricing: Free with premium subscriptions starting at $15.99 per month.

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Customized Sessions: Yoga Studio Mind and Body

What We Like
  • Quick and easy to create fully custom practices.
  • Library of 280 poses with images, instructions, benefits and more.
  • Options to practice by teacher instruction, pose name or chime sound.
What We Don’t Like
  • Limited ready-made yoga classes and meditations.
  • No free offering after 7-day trial is up.

Yoga Studio is a favorite yoga app among beginners who want to slowly perfect their asanas and practitioners looking to modify their practice due to injury. The app allows users to build their own practice for an extremely customized experience, creating full videos that flow seamlessly together.

Pricing: 7-day free trial with premium subscriptions starting at $9.99 per month.

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Offline Yoga Anytime: Pocket Yoga

What We Like
  • Access to over 200 images with built-in dictionary of instructions and benefits.
  • No need to be connected to the internet or use data.
  • Ability to play music from your own music library while practicing.
What We Don’t Like
  • Small library of sessions compared to other apps.
  • Previously free, now $3 to $4 depending on platform.

Pocket Yoga is the app you need when you’re on the go and need to get your practice in for Best Yoga Apps. Unlike other apps, which feature teachers and practitioners in their videos, Pocket Yoga guides your practice with beautifully designed animations and soothing voice instruction to show the correct posture and alignment.

Pricing: $2.99 for iOS and Android.

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Flexible Practices to Fit Your Style: Downdog

What We Like
  • Easily customizable modules.
  • Knowledgeable instructors.
  • Straightforward app.
What We Don’t Like
  • Not a lot of extras.
  • Additional resources could be helpful to new users.

Downdog is a great app for mobile devices that lets you choose the type and length of practice, as well as many other options like voice, pace, and music, so you can create the yoga practice that fits your needs in the moment for Best Yoga Apps.

Down Dog is known for its inclusiveness, multiple class levels, and ability to customize your yoga practice.

Down Dog is an app that you can use as you progress in your yoga practice, as it has plenty of lessons and routines for all levels. Choose from various levels, like beginner and expert, plus different practice durations, from 5 to 80 minutes.

Down Dog offers a non-intimidating entry into yoga while still providing plenty of challenging classes for more advanced yogis. The app generates new sequences of moves and allows you to choose a pace and specific focus, so you never have the same class every time. Instructions are very clear and easy to understand, and you almost feel like you have a real instructor leading you. The free version can give you a feel for the app, but you’ll get better music and more options with the pro subscription.

The app is straightforward and easy to use, though you won’t find a lot of extras included.

Pricing: Free trial. Monthly subscription: $9.99; Yearly: $59.99.


Final Verdict 

Our picks for the best yoga apps include options for beginners, budget-conscious users, kids, varying levels, community support, and busy people. If you want an app that covers a bit of everything, consider Yoga Studio by Gaiam. For about $10 per month, you get yoga classes targeting a variety of themes, and you can customize your practice.

Guide to Choosing Yoga Apps

What Are Yoga Apps?

Yoga apps are portable programs that allow you to practice on-the-go, anytime, and anywhere. Regular yoga practice is said to improve heart health, decrease anxiety, and reduce inflammation.1 And, sessions often include a meditation component which helps to relax and calm your mind.

How Much Do Yoga Apps Cost?

Prices vary depending on the app and what’s offered. Prices can range from $6 per month (like Asana Rebel) to around $245 per year (like Glo). Many apps include a free trial, which allows you to try out classes for a few of days before the app starts charging you.

Who Would Benefit From a Yoga App?

Anyone looking for a little zen in their life would benefit from the practice of yoga and having access to it anywhere via an app. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to deepen your practice, there’s an option for every level.


Best Yoga Apps were reviewed based on a variety of factors, including the number and range of class options, the quality of the content, and the overall presentation, while considering the searchability, organization, and functionality of the app. Pricing and user reviews were also taken into consideration.

The Underbelly was recognized for its inclusion and focus on body positivity. Gaia stood out for its unique traditional, spiritual, and holistic approach. Find What Feels Good was included for the range of classes available and Adriene Mishler’s light-hearted teaching style.

Asana Rebel stood out for its commitment to strengthening both the body and mind. Yoga for Beginners is the best at what it does: making yoga easy and affordable for those new to the practice.

Glo took home the title of best overall for its ease of navigation, variety of classes for varying levels, and ability to customize your practice. We also loved that it was one of the most recommended and highest-rated apps of the bunch.

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