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The 5 Best Ring Lights for Cameras in 2023 – Photography, Vlogging, Video


The Best Ring Lights for Cameras in 2023 enables vloggers, content creators, and influencers to create will-lit photos and videos. Make sure your photos get the perfect amount of light. Want to create better TikToks and Reels? You need one of these ring lights.Best Ring Lights

The right lighting makes all the difference, especially when shooting a TikTok video, Instagram Reel, or YouTube Short. The best ring lights have multiple brightness levels, Bluetooth remote capabilities, stepless dimming, and more for creating quality content.

The key to great-looking photographs? Good lighting. Content creators have been using ring lights for years to look their best for vlogs and Instagram photos.

Whether you’re creating shareable photo and video content or simply putting your best foot forward over Zoom, we’ve done the research to find the Best Ring Lights for Cameras in 2023 for your needs.

What is the Best Ring Lights?

A ring light can revolutionize the way you take photos or create media. They give you even lighting that illuminates your subject without creating unwanted shadows. But what is the best ring light for you? That depends on what you’re shooting.Best Ring Lights

Do you need a ring light for powerful portraits or saucy selfies? Are you shooting fabulous food photography? Or are you shooting makeup tutorials for TikTok? Ring lights are essential for all these fields. And they’re also used by live streamers on Twitch and YouTube.

There are many ring lights on the market. And that means there’s a ring light that’s perfect for any of these types of media production. We’ve included a wide range in the list below.

You can see all the ring lights in the table below. And we’ll look at all the best ring lights in more detail in the following section. We’ve also included a FAQ section at the end to answer all of your ring light questions.

The Rundown
Best Overall:

Neewer 18-inch Ring Light at Amazon

Best for a Portable Studio:

Neewer LED Ring Light 14″ at Amazon

Best for Selfies on the Go:

Auxiwa Selfie Ring Light at Amazon

Best for Canon DSLRs:

YONGNUO YN-14EX at Amazon

Best for Video:

Savage Luminous Pro at Amazon

Overall Best Ring Lights for Cameras in 2023

What We Like

  • Tripod adjusts from 36-78 inches
  • Comes with orange and white light filters
  • Mounts for both a smartphone and DSLR camera

What We Don’t Like

  • No carrying case
  • Flimsy tripod

The Neewer Ring Light is a professional lighting solution for everything from live streaming to portrait photography. It’s a full kit that has everything you need for high-level results. That includes a tripod, smartphone holder, and a shutter remote. And the case makes it a portable ring light for photographers, streamers, and social media creators.

The wide 18-inch / 48 cm circumference gives you excellent illumination. It’s packed with LED bulbs. It completely removes shadows from the face, giving even lighting from all directions. And the wider circumference allows you to shoot from close-up or further away.

The Neewer ring light comes with a smartphone holder. It can be adjusted to fit any mobile, including iPhones or Android phones. But you’re not limited to smartphone photography. You can remove the phone holder to reveal a threaded screw. And this can be used to attach a DSLR or mirrorless camera. It’s also strong enough to hold the best lenses for portrait photography. It’s a fantastic tool if you’re trying to profit from portraits.

You control the brightness with a knob switch. That allows you to set the brightness anywhere from 0 to 100%. You also get two color filters. One gives you white light with a 5600k temperature. The orange filter gives you a warmer color tone with a 3200K temperature. This gives portrait photographers excellent lighting versatility.

The aluminum tripod gives you stability and security. It gives you plenty of height options with a max height of 61 inches / 1.5 m. And the central pole is easily adjusted with the twist locks. You can also lock the tripod head in tilted or panned positions, allowing for more shooting angles.

The wireless Bluetooth remote is also included with the Neewer Ring Light. This means you can take the shot or start filming away from the camera. This is helpful for self-portrait photographers and vloggers. The ring light also comes with a durable carrying case. That means you can take this ring light anywhere. You can carry it on its own. Or you can attach it to your camera bag.

What We Like

  • Complete kit with camera and phone mounts
  • Collapsible tripod
  • Carrying case

What We Don’t Like

  • Not as bright as the 18-inch model
  • Large phones only fit in the holder in landscape mode

This 14-inch ring light from Neewer is a more portable alternative to the large 18-inch model. It has the same included accessories: a white and orange filter, phone holder, camera mount, Bluetooth receiver for remote shutter control, and an adjustable tripod that extends up to 61 inches. But this tripod folds down to 29.5 inches, and the entire kit comes with a carrying case for easy transport.

This light has 36W of power compared to the 55W of the larger model, but that’s still plenty of brightness for most people’s needs. Like the 18-inch version, this ring light is dimmable and comes with both white and orange filters that allow you to adjust the light temperature. The added benefit is the ability to break this ring light down into a bag whenever you want to take it on the go or store it away.

