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Beaches! The best place to have a relaxing weekend

Holidays and special occasions are times when many visit the beaches. Sometimes for just  a day but on a few occasions a whole weekend. Apart from having fun and seeing so many people, there are often questions of what other benefits beach have to offer. For many busy people, the weekend serves as the best window to travel or make time to relax. Where to go then becomes a problem. Beaches! The best place to have a relaxing weekend

Good exercise

The beach is good for just lying around and doing nothing while enjoying the cool breeze and hot sun. However, these are not the only benefits. You can enjoy a serene atmosphere and still exercise the body. Running, walking, football and horse riding are all important exercises that can be undertaken at the beach. Swimming is also great for you because it’s a low-impact sport that’s easy on the joints and still burns tons of calories. You may have left your gym for a few days but your relaxing weekend on the beach can also be a great way to keep fit.


It’s healthy to walk on sand

You may have always wondered what walking on sand does for you because of the hype around it by many health freaks. Walking in sand stimulates the 200,000+ nerve endings on the soles of your feet. The ground beneath you is constantly shifting and this makes you use muscles in your feet that you don’t use often because you wear shoes and slippers. This way, you burn some extra calories.The fact is, it takes twice the energy to walk on sand than on a hard surface – so it’s great exercise! Apart from that, the sweet sensation of fine sea sand under your feet is just relaxing.


Great skin therapy

Did you know that sand is a natural exfoliant? It rubs away dead skin and allows your pores breathe. This is a great way to clear blackheads and acne. If you suffer from psoriasis, the sun’s UV rays can also dry out the skin. Dermatitis, a very disturbing skin rash can also be treated by just being at the beach. The salt and potassium chloride in seawater are the best products to treat this. Seawater also helps to moisturize your skin because it contains magnesium which helps to keep the skin elastic.


Breeze and sounds

Why do you think it’s so easy to fall asleep on the beach? The sounds of the ocean splashing and the waves rising just lulls us into a relaxed state. Dopamine and serotonin may also be released which aids in the reduction of stress levels and helps you relax. The best air we can breather can be found at the beach. The cool breeze feels better and helps us to relax faster. The general feeling of cool air is always better than hot air. Escaping from stress means relaxing with good air and sounds around you. What a better way to spend the weekend.


Reflection, imagination & perspective

Have you ever felt amazed by how wide the ocean is? Do you sometimes feel tiny with the vast water all around you? Being close to the sea is therapeutic because it helps put your problems in perspective.For people with many thoughts and ideas, the beach is the best place to expand the ideas and think about creative ways to do things. For many artists and musicians, the best place to create good content is at the beach where all the creative hormones are awakened. You get the freedom and peace of mind to think well and come up with some amazing concepts.


Bikini’s , shorts and bare chests are constants at beaches. Canoes and kites may be present alongside many other activities. The key point is to relax and knowing what to expect always gives you an advantage when you enter any beach. Countries in West Africans has a very ideal coastline with some wonderful beaches. You cannot visit any of the countries without going to the beach. There are lots to see and more to experience. Don’t just stand and watch, get into the action and walk out of that beach feeling refreshed and relaxed.

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