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The Best Smartphone Tripods of 2023 – Best phone tripods: top picks for photos, vlogging and more


Capturing that perfect picture is easier than ever before. With The Best Smartphone Tripods of 2023, you can take better photos and enjoy your favorite content hands-free. We researched the Best Smartphone Tripods on the market to save you time and money.Best Smartphone Tripods of 2023

Even if you’re not a vlogger or photographer, a tripod for your mobile device can free up your hands so you can focus on streaming media, following a recipe, or video chatting.

Having your photo taken used to mean sitting for a formal photographer, but the development of smartphones changed everything. Now, you can be the photographer and produce your own stellar content, like high-quality photos and videos.

However, it can be hard to get just the right angle when your hands are busy with your phone. That’s why there are now phone tripods that you can use to get exactly the right shot with as little trouble as possible.

What is a phone tripod and how does it work?

Phone tripods are generally foldable and adjustable devices that make your life as an amateur photographer much easier on various levels. While they are quite simple to use, certain models allow you to customize them to your liking.

Some phone tripods are sturdier, with telescopic legs to increase their height. Their compatibility isn’t necessarily limited to smartphones, as many are also designed to work with cameras.

What types of phone tripods are there?

When it comes to variety, this isn’t the largest of fields. That being said, you should be aware of a few differences that exist. Each one of them regards characteristics that will be essential in your final purchasing decision. Ultimately, these all have an impact on the functionality of your tripod.

As we mentioned earlier, the main differences lie in the type of legs your model features. The traditional tripods come with telescopic legs, which generally offer greater height customization. Other devices come with flexible legs. These models are called octopus because they can be wrapped around a variety of objects and materials.

  • Traditional tripod
  • Octopus tripod

Advantages and Disadvantages of Phone Tripods

Now that you’ve discovered some of the best models on the American market, let’s have a look at the benefits and drawbacks of having one. If you often use your phone to take photos, every mobile tripod out there will help improve your experience. Here’s a quick table with the pros and cons of these devices:

  • Stabilize phone when taking photos or videos
  • Adjustable height
  • Choose rotation and angles
  • Many include a Bluetooth remote
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Most are compatible with conventional cameras
  • Not compatible with every smartphone
  • Flexible legs are not telescopic

Shopping Criteria for Phone Tripods

There are various key aspects that you should evaluate if you want to choose the phone tripod that best fulfills your needs. You might have originally thought that this decision was quite simple due to the basic mechanism and characteristics of these devices. However, the following criteria should be carefully considered.


One of the very first factors you will have to consider is naturally the budget you’re willing to dedicate to your new phone tripod. There is an extremely wide range of products on the American market, and you need to make sure you know exactly which features you will require. Otherwise, you may end up buying a product that is useless to you, or waste money on an excessively advanced model.

There are several differences depending on whether you opt for a traditional—more complete, complex, and expensive—tripod, or a flexible octopus model, which are generally more affordable and easier to handle. In the end, you should really tailor your choice to your personal needs.

Smartphone Compatibility

The compatibility of your phone tripod with various devices is another criterion you should keep in mind. The vast majority of models are universal, and this shouldn’t really be a problem. However, you will need to check that the screen size of your smartphone and the total width of the tripod head match. Otherwise, your new device will be useless.

Smartphone Camera Quality

This may seem obvious, but you need to know exactly the performance of your smartphone when it comes to taking photos and videos. This will, in turn, help you determine how much you need to assess each characteristic of the phone tripod to truly make the most of this device.

If your phone has a low-quality lens and will provide rather poor photos anyway, it won’t be worth investing that much money into a top-quality tripod. Features like wide compatibility, Bluetooth remote control or rotation, and angle capabilities will not increase the overall quality of your shots.

Connectivity With Other Devices

Mobile tripods don’t only give you the opportunity to attach your smartphone to them. Some models also work with action cams and conventional professional cameras. Traditional or rigid-legged tripods are generally the ones that most adjust to different devices, and many of them even include several supports.

