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How to avoid new Snapchat update; Here’s a Workaround

Snapchat new overhaul is being called a “literal nightmare” by users, but if you’re adamantly opposed to the change, there’s a fix for users who haven’t updated. The update, which has reportedly rolled out to some users in the UK, Australia, and Canada, has a new “Friends” tab that displays a non-chronological feed, along with a new Discover section.How to avoid new Snapchat update

The redesign now features users’ own Story under their profile page, whereas it used to appear on top of friends’ Stories.

Other changes include Group Chats getting their own page and optional Story. Meanwhile, the famous Snap Map has been moved, too, and now appears on the Discover page and in Search. Before the update, the map was also previously accessible from the camera screen.

Snap Inc. isn’t sharing specifics around who has received the redesign or the roll-out schedule at this time. The company confirms that the new update is being made available globally in Q1.

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How to avoid new Snapchat update; Here’s a Workaround

If you’ve already got the update then there’s no easy way to downgrade your app. But if you haven’t got it then you can prevent the update by turning off automatic app updates on your phone.How to avoid new Snapchat update

On an iPhone, open the Settings app, swipe up until you find itunes & App Store, and then toggle the Updates icon to offer in the Automatic Downloads section.

For Android devices, you have two options.

FACTS: More than 178 million people use Snapchat every day around the world, including 10 million in the UK

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