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Big Brother Naija 2018 – Why I constantly fight, talk in my sleep – Cee-c #BBNaija

BBNaija 2018: How Nigerians reacted to Rico’s eviction



Nigerians have reacted to the eviction of Big brother Naija 2018 housemate, Rico from the on-going reality show.

Rico’s eviction is coming after Bambam and Teddy A were booted out of the house immediately after Saturday night party.

His eviction, however, did not shock fans as Rico always escaped nominations in the past.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST:

@Seun124: So the House boy leaves tonight. Baba was just there, he played the game too carefully. He was everyone’s favourite. But this is a game and there can be only 1 winner. Na only u waka come.

@Mapzonet : Why does society place such a high value on beauty when it serves no functional purpose.

@Utyjonah: Aww Rico, I am not surprised tho, Our chef is gone.

@Mbuzokwams: Rico-Swavey has been evicted. The chef Bye boet! #BBNaija.

@Mamacita547: I knew it! I knew Rico was leaving ! I wish it was Alex though.

@Caliscrey: Rico why do you always try to please people even when you clearly dont seem pleased about how it makes you feel? #BBaskHM #BBNaija.

@Missaladi: Rico was it a strategy to stay calm always or you actually calm? #BBASKHMs
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BBNaija 2018: How Nigerians voted for housemates‎’ eviction #BBNaija

Following the eviction of Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate Rico, details of how Nigerians voted have emerged.

Miracle had the highest percentage of voters while Rico had the least.

Rico with the least vote got evicted today (Sunday) night’s eviction show.

Here is a breakdown of how viewers voted:

Nina – 15.89%

Cee-c – 19.80%

Miracle – 25.76%

Lolu – 16.2%

Rico- 7.71%

Alex- 14.63%


BBNaija 2018: Nina reveals housemate not qualified for finale #BBNaija

Nina bbn

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Nina has revealed who she thinks is not qualified to be in the show finale.

Nina named Lolu as the least housemate to be in the finale.

She disclosed this during her diary session with Big brother.

“Big Brother I think Lolu dose not deserve to stay till the end of the show.

“Lolu is sneaky,” Nina told Biggie.

Recall that Cee-c, Nina, Lolu, Rico were during the week nominated for eviction.

BBNaija 2018: 6 things you may not know about evicted housemate, Rico Swavey


Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Rico Swavey was evicted from the reality television show on Sunday.

While in the show, he was the chef of the house, with little sense of humour.

Here, DAILY POST brings you things you may not have known about the latest evicted housemate.

1. Rico goes by the full name Patrick Fakoya

2 He is 25 years old.

3. Rico is a musician and actor.
He has a number of Hip hop and ‘alternative’ tracks to his credit. He has a new sound called ‘Afrosantana’

He is best known for the ‘Life 101’ drama series.

4. Although he never mentioned this in the house, Rico is also a trained lawyer. He studied law at Babcock University

5. Rico entered the show to help his cousin who has autism and to invest in his music.

6. Rico was born in a relatively large family. He has seven siblings.

While in the show, Rico Swavey was indeed one of the most unlucky guys in the house, as regards having a relationship.

Big Brother Naija 2018 – Why I constantly fight, talk in my sleep – Cee-c #BBNaija

Controversial Big Brother Naija housemate, Cee-c, has revealed why she constantly fights and talks in her sleep.


Nina, Lolu and Miracle had discussed they saw Cee-c having a long conversation, and fighting in her sleep.

Cee-c who has been in loggerheads with several housemates in the house, however, explained to Nina that her conversations in her sleep happens sub-consciously. She said her mother took her for prayers for her sleep issues.

She said , ‘It’s because of the issues I’m having. It’s something that happens sub-consiously. A continuation of whatever happens during the day or week.

”My mum actually took me to church for prayers in the past. So I was told to stop playing too much. It’s not spiritual .

”I am mentally, physically, emotionally stressed. I can understand why I’m always talking in my dream. I’m dealing with a lot.”

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