Type of Photography

This is the last criterion we encourage you to consider. Once you’ve checked the compatibility, you should also be aware of the overall quality of your smartphone’s camera lens. In the same vein, it is also interesting to consider whether you’ll want to use your tripod with other devices too. Keep in mind that traditional models are more tailored for professional photography.

Octopus tripods should be your option of choice if you want a model that minimizes movement while giving you greater possibilities for more casual and playful shots. They are also much more comfortable to carry around, and their flexible legs let you wrap them to various surfaces and materials. These tripods are small and more compact.


Before you go shopping, check out the best phone tripods that you can buy today.Best Smartphone Tripods of 2023

Our top pick is the JOBY GripTight Micro Stand for the Best Smartphone Tripods. The pocket-size device works as a tripod in vertical and horizontal modes and offers easy tilting movements. It folds completely flat and will fit virtually any pocket or compartment.

What We Like

  • Ultra-compact and portable
  • Rugged but easy to use
  • Spring cradle opens to fit most smartphones

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited range
  • Doesn’t support larger smartphones

If you want the best phone tripod that won’t be finicky about your phone, the Joby GripTight One Micro Stand is your best bet. It can accommodate extra-wide devices up to 3.6 inches wide, giving you greater freedom compared to other tripods. This stand not only holds your phone but also helps position it and keep it in place with a stabilizer feature. The construction is solid, utilizing internal steel springs, but it still manages to cushion your phone thanks to rubber phone grip pads.

Most smartphones are compact enough to fit in your pocket, and the JOBY GripTight Micro Stand follows suit. This take-anywhere tripod measures 0.71 x 1.34 x 3.35 inches and weighs 0.1 pounds. The compact stand folds completely flat for easy storage in any jacket pocket or small bag compartment when you’re not using it.

This model fits smaller smartphones up to 2.8 inches, which could make using it with a case a bit tight. A larger model supports devices up to 3.9 inches wide if you have a larger phone or bulkier case.

Despite its slight build, this JOBY tripod is solidly built with hardy TPE, ABS plastic, and stainless steel. The rubber feet provide stability, and the hinging smartphone cradle offers simple security without pinching or slipping. Though this JOBY model doesn’t provide extended legs or 360-degree range, the ball head lends itself to easy tilting motions when your device is in place.

If you’re in the market for a simple but multipurpose stand for your smartphone, this tiny device is up for the job.

What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Legs extend to 48 inches high
  • 360-degree panning ability
  • Comes with many accessories

What We Don’t Like

  • Not as compact as some smartphone tripods

If you’re looking for a little more height for shooting videos or pictures with your smartphone, the FotoPro Camera Tripod is a lightweight option on Best Smartphone Tripods of 2023. While it’s not as compact as other smartphone-specific tripods, it extends from 15 to 47 inches tall. It has 360-degree panning and tilting action for panoramic shots and horizontal or portrait shooting modes.

It also comes with a quick-release plate compatible with many digital cameras, as long as they fall within the 4.4-pound load capacity.

While the FotoPro tripod looks and functions much like a mini version of a standard tripod, it weighs only 1.26 pounds.

It also has a convenient carrying case and numerous accessories, including a universal smartphone mount, a Bluetooth remote for hands-free shooting, and a GoPro mount.


What We Like

  • Supports up to three extra accessories
  • Comes with GripTight smartphone mount
  • Features signature GorillaPod flexible legs

What We Don’t Like

  • Legs are shorter
  • Doesn’t work with all cases

For those interested in vlogging or shooting videos with a portable but more professional setup, the JOBY GorillaPod Mobile Rig could be your answer for the Best Smartphone Tripods of 2023. It features the signature rugged yet ultra-flexible GorillaPod legs that can be wrapped around various surfaces and objects.

This tripod also comes with the JOBY GripTight mount that fits most smartphones, including the iPhone and Google Pixel. Some users have reported issues with the mount fitting around a case, even on thinner models, but the locking mechanism promises to keep your device in place once secured.

