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Apple iPhone X Pictures, The Official Photos of Apple iPhone X

The iPhone X is a thing of a beauty. While numerous phones before the iPhone X have launched with a glass front and back and steel chassis, Apple’s design team has ensured the iPhone X is at a different level altogether. The Apple iPhone X PicturesApple iPhone X Pictures

Until you get your hands on the iPhone X, we bring you a gallery of all the official iPhone X photos we can find on the internet for your drooling pleasure.

Apple iPhone X PicturesThe most striking thing about the new iPhone X isn’t the way it looks in your hand. It isn’t the return of the glass back and stainless steel band. It isn’t even the notch.

Apple iPhone X Pictures

It’s the fact that — compared to your average iPhone today — it’s got so much more screen than any existing iPhone, even the iPhone 8 Plus. And yet, it’s barely larger than the regular iPhone.

But it’s one thing to tell you that, and another thing to show you what we mean. So we asked one of our graphic designers to whip up these images (they’re to scale!) to give you a better idea.

Apple iPhone X Pictures

What do you think about the iPhone X based on the above photos? The handset goes on sale in over 55 countries on November 3 with pre-orders starting on October 27.

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