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The video card is usually the first concern of everyone who thinks about putting together a PC Gamer. Among all the options in the market, it may seem impossible to find the one with the best cost benefit, but it is not. Just know what you need from yours.

Pc Gamer

You do not need the most expensive video card in the world. Before choosing yours, keep in mind what you want with it. A good idea might be to research the pre requirements of the games you want to play. Monitor resolution also influences performance. Full HD monitors (1920 x 1080) require more powerful video cards to maintain good graphics quality at this resolution.

Whether it’s for your notebook or your desktop, it’s important to remember that your video card will not do it all by itself, so you’ll need a PC balanced across all its components.

Video cards can have many characteristics and differences between them, but if the goal is to play everything that is more modern, we recommend a DDR5, as well as good compatibility with current technologies, support Directx 11/12 , present in the heavier games .

However, if you do not plan to play anything very modern, there is the option of DDR3 cards, which are a little older, consume more power and have less power, but offer better prices.

Another concern needs to be cooling the hob. Those that only have one cooler (fan) usually heat up more, so be careful when choosing.Below, we separate some of the best brands in the market.




  • MSI
  • ASUS
  • Gigabyte
  • Sapphire
  • EVGA
  • Point of view
  • Zotac
  • XFX

Why are video cards expensive?

Video cards have seen a dramatic increase in prices recently. You know why?

Whoever accompanies the PC parts market or was planning to set up their own desktop certainly noticed the significant increase in the price of video cards in recent months.Contrary to what many people think, it is not a  conspiracy of stores to force consumers to pay more expensive, much less to blame the taxes in Brazil. The price has increased all over the world! The Best Graphics Card Under 100 is amazing.

Of course there is one culprit behind this increase in prices, and it is called mining. This practice became common from 2016 to 2017 thanks to the astronomical appreciation of virtual currencies. In order to understand what this has to do with plate prices, you must first know how the crypto-coins are made, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum , Litecoin, among others.

This is a simple question to be answered, though many people do not believe it. It is about supply and demand.Now Best GPU under $100 are avaliabe in online and in near by markets.

With the record appreciation of crypto-coins in 2017, more people began to be interested in mining, which led them to buy large amounts of video cards. As more processing power is needed, more video cards are needed to mine the crypto-coins, which has made demand for products continue to rise.

We are talking about a piece of hardware that goes through a manufacturing process and quality control, so only a certain amount of video cards can be produced by their manufacturers. The products are then divided in batch and distributed to all the stores in the world that resell it to the final consumer: before gamers, now miners.

The common behavior is a person buying one, two or at most four video cards. Now imagine if the stores suddenly receive multiple orders of 40 units of the product. The manufacturers are not prepared to increase production to such an extent and the stores do not have stock to supply this demand, which leads us to a solution: raise prices.

With the rise in prices, in theory, fewer people would buy video cards and the situation could be normalized. However, only the average gamer, like us, who expects a promotion in computer stores to buy a decent board and play in free time, is what has been damaged.

Miners continue to buy dozens of plates at once, not caring about the big difference in prices, since the return is great for those who have the resources to go head-on in this business.

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