In addition to a sturdy smartphone cradle, this model also comes with attachments for up to three additional accessories, such as microphones or lights, with the help of a hot shoe, GoPro mount, and two GorillaPod arms.

If you like to shoot on the go, gather the legs to use as a short selfie stick. You can also choose from vertical and portrait orientations, thanks to 90- to 180-degree tilting flexibility


What We Like

  • Mount rotates and swivels 360 degrees
  • Fits most smartphones
  • Fast to adjust

What We Don’t Like

  • Legs aren’t very heavy duty
  • Lacks height adjustability

The Square Jellyfish Jelly Grip Mount uses a squeeze-mount design with a swivel, so you get 360-degree coverage. It’s compatible with all Android and iPhone devices, adjusting to 3.625 inches wide for those bigger phones. Versatility is fantastic, too, offering a phone, clamp, and tripod mount for more options when capturing content which is Best Smartphone Tripods of 2023. The construction employs a heavy-duty clip with soft rubber padding. The entire piece is durable, too, perfect for you to take on the road.

If you don’t want to spend too much time fussing over positioning your smartphone, the Square Jellyfish Jelly Grip WX Tripod Mount offers fast adjustments in just about every direction. That’s all thanks to its unique design for a small tripod.

The smartphone cradle portion contains a ball head joint with tension adjustability that allows the mount to rotate and swivel 360 degrees and instantaneously tilt forward and backward.

This Jelly Grip tripod fits most smartphones up to 6 inches on the diagonal and 3.5 inches wide, though some users have expressed concern over the stability of the legs, which are pretty short and don’t adjust. They can, however, fold down for easy storage and stowing, and a lifetime warranty backs the whole product.

For a convenient tabletop smartphone tripod that you can quickly angle to any orientation, it’s hard to beat this compact and affordable option.


What We Like

  • Premium materials
  • Push-button ball head mechanism
  • Legs also serve as a hand grip
  • Mount can be used as a stand

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t fit all cases

This mini tripod from Manfrotto is as impressive as some of the brand’s most premium models. Top notch for it to be listed on Best Smartphone Tripods of 2023.

Users love the Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod + MClamp, and it’s easy to see why. The tool has a versatile design that allows it to work as either a tripod or grip. Either way, the universal smartphone clamp will work with pretty much any smartphone and even some other digital devices. In classic black, this phone tripod has a lightweight build, weighing just 220 grams, but it can accommodate phones up to 2.2 pounds in weight and up to 21 centimeters tall.

What distinguishes this small tripod from similarly formatted options is its build quality. It’s made with stainless steel and Adapto, a material similar to aluminum, and the feet offer top-notch stability with non-slip rubber feet suitable for any surface.

This tiny tripod also features a push-button ball head mechanism that instantly locks and unlocks to help you orient the mount and your phone to the best angle, offering up to 360 degrees of range.

The mount portion of this product features a grippy clamp design that should fit most smartphones, though some larger models and cases may not work. It can also be used on its own as an independent stand to prop up your device.

And if you’re interested in using other digital devices with a tripod, the Manfrotto PIXI has a universal screw head compatible with smaller cameras up to about 2.2 pounds.


What We Like

  • Dual tripod and selfie stick
  • Five different length adjustments
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Comes with a wireless remote

What We Don’t Like

  • Remote battery needs to be recharged
  • Doesn’t work with all phones

Many smartphone tripods can double as a selfie stick for wide-angle or group shots, but the Yoozon Selfie Stick Tripod is the real deal, reason why its listed on Best Smartphone Tripods of 2023. Plus, it also functions as a tripod. Folded up, this tripod measures just over 7 inches and can extend as tall as 29 inches, with five different adjustment intervals to help you achieve the perfect height in either selfie or tripod mode.

The smartphone cradle accommodates phones as wide as 3.5 inches, which the manufacturer claims will fit most Android and iOS phones. Some users have indicated difficulty with specific models, however.

Assuming your phone fits like a glove, you’ll also enjoy 360-degree rotation from the mount and the convenience of a Bluetooth remote for snapping pictures from a distance.

Though you’ll have to charge the battery frequently, the remote has a storage slot on the selfie stick portion, so you won’t have to worry about misplacing it.


What to Look for in Smartphone Tripods


Smartphone tripods range in height and overall size. While they tend to be smaller than camera tripods, some taller models come with adjustable legs or poles that extend in monopod or selfie mode. Smaller models that are simple stands can be the most versatile for straightforward use to support photo snapping or video chatting.


Most smartphone tripods offer a universal fit with most devices, and some specify suitability with cases. Confirm the manufacturer’s sizing criteria if your device is larger or smaller. And if you want to use a smartphone tripod exclusively with a case, make sure to factor that into your measurements.


Tilting ability and horizontal and vertical orientation are all standard on most smartphone tripods. If you’re looking for more control over capturing panoramic shots or the exact angle, consider models with rotating ball heads and 360-degree panning and tilting ability.

How did we choose these phone tripods?

There are several different factors we consider when choosing the best phone tripods.

  • Type: There are traditional tripods that incorporate collapsible legs and the usual mount for your smartphone. However, there are also flexible phone tripods that incorporate movable legs and tabletop tripods that are designed to sit on your table without falling over.
  • Compatibility: It is important that the phone tripod actually fits your phone, so we look for the best phone tripods that fit a number of different devices.
  • Design: Aesthetics are important, so we look for phone tripods with a thoughtful design that incorporates extra features and materials to make them stand out. We also consider functionality and storage to ensure that the best phone tripods are reliable and easy to use.
  • Cost: Budget is something we keep at the forefront of our search, looking for models that can suit a variety of budgets.

What is a phone tripod?

A phone tripod is a modern device that holds your phone for a hands-free experience. While the exact design may vary, there are typically three collapsible legs with a mount to hold your phone.

Why should I buy a phone tripod?

A phone tripod used to only be used by professionals, but new designs and wide availability make them more readily accessible to the average user. Suddenly, you can turn your smartphone into a premium photographic device, capturing hands-free pictures and videos with better angles and cleaner images.

How much does a phone tripod cost?

A phone tripod varies in cost, depending on the manufacturer and model you choose. The best phone tripods range in cost from around $13 to $70.

Are there alternative phone tripods worth considering?

We found many different options when searching for the best phone tripods. These are a few that almost made our list.

About Our Expert

Marvel is a technology writer and product reviewer specializing in fitness trackers, smartwatches, peripherals, and headphones. She has tested several of the smartphone tripods on this list.


What mobile tripod offers greater stability?

Due to its telescopic legs and rigidity, the traditional tripod is the model that provides the greatest stability when taking shots in situations that require it. Some models even include a counterweight between the legs themselves to further reinforce this anchoring.

Due to its design, the flexible octopus tripod cannot offer the same stability and could jeopardize the quality of your photos that require it. On the other hand, it gives you the opportunity to take shots in more sporty or unusual settings that you won’t be able to do with traditional tripods.

Does the size of my phone tripod matter?

It may matter depending on how you plan on using your tripod. You’ll want to opt for smaller models if you’re into adventures, taking photos on trips or with your friends. In that regard, an easy-to-carry tripod will be very useful to you. We encourage you to avoid models that measure more than 15 centimeters.

As we mentioned earlier, if you want to take more professional shots with your phone, opt for traditional, rigid tripods over others. Keep in mind that these will take up a little bit more space, even when folded. These models are also the most suitable if you want to take photos on fairly flat surfaces.

Can I find a good tripod for under $15?

Yes, it is possible but this will depend on your needs. As a matter of fact, our ranking in the first section features such models. We’re referring to the UBeesize, which is compatible with practically any phone with a screen width of 3.54 inches or less. It can also work with cameras and action cams and is a great choice for tight budgets.

It isn’t the only model out there that you can buy for less than $15. There are other similar options on the market, including some tripods that are even more affordable than the UBeesize. However, we prefer value for money and functionalities over overall affordability, which is why we opted for this bang-for-your-buck phone tripod.


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