Diameter: 14 inches | Color Temperature: 5500K | Total Power: 36W | Connectivity: Bluetooth

What We Like

  • Clips directly to a laptop or mobile device
  • Quick to set up and use
  • Inexpensive

What We Don’t Like

  • Not very bright
  • Might not fit around bulky phone cases

This clip-on ring light from Auxiwa is an inexpensive solution that provides even lighting for your phone or laptop camera. And there’s no setup required; clip it to the top of your phone or computer and switch it on. The clip is also padded to prevent scratches on your device.

This ring light has 36 LEDs adjustable to three levels of brightness. You can easily recharge it with the included USB cable when the battery dies. You can also use it with either the back or front-facing camera but note that the 3W of power means it doesn’t throw light very far and is optimal for close-up photos. The low-profile design makes it super portable but also means that it won’t fit over super bulky phone cases.

Diameter: 3 inches | Color Temperature: 5600K | Total Power: 3W | Connectivity: N/A

What We Like

  • Each half of the ring is adjustable
  • External power socket for quick recycling time
  • Can be controlled via the camera’s menu on compatible Canons

What We Don’t Like

  • Issues with battery compartment door
  • Won’t fit some non-Canon cameras

Ring lights can be handy in macro photography, providing even light for close-up subjects. The YN-14EX by YONGNUO is a lens-mounted ring flash specifically designed for Canon DSLRs which makes it to the list of Best Ring Lights. It attaches to a camera’s hot shoe adapter and can be fitted to the lens using the included 52-, 58-, 67-, and 72-millimeter lens adapters.

You can control the two halves of the ring light separately using the LCD screen on the back. On compatible Canons, these settings are accessible through the camera’s menu. Use both sides of the ring for direct light, or set them at different strengths to create a directional flash.

The AA battery-powered YN-14EX has a few other features that one would typically expect from a more expensive ring flash, including support for standard PC Sync, which helps trigger the flash when you press the shutter. You also get an external power socket for a shorter recycling time (how long it takes for the flash to power up again).

Diameter: Fits 52mm, 58mm, 67mm, 72mm Canon lenses | Color Temperature: 5600K | Total Power: N/A | Connectivity: PC synchronous line

What We Like

  • Runs cool without a noisy fan
  • LCD readout with settings and power level
  • Includes remote for easy light adjustments

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t include a stand
  • Expensive

This premium ring light from Savage is large, adjustable, and absolutely silent, making it well suited to video studios which makes it to the list of Best Ring Lights. The 18-inch diameter can provide even light from a distance. Videographers can shoot from the 11.5-inch opening in the center of the ring for direct lighting on their subject. The light can also be adjusted for a variety of different situations.

A convenient LCD readout on the back lets you read and manage the settings at a glance, and you can also change the settings using the included remote control. This feature is especially helpful if you’re filming or photographing yourself. This light doesn’t come with its own stand, so you need to purchase a tripod separately.

Diameter: 17.5 inches | Color Temperature: 3200K to 5500K | Total Power: 96W | Connectivity: Remote control

What to Look For in a Ring Light


When buying a ring light, pay attention to its size. You can find tiny ring lights designed for smartphones, all the way up to professional devices that are several feet in diameter. When deciding on the size, think about the space constraints in your studio. Or, if you frequently travel, a smaller, portable ring light will be a better option.


While most ring lights are durable, some models use cheaper construction than others. Before purchasing, note the ring light’s materials and the warranty. You want to ensure you are buying one that can withstand frequent use and is backed by a decent warranty.

Color Temperature 

Each ring light has a color temperature. You can see it noted with a number followed by a K. The K stands for Kelvin and is a measure of temperature. Temperatures above 5000K are cooler whites or blues, while 5000K and under are warmer. For reference, daylight tends to fall between 5000K and 6200K. Most ring lights are around the 3000K to 5000K mark, but you can often adjust the lighting to suit your needs.


  • What size ring light is best?

    The size of the ring light you need depends on your usage. If you need a professional setup for a studio, an 18-inch ring light can serve you well. For a more portable option, a 14-inch ring light won’t weigh you down as much while still offering plenty of light for your shooting and videography needs. If all you have is a phone, there are simple phone-mounted options as well as camera-mounted options.

  • How do I set up a ring light?

    If your ring light comes with a stand, adjust and position it to your liking, or set up a tripod. Then place the ring light on the stand or tripod. Depending on the type of ring light you choose, you might also be able to mount your camera or smartphone on the ring light stand. If your ring light is compatible with a camera lens, laptop, or mobile device, you’ll need to clip on the light according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A final step will be to activate Bluetooth on your phone if your ring light comes with a Bluetooth remote.

  • How do I turn on a ring light?

    First, make sure to plug in your ring light to a power source if necessary. If your ring light runs on batteries or requires charging, take care of that first. Many ring lights use a switch or a button to control power. This same control may also help you adjust dimming and lighting settings.

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