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Anker PowerConf C300 HD Webcam, S500 Portable Conference Speaker


Anker PowerConf C300 HD Webcam and PowerConf S500 has been launched to help users with better remote working. While the former is a smart AI-enabled HD webcam, the latter is a portable conference speaker.Anker PowerConf C300 HD Webcam_Simmyideas

They are aimed at all those who have to or may work in the home office. Specifically, it is a conference speaker called PowerConf S500, and a new webcam, the Anker PowerConf C300 HD Webcam.

The Anker PowerConf C300 HD Webcam is said to be Anker’s first 1080p/60fps full HD webcam, ideal for a desktop or laptop. The AI chipset is said to provide a high-quality image with accurate color reproduction. The camera offers three different fields of view: 78 degrees for close-ups, 90 degrees for a center view, or 115 degrees for the widest field of view when there are multiple people on the camera or to show the surroundings, such as a whiteboard.

PowerConf 300 is a 1080p webcam with up to 115-degrees field of view and an AI chipset for accurate colour reproduction. The PowerConf S500 portable conference speaker has four inbuilt microphones and uses VoiceRadar technology for better voice clarity and noise cancellation during conference calls.

Anker PowerConf C300 price, availability

The C300’s A.I. offers an intelligent framing feature that helps keep the individual or group members centered on the screen. Also, the auto-framing feature only supports deliberate movements of a subject, not a quick pan out of the camera to drink water or look at notes. Just under 130 dollars will be due for the new model. The device is available from today via Amazon,, and select retailers.

Anker PowerConf C300 features

Anker PowerConf C300 offers better low-light performance and has a wide-angle lens that offers three field of view choices — 78-degrees for close-ups, 90-degrees for a mid-view, or 115-degrees for the widest field of view. The wider framing will help the user during presentations on a whiteboard or a when you need to fit more than one person on the call. It also offers smart framing that helps keep an individual or group members centered on screen, though it will only reframe a subject’s deliberate movements, so they can take a sip of water off camera, without shifting focus.

The 1080p webcam includes a built-in AI chip that provides something called ‘smart framing’, helping to keep things in focus during your wild gesticulations and on an even keel when you’re making far more sensible movements, like sipping tea. Elsewhere, the Anker PowerConf C300 HD Webcam aims to offer accurate colour reproduction, a strong performance in low-light conditions when you’re burning the midnight oil, and the choice to have three field-of-view angles. If you’re planning on getting extra shouty to go with your flailing arms, Anker says a portable conference speaker called the PowerConf S500 is on its way too.

The webcam supports dual stereo microphones for better audio clarity and has a privacy shutter as well. It also has a flexible mounting clip for easy setup.

Anker PowerConf C300 HD Webcam features

Anker PowerConf S500’s pricing and availability has not been announced yet. Its features include four microphones and support for VoiceRadar technology for better audio quality. It comes with enhanced digital signal processors (DSPs) to pick up the voice of the person speaking while ignoring surrounding noises. Two conference speakers can be paired together for larger conference rooms and upgraded 10W of power offers great sound for conference calls or for listening to music.

The speaker pairs with the AnkerWork app and lets users choose one of three pickup patterns for different use case scenarios. These include traditional conference room environments with multiple people, a single person presenting to others as well as using the PowerConf S500 portable conference speaker as a microphone for live streaming.

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The PowerConf S500 builds on the success of the original PowerConf products, the company says and features four improved microphones equipped with Anker’s new proprietary VoiceRadarTM technology. VoiceRadar uses beamforming and enhanced digital signal processors (DSPs) to pick up only the voice of the person speaking, ignoring all ambient noise to ensure a good audio experience for all participants. However, there is no date or price for the conference speaker yet